Green's Farms Or Greens Farms?

  • LINDA CONLEY KAYE - 4 years ago

    . I lived in Greens Farms, on Greens Farms Road in a wonderful old house, with a small barn and eventually a beautiful little Victorian boathouse which my father had moved onto the property(to use as his studio) all the way from the Saugatuck River in downtown Westport . The house was a lovely rambling two story with pumpkin pine floorboards ,little secret closets, a great attic and vast cellar. Downstairs, there'were decorative moldings, built-in bookcases and three lovely fireplaces.The upstairs master bedroom had a view of Long Island Sound. We were told that it was once the First Parsonage for (what else) First Church located on Greens Farms Road, just after Sherwood Island Lane. When we first moved in there were remnants of a great old carriage house on the next door property. The spelling everywhere was just plain old Greens Farms and no one ever thought to question it. In fact , I have a book right here, called Greens Farms, the history of the Old West Parish of Fairfield, published in 1933 and written by George Penfield Jennings, The Squire of Elmstead . Elmstead was just down the road and was home to my friend, Louise Whelan, the granddaughter of Bessie Jennings.Towards the end of the book there is a little list of historical activities pertaining to the area as follows: Ye Indian name - Machamux, Ye Bankside Farmers 1648, Ye first School House 1703, Ye First Meeting House 1711, Ye Name Greens Farms 1732. This list was placed on the Machamux Boulder on the old common at the Church of Christ at Greens Farms to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of George Washington's birth and in memory of the friendly relations between the Indians and the early settlers.
    So there you have it. No dispute about the name Greens Farms, no apostrophes, no running together of the names, no Green Farm here.
    I don't like to tell about the Turnpike or Freeway that was built in the 1960's that was routed through the back of this property and so many other historical and beautiful sites but sadly, it did happen. I will always love the old Greens Farms the way it was .

  • Matthew Evans - 4 years ago

    I recall growing up and seeing the signs at both the church and the train station as Green's Farms. Those two institutions have been supporting, and teaching kids in Westport, the spelling for years, so my vote is Green's Farms.

    See image:

  • Chris Swan - 4 years ago

    Zip code is 06838

  • Chris Swan - 4 years ago

    Been here since 1961 - been spelling and calling it Greens Farms since then

  • Lawrence Zlatkin - 4 years ago

    Greens Farms-- two plurals, no apostrophe. I live in Greens Farms and on Greens Farms Road. Simplicity rules in today's world. (BTW. 06838 is the zip for the little post office next to the train station-- we all are still 06880).

  • William Adler - 4 years ago

    I voted for the apostrophe. Or consider a more contemporary, hip-hop version: GreenieF !!!

  • Lucy Lawliss - 4 years ago

    Our family lived on Hedley Farms Road (off Sasco Creek Road - last road on the westside before reaching Beachside Avenue) with no plural or apostrophe in Hedley, but plural farms. Would love to know more about that. Supposedly the house at the head of the street was the original farm house (owned when we lived there by the Lewis family and later by the author Robert Ludlum--Rodney Dangerfield, another neighbor on Hedley Farms--moved into a house built below ours in the late '60s by the Taylors of local McDonald's restaurant fame). Mort Levitt lived on Hedley Farms next to the Lewis house in what I would guess was originally an adjacent out- building/barn and another neighbor's house, we understood, to have been the old "chicken coop" (also, long ago "blown up" into a McMansion--how appropriate. Our house, which is now gone, we understood to have been a barn - the only sign of that was poor construction and no interior detailing/moldings, etc. By 1970, the surrounding land belonged to the CT Audubon Society (Smith Richardson Tree Farm) but I wonder if it originally belonged as part Hedley's farm?

  • Ed Paul - 4 years ago

    Just as the Bronx dropped its apostrophy (formerly Bronk's), all towns should all drop them unless the named family is still residing there, IMHO.

  • shonach mirk robles - 4 years ago

    i was a child her grew up in Greens Farms....i don't ever remember it being spelled with an apostrophe. i went to greens farms elementary, lived on greens farms road and commuted into new york (i know, i was young, but intent on pursuing my career as a ballet dancer) i went to the greens farms rail road station next to the greens farms post office, which had a zip code of i wrong?

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