Who among these past nominees is most overdue for an honorary Oscar?


  • Mike - 6 years ago

    I have heard many false rumors about Doris Day wishing to not be honored. I have not found anything credible in this. Nevertheless, she should be honored even if she thinks she should not. I say this because Doris Day has brought more to the movies and affect women than many other actresses of her day. She did it in subtle ways. Day was the first woman to be given top billing over a man -the man was Cary Grant in That Touch of Mink. That same move with her as the top star earned more money when it opened at Radio City Music Hall than any other movie at the time. It was also the first movie that a woman was paid more than a man. Day was paid more than Cary Grant. While her roles were mostly wholesome, in the late 1950s and early 1960s she broke ground by showing that a woman could have a top job in the movies and get the better of men Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Tony Randal to name but a few. She could be funny and intelligent. She has class and that showed in every movie she made. Times do change. Even in an era when women were showing more in the movies, Day showed that women could have strong rules and not be the "dumb blond." Day was Marylin Monroe with a brain, in the roles she played. She has also managed to be a top recording artist all over the world into her 90s. She released a set of previously recorded songs from the 1970s just a few years ago. The CD of songs actually beat out many moder contemporary artists in the US and in the UK> She has also worked tirelessly for animal rights. It is almost to late. she will be over 92 next year. We need to honor here while she is still alive.

  • Martin Pal - 7 years ago

    Paul, I read that, too. If that's the case, why doesn't "AMPAS" say that? They never said that to George C. Scott who didn't want to be nominated or accept if won. They also always state that showing up for an Honorary Award isn't a criteria for being awarded one, too. So this doesn't ring true. Does that mean they called this year's recipients before they voted on them, or after, to see if they'd accept it or if they wanted it? Now, since Jean-Luc Godard didn't bother picking up his Honorary Oscar at the 2010 Governors Awards, while the following year honoree James Earl Jones was busy playing opposite Vanessa Redgrave in Driving Miss Daisy on the London stage, it's impossible to understand why the Academy would be unwilling to honor Doris Day in absentia. If AMPAS wants to tell us why, I'd like to hear it.

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    Although she has certainly deserved to be honored and has reportedly been offered an Honorary Award in years past, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Doris Day requested that she NOT be honored. I doubt whether the Governors would go against her wishes and award her any honor at this point.

  • Martin Pal - 7 years ago

    Every year lately when AMPAS announces their choices for honorary awards, the story headline has been: "Doris Day Snubbed Again," not about who is receiving them.

    At this point, they will never live this down or be forgiven if they do not award her one, or the Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Both of which she would highly deserve.

    Paul Sheehan, if they do not vote Doris Day one this year, why don't you or another reporter interview some of these "Governors" and see what the resistance is in doing so? At this point, it is really unfathomable and makes them look like a bunch of _______________ .

    It's long overdue.

  • Sveddy - 7 years ago

    What about Werner Herzog, David Lynch, Anne V. Coates. Robert Towne, Owen Roizman to name a few interesting candidates. How about Raoul Coutard, or perhaps Carlos Saura or even Zeffirelli? My prediction is Day-Coates-Ivory. For the Thalberg what about Alan Ladd or David Puttnam? Here's who REALLY deserves it : GENE WILDER

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