Which Punishment should PA offenders receive?

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  • Bob - 4 months ago

    The bigger guilt goes to enablers. The alienator is often mentally ill and unsure of what to do. The professionals who cheer them on are the real problem. An alienator is cheered and applauded. Then rewarded and convinced that they are right. The alienator doesn't know better but the enables do or must. You shouldn't get to be a child protector if you don't know what you are doing. When challenged they circle the wagons and back each other up. The system that mkes this must be reworked from the ground up. Anyone who is in the business of interacting with other people's children better be trained. They must be vetted for bias and regularly monitored. If found to be breaking laws or court orders or showing bias they must be removed from their positions of authority and put on a registry. Get the enablers out and alienators will back off. They need the assurance provided by enablers or will give in to their own self doubts.

  • Pamela henry - 3 years ago

    Personilty disorder is not treatable, only monitored by pharmaceutical drugs, and long term therapy. This is a decease that is an result of a narssistic culture. This is unfortunate, but we can only, move forward with excepting the reality. I have hope and faith, in the next generation.

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