When should the school year start?


  • Susan - 7 years ago

    ...is 180 days really needed? If that has to be done, what is they were to add maybe 20 to 30 minutes, to each school day and cut off days that away? Just a thought. I honesty would love to see the kids be off from memorial day till Labor day like we had, but that was back when we only had to go 170 days.

  • Susan - 7 years ago

    I am wondering if the students did return after Labor Day, would that mean they would have to go until mid June. I'm looking at the calendar and seeing where they can take away fall break, ( 2 days) the day before Thanks giving. Then have them return on January 2nd instead of the 3rd. Take away Veterans Day, MLK Day and Presidents day. that's 7 days . If I'm not mistaken as stand, with the current calendar. leaving all breaks in place, they would end around June 16, if they started after Labor day. If they take away the above mention days, plus this one make up day on April 14th that would have them going until June 7th with the Memorial Day weekend. They have to get 180 days in. They would have to do all virtual make up days. They could take away spring break and that would have them going only one week after memorial day. End date May 29th. Look at the school calendar, see what you can come up with and take it to the school board. Good luck! : ))

  • JUDY ESTES - 7 years ago

    I truly believe that kids need schooling year round! The reason is: because most of the kids that complete school now do not even know how to read, write a sentence, or spell! It is pitiful what is happening in our school system! The teachers do not know HOW to teach either! There is part of a program on television where there is someone with a microphone going out on the streets and asking people questions such as: Who was the first President of the USA? Most of the people that they talk to are young people in their 20's or 30's. THEY DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER! They keep on asking different questions in math, science, biology and so on. They do not get most of the answers right! Keeping with this tradition of simplified questioning,it becomes apparent that our society is failing in education! It is embarrassing, sad, scary, but all too true! All year schooling, would help keep kids out of trouble also. Parents need to stop worrying about their vacations and start worrying more about their children's education or our generations to come will be lost to other countries willing to take this country over! Also, I have noticed that listening to television reporters reporting the news in our own community, cannot pronounce common words in their broadcasts! Nor do they proofread their stories before they go on the air! I became so tired of watching this happen, that I stopped watching altogether! The same goes for this newspaper and many others like it! Nobody cares anymore about anything! Just get it done fast and who cares about the rest!
    This statement is from an older woman who cares about our society and the children that are being born into it!

  • mark schreiber - 7 years ago

    Absolutely after Labor Day after all it is still summer . But if you look around .play grounds are deserted... Holiday World is just about done ( no help in school ) little league baseball done why because we have to start in early spring and wear coats and have blankets to keep warm just to watch baseball . Pools are closed no help are no one can go why ....in school and homework. High School football can go watch now and wear shorts. Let's see play baseball wear coats and blankets and freeze and then let's play football and wear shorts and worry about football players getting over heated. Summer vacations forget about it in August the best time to go.... in School. No lifeguards no summer help that's right we get out of school in early May to enjoy the cold weather and travel. Next we can talk about the time change another great idea I have not figured that one out either. So here we sit waiting for cold weather and school to be out once again. Have a great August.

  • Cheryl Camp - 7 years ago

    After Labor Day!!! It's the hottest time of the year in August. It would have to save money for the schools on AC bills too! Swimming pools are still open until Labor Day! Buses would not be so hot to ride in. Recess wouldn't be so oppressing because of the heat. I have never seen anything wrong with testing after Christmas break for semester. Actually kids could study during Christmas break, do a review when back to school and then test! For many years school started after Labor Day and I bet if there was a study done on it... Those kids tested just as well at the end of school. Let the children have summer... ????????. After Labor Day is my vote!!!

  • Jan Schiff - 7 years ago

    Students could return to school in September The Marinas, fishing, boating, lakes areas, swimming pools, Holiday Worlds, Six Flags could be enjoyed as family vacation time and help their industry The city pools aren't open in August for kids and families! Our outside activities are dependent on our weather climate therefore we have a small time frame for hot weather activities. I hope the schedule is reconsidered.

  • Don Schweikarth - 7 years ago

    Christmas vacation should not determine the end of the 1st sem. Students tested after the first of the new year would be tested on what they actually learned and retained, not what was just memorized. Some families also need the Summer for student employment to help accumulate money for college.

    Severe Spring weather also makes for a more dangerous family trip.

  • Steven R.Reine - 7 years ago

    Should never had changed! To hot to go back. Kid still
    Have summer fever. You cost public pools money. Have a heart let the kids have a good summer. If you look into a little you probably cost a lot of businesses money.

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