Is this photo x-rated?


  • You are a sexist idiot - 7 years ago

    Fuck off with your defintion of "sin"

  • Deeply Concerned - 7 years ago

    Personally, I'd like to thank him for his comment. PLEASE TELL ME that someone tracked this perv's IP address? I believe the authorities should DEFINITELY keep an eye on him. SCARY!

  • Karl Blessing - 7 years ago

    If you think that's bad, you shouldn't watch the men's swimming events.

  • Lorie - 7 years ago

    Whatever Jim Kline. How about you shut it, call your sponsor, and quit being a pathetic, dirty, old man! For crying out loud this is Gymnastics! As a former gymnast I'll tell you that this is a PROUD, AND DECENT sport full of intelligent young women that have worked harder in their entire lives than you have in a 10 second period of yours. How DARE you try to turn it into something tawdry, depraved, and sick! How DARE you try to take away ANY of the glory of hard won victory from these ladies! Take your pathetic excuse of an existence and disappear.

    I am constantly flummoxed by the fact that I am forced to share this planet with sicko people like YOU! Do us all a favor and don't watch swimmers, divers, or God Forbid the women's beach volleyball players. I'm sure you'd be full of filthy thoughts and hate after that! Oh - and stay away from beaches. On behalf of all women, everywhere, a vote was taken - NONE of us want to see you and your pervy thoughts ruining that for us, Or any of our progeny, Or future progeny.

    So tell me - Just WHAT would be 'X-Rated' about this picture? Just WHAT is so unbecoming that you had to stand up, and show the world the Ass that you are? And just what do you suggest they wear instead? Ever done gymnastics? The agility, and flexibility that the sport requires from our bodies means that NO loose clothing be worn. Wearing loose fitting clothes would be a life, and limb danger to us. Judges would not be able to see body lines, straight legs, pointed toes, correct body form, etc. You are as uninformed as you are biased against the female form. Please feel free to crawl back to where you came from - The Dark Ages!

  • Gene - 7 years ago

    There is not just one person that has a problem. There are 186 who voted that this picture is x-rated. This is not x-rated. This is a great picture of winners.

  • The DooD - 7 years ago

    Ummm...what exactly is x-rated about this picture? No nudity, no sexual acts depicted...just women gymnasts in their gymnast uniforms. Anyone who says this is x-rated must share the same eyes as Stevie Wonder...that or they seriously lack any sort of intelligence. Please, I beg you, America...STOP THE STUPID

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    So my question is: If this is x-rated, have you ever been to a beach? Because if you haven't, then don't. These girls are wearing a one piece that even covers their arms. Stop spreading your hate and celebrate what these women have done.

  • Kathy - 7 years ago

    Ignorance..... I would keep a eye on this person ..... And keep children especially young girls away from him. PERVERT.

  • Deanna Long - 7 years ago
    I think he's a troll and he's just trolled the Evansville Courier.

  • Malcolm Wilt - 7 years ago

    The persons who think this is x rated are retarded. To be x rated there must be nudity and there is none of that shown. It is no worse than some of the skimpy bikinis that are in sports illustrated

  • Heidi Smith - 7 years ago

    It is not x-rated I see beautiful women in uniform who represented our Country and if you think it is you have major issues.

  • Hahahaha - 7 years ago

    I do not think that means what they think that means...

  • Todd Goens - 7 years ago

    If you see an x rated picture you have much larger issues than you want to admit to in public

  • Jonathan - 7 years ago

    First of all Playboy stopped putting "nude" pictures in their magazine earlier this year. Secondly if you think/thought that Playboy was "nasty" then you've really lived under a rock. This isn't some gratuitous spread eagle shot showing where babies come out!!!! Seriously what are they supposed to wear?....baggy sweatpants?

  • Abby Brinkman - 7 years ago

    This picture is no worse than the Hardee's commercials that are broadcast everyday on TV! Get your mind out of the gutter and be proud of our US Olympic Teams! They have been kick in butt!!

  • Beckman - 7 years ago

    Jim Kline; seriously???

  • FeelsBoostedMan - 7 years ago

    For you all to get this butthurt over an obvious troll is brilliant, and on top of that for them to publish it in the first place. 10/10 content, would laugh again.

  • Code Orange - 7 years ago

    The writer of this tiny article is a bitch.

  • Nancy - 7 years ago

    Can we not have one thing in this world to cheer and be happy about just once . Without someone having to tear it apart ... You sir are not a happy person ... Congrats to our USA Team!!!

  • Wade - 7 years ago

    This man is obviously the one with the problem.....The uniforms are made so that the gymnasts are able to do the moves and stunts they do.....They're form-fitting the same way dance costumes are made...the judges also have to be able to see the forms as well to make the proper scores. As far as this picture it was showing something VERY POSITIVE for the US to celebrate about.....and right now we need A LOT of positives. Negativity is running rampant.

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    Jim, you are a stupid kraut

  • Kelly Ortiz - 7 years ago

    The human body is beautiful and if someone finds it x rated they are ultimately criticizing Gods creation.

  • Andrea - 7 years ago

    "The term gymnastics, derived from a Greek word meaning “to exercise naked,” applied in ancient Greece to all exercises practiced in the gymnasium, the place where male athletes did indeed exercise unclothed."

    But hey, let's get all pissy over clothed female gymnasts.

  • Danielle - 7 years ago

    These uniforms are individually made for each athlete with specifically made underwear as well. A little booty? Too much for you to handle? Well, it was too much for any other country to handle either; don't feel bad! Their Gluteus Maximus is what got them the gold! They worked their butts off for it!

  • Pastor Ray Brown - 7 years ago

    Maybe the only porn is from the heart from which the accusation came. Check yourself.

  • Pastor Ray Brown - 7 years ago

    Maybe the only porn is from the heart from which it came.

  • Luke - 7 years ago

    The United States is better at empowering women than any other country in the world. That's why our women are laying the smack down in Rio across the board.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    This has nothing to do with religion. No need to bring it up. No one is forcing anyone to look at the picture whether you agree with it or not. If you don't like it then don't purchase the paper and get your news elsewhere. Complaining about something you purchased, the paper, from someone that is providing you the information, C&P, is not their problem. Be an adult and get over it.

  • Josh - 7 years ago

    A bunch or Christians always crying about stuff. Not our fault you swim in a moo moo.

  • Sharon - 7 years ago

    Dude get your mind out of the gutter! Pervert!

  • Sledgy - 7 years ago

    41 people need euthanized

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    The 41 voters at this time who put yes it is X rated are stupid beyond repair and should be eliminated from this country. X rated is clearly the showing up nudity this athletes are wearing their uniforms to perform in. Hope you didn't watch the swimming competition you bunch of B!tche$

  • Kate - 7 years ago


  • Lisa Rainey - 7 years ago

    Really dude can't we all celebrate that they just won the gold medal for women's gymnastics. And not how your perverted mind works

  • linda - 7 years ago

    If this picture is x-rated - a few points:
    1.Why does this picture of successful women athletes celebrating their wins even invoke ANY sexual connotations (this guy's mind is in the gutter - shame on him and not on the athletes).
    2. Why is the attire of women athletes sexualized and not the men's attire? Has anyone seen the attire the men swimmers or wrestlers or weight lifters wear? Once again, women are being objectified. Shame again.

  • Cheryl - 7 years ago

    I do feel that the outfits they wear in various sporting events have gotten a bit risqué and could cover their bodies better but this picture doesn't depict x-rated status.

  • Sylvia Davis - 7 years ago

    Another comment, I guess he didn't watch any of the women's volleyball did he?

  • Tracy - 7 years ago

    Someone needs to look up the definition of x-rated.

  • Sylvia Davis - 7 years ago

    Where was that man's mind. All of girls were dressed alike. I guess the swimmers were x-rated too?????

  • Brent Fraliex - 7 years ago

    If this is X-rated then where was the outcry for the "centerfold" picture of Lilly King in that "skimpy" swimsuit?

  • Sally - 7 years ago

    I totally agree. Its really disgusting that the press would publish a picture that has so much vagina and titty in it. If only they actually were showing pictures of gymnastics rather than those gymnasts fine asses

  • matt - 7 years ago

    "x-rated" if you follow the beliefs of hardcore Evangelicals or ISIL

  • Kim - 7 years ago


  • Russ - 7 years ago

    I really enjoy how the Courier Press actually posted this losers comment. Probably doesn't realize that the Courier & press did not shoot the picture in Rio. But this man probably lives by himself and has never had a significant other to share this with so he wanted to share it with the public and I want to thank you for posting this. But no this was not X-rated whatsoever it's gymnastics in the Olympics what do you expect.

  • Nance - 7 years ago

    As one said above, the only way this can be construed as "X rated", is if someone already happens to be in that line of thought, or perversion. These are just young ladies in suits befitting the sport that they are performing. Nothing more.

  • John - 7 years ago

    Like beauty, perversion is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    And he's probably the person that thinks women have cooties as well.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    This is a joke right?

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