Cannes, France banning burkinis on their beaches is....

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  • sara elkins - 6 years ago

    Have you seen the bathing suits on beaches in Cann? there is barely any swim suit and showing mostly skin .How can those swim suits be considered moraly acceptable for family beaches and the modesty suit is not.this is prejudice! It is important to stand up for the rights of all women to be allowed on the beach.the word that says it all is secular swim suits etc. Better not wear my star of david necklace to a Cannes beach-its not secualr you know.
    to dress modestly and be fined for it,makes no sense and does not make the beach any safer.there are some female life guards that wear these modesty suits at the ocean.I personaly know jewish women that wear a version of this modesty suit with head covering while life guarding at pools.I read so many ignorant comments from people who are scared because of the attacks,so they have to take it out on someone.Please treat people who are different then you with respect.Hate is ugly.If people covered up more on the beach there would be less skin cancer.

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