Does Quinn Really Love Eric or Just Want Money & Power?

  • Jake Dumas - 1 year ago

    and i think that Eric was married to Stephanie and until her died and now Eric feels alone and sad and grieving until that stupid pathetic Quinn had a nerve to burst in and targeting Eric and Quinn had a nerve to follow Eric to Monte Carlo and upset steffy after Liam spot Quinn and told steffy that Quinn is there and there is no way of Eric’s marriage to Quinn survive because Quinn is to bossy and get in shauna and Brooke and Wyatt and Liam and steffy business and gets jealous when Donna and Katie and shauna talks to Eric and Quinn hates Brooke and sally spectra and causing drama between Wyatt and sally spectra and ruin their relationship and her thinks Wyatt and Florence be together but that ain’t happening and Quinn ain’t focusing on her marriage but always gets a way with everything and gets involved with Eric’s son ridge and Quinn is better off in prison for thousand and millions of years and leave Eric alone and stop causing problems with Eric and ridge and Brooke and Wyatt and sally spectra and Liam and steffy and Quinn is a merk and merk means moron and jerk

  • juicy - 5 years ago

    I think for now she in love with him, but I truly believe she's trying to take over so that her and her son can get what the always want fame, money and a big house to live in and her famous words I did it for us once a liar always a liar. So I don't believe she love him that much she said the same about Liam remember and now she can't stand him.

  • Kim Mariani - 5 years ago

    I like Eric and Quinn as a couple. Tired of Steffy always whining about Quinn. Really would like to see Ivy come back!

  • Geri - 5 years ago

    I agree with Ann show is starting to suck really Eric and Quinn he was an old respectable man now a sucker

  • Ann - 5 years ago

    Hoping Quinn truly changed when at that cabin with Liam. Clothes are tame etc. she deserves redemption especially since Stephi is such a self centered princess. Why would she marry the son of someone she hates do much.mDO NOT want Ridge t get control for sure....what a 'Richard'...and whiners

  • Ann - 5 years ago

    Done the show sucks.

  • Claudette McCoy - 5 years ago

    I think she initially wanted the power she would get from snagging Eric but I think she is falling in love with him. She loves the power and lifestyle he can give her.

  • Gmelch - 5 years ago

    Love love love Eric and Quinn hope B&B keeps them together

  • Brenda - 5 years ago

    Quinn has caused so much pain and chaos in everyone's life and I hate to see her rewarded with a good man like Eric. She needs to just go away. Grrr...

  • Angela - 5 years ago

    I can't believe the storyline. Why should Quinn be the only person enjoying all the luxury after all the wrong things she had done. I hope the writer for B&B realize the storyline is telling their viewers that you have to be a murderer, liar, manipulator, skimmer, and generally a crazy human being to enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Paige freeman - 5 years ago

    I love watching them together and they have such chemistry , you can see the happiness on her face when they are hugging and they show her face and she's truly happy and if you look at Steffy who has done so much wrong over the years and I started liking her more with Whyat but when they show her face when they hug she looks miserable ! It's funny how she says Quinn is targeting Eric when she did that so many times to Liam to steal him from Hope and I wish they would bring her or she would agree to return but I really think they truly don't like each other because she came right back to B&B after Hope left. Don't think Kim's gona come back so I'm ready even for a new Hope. Plus Steffy is making Wyatt responsible for his mother and that's just stupid because she said herself today that he's had to live with her but that's not an excuse to leave your marriage and I think she and Wyatt look so much better together . LAST WAY TO GO ERIC AND QUINN THEY JUST CLICK !!!

  • beejer - 5 years ago

    I think she loves him. She can have and has had her own fame and money, so I know she doesn't need a man for that. She has always just craved love of a good man, and Eric fits that bill.

  • Jackie Rogan - 5 years ago

    Hi I'm from Australia and we're behind but I don't think she's in for live. Not "spicy" enough. I live B&B its my TV time.

  • daniellen27 - 5 years ago

    However, Darth Vader used to have a good side....and whether, liger, leerah or lanther,... those spots are not far from the surface. So, i'm happy for Eric, while it lasts. And for Quinn If she behaves.

  • daniellen27 - 5 years ago

    She does love him. He's the 2nd one (apart from her soon) to treat her like a member of the human race. Not an exasperating obsessive dominatrix. For all her numerous faults, sins and outright crimes, there's a kernel of humanity still flickering in there, feeble as it is. Liam unknowingly revived it. With Eric, it's fully blossoming. Some rare desert plants get tossed about like tumbleweed for decades then, comes a puddle grow roots, leaves flowers and seeds only to dry up and start all over again. Others like that Atacama purple bloom light up the desert with a glorious carpet once evert 100 years. Rare. Fleeting. Magnificent. She loves him. Money and power are a bonus.

  • Jean Peltier - 5 years ago

    Let together!! Thanks

  • Catina laporte - 5 years ago

    Eric & Quinn are wonderful together, they both need love.

  • Isylma Archibald - 5 years ago

    QUINN only thinks of her self and no one else. I will like to see her gets what she deserves, for all the bad that she got away with .

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