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  • Lesley - 6 years ago

    It was so hard to chose between Susan and Carissa. Everyone did some great work, but theirs were my favorites! So Happy for Refashion Runway!!

  • Tiffany - 6 years ago

    This was a tough decision for me between Jen and Carrissa. I loved the embellishment detail of the Eiffel Tower Jen did on her outfit. Then Carrissa's transformation brought a huge change yet so effortlessly looking. I found how amazing such a little tiny detail (adding buttons) can totally refashion an article of clothing. I ended up going with Carrissa for that very reason. It is so amazing what you ladies can do, so talented!!!!

  • Jane - 6 years ago

    Gosh ......too hard. For me it was a serious toss up between Jen and Susan. I love both equally so had to really think hard. Susan's bag did it for me. But really tough and ALL inspirational, jane

  • Shey - 6 years ago

    Great outfit!

  • Laura - 6 years ago

    What a fabulous fashion show, ladies! Gema, I loved the feminine, delicate styling of your dress. Marissa, the mosaic-like pattern on the dress and pretty neckline in the back was really imaginative and fun. Susan, you're always a winner with your timeless styling and marvelous techniques. That tote--WOW! Miche, your funky sense of style is always interesting and fun to see. And Carissa, you are truly a master refashionista! You can make me a shirt-dress any day of the week. Well done! My vote goes to Jen this week for the best use of buttons. That t-shirt would sell in a heartbeat in boutiques. Also the shoes were just too cute. Everyone did a super job this week. I look forward to Saturday e-mails for this challenge!!

  • Karen M. Roth - 6 years ago

    Oooh, it was a hard toss up for me! I loved the handmade dress by Gema because of the soft romantic style it has which on that note I would love the pattern for that style dress :D.
    But, Susan's Tote is what caught my attention the most . I am so in love with it! Please make the pattern available to all :D

    I loved the polo shirt it is so cute and the skirt , too, but sadly, I am so wide at the moment that stripes look horrid on my body *note my grimace for being honest about myself but I am working on that as I have a Vow Renewal to make a Ball gown for and I DO NOT want to stay a size 15 to wear it *

    I so wish that there were enough Sponsors that everyone would win as they have all done an amazing job!

    I have a wonderous idea make an 18-month calendar with all your peeps in it :D

    If I could ever get well enough I would love to join for a Season! It looks so fun!

  • Mari - 6 years ago

    I love how all the women create such different styles to fit their own style and personalities! I loved them ALL! Susan's purse is stunning! Loved her nautical look too! Marissa's ivy pattern done with buttons was a wonderful play on the theme. Miche has so much fun with her style, it's great to see where she takes it each week. This week however I thought Carrisa after pic jumped off the screen! The blue color and the fit and style of the dress was perfect for her and she made her own buttons and changed the original design dramatically! Loved her accessories too! Awesome job this week ladies! Thank you all for the inspiration!

  • Janet - 6 years ago

    Susans complete outfit wins with me. So wearable.

  • Janet - 6 years ago

    Susans complete outfit wins with me. So wearable.

  • Rima Trew - 6 years ago

    Susan wins again for me. The outfit is completely wearable and I want that bag. Well done on your vision.

  • L in NL - 6 years ago

    While Susan's creative and innovative outfit ensemble (I'll be using her idea to thin out my husband's stash of polos) looked great, I couldn't resist Jen's style sense.

  • Pam - 6 years ago

    Super cute outfit Susan and I WANT that tote!!!!!!!!

  • Martha - 6 years ago

    Love how she took men's wear & turned it into a classy outfit. The bag is a real wow factor to complete the outfit.

  • Jill - 6 years ago

    Wow, Susan for the win again!

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