Grade TLC's 'Too Close to Home'


  • June gatton - 5 years ago

    Where can I see the remaining episodes/or were there more, Last saw the shoot out at the trailer park. Loved the show,but couldn't find it after a few weeks, even got husband hooked on it, even though some of the acting was so so. Thanks.

  • june - 7 years ago

    can't wait to see the show, started from the beginning show and try to keep track of when it will be on. Interested in what happens next. Keep it up- even though some of the acting is really bad, it keeps me going. Even husband watches it too.

  • Rob - 7 years ago

    Please Please change the music & give Brody acting lessons. The pauses are horrible. Love the storyline. Bonnie is the best and most believable. The sheriff sounds so awkward with his lines (slow slow drawn out or something). Mama does horrible with lines. Maybe because of music. I want to change channel because of that same music over & over & Brody's bad acting. He sounds like he is waiting for his next line. Does Brody really need to look so much like a hillbilly being so educated and all. There is also something off with Shelby. I can't pinpoint it just yet. Maybe she is trying too hard to be sassy. Is Max Irish? He kind of sounds like he has a hint of it. I love the storyline but needs dramatic changes soon before it gets cancelled. I wonder if putting vocalists to some songs isn't a good idea that other TV shows do.

  • Lynn - 7 years ago

    Oh my God...stop the music in the background! It is the same dull horrible music all through it all. It does not flow with the scenes at all. As far as acting...Brody stands there like he is trying to rehearse his lines & needs a push to spit out his lines, with such long pauses before the next one speaks. They need to speed up the acting. The slutty sister needs some acting lessons as well, or take it down a notch or something & make her appear to be a slutty mother instead of a slutty teenager. She looks like she is a kid but needs to talk more like a spoiled mother in that case. Someone please get that hair out of Brody's face...An educated hick with hillbilly hair, ugh. At least put it in a ponytail. The big mama sounds like she is reading lines also. All in all, I love the storyline so I will keep watching, but truly hope they speed up the acting & get rid of that music.

  • Sandlin - 7 years ago

    Story line is great , but the acting is so terrible we couldn't finish watching the series.
    The flow of lines seems so "memorized" - terrible!!! Drove me nuts ... sucks too because like I said we did enjoy the story line , just couldn't take another minute of the bad acting.

  • Hilda - 7 years ago

    You r gud tyler but pls try to be abit faster .stop repeatin the same conversation over n over.the flow is way too slow

  • Karen Howard - 7 years ago

    OMG. Tyler I love this story line. I'm just sorry it is not on On Demand...I miss the beginning so I'm have to assume the plot. But Kudos..And that Brody!!!

  • C. Brown - 8 years ago

    I've been watching and I do agree with the other viewer's comments. The storyline is good there are a lot of stories being played out but the acting is annoying sometimes, Brody, although great to look at his character is annoying keeps asking the same questions his acting is below standards. The mom and Bonnie are probably the most convincing actors on the show. I watch for the story!

  • Sabrins - 8 years ago

    Love it! I work, I'm tired and just want a show that is interesting and Bodie is nice to look at!

  • Elaine Copeland - 8 years ago

    My first T. Perry show and I don't like scripted shows. But this has kept me wanting more. I have a lot of questions that didn't get answered, but when is the next show? Surely they all didn't get shot. If so, let me write the ending.

  • M. Proctor - 8 years ago


  • Regina. Fleming - 8 years ago

    The best show yet depicting poor white trailer park trash from the back woods of any southern states. It is real. Brody is suppose to look like that and Shelby suppose to talk like that. It is about as real as it gets. Congrats to Mr.Perry and the cast on the show and cannot wait til next season to see the outcome.

  • Geraldine Daniels - 8 years ago

    Please cut Brody's hair and Shave him!!!!I think their Mom can Walk??????

  • Tami R - 8 years ago

    My first Tyler Perry series, and it kept me coming back week after week! I agree w/ prev comments that some of the acting needs work, but LOVE the characters. Please, if any writers are reading, find another way to say "are you sure....". IMO it's been over used and by the actors who under deliver. Looking forward to next season

  • Jamie Van Epps - 8 years ago

    I like Bonnie and her mom is a great actress. I love to look at Brody but omg every scene he is in brings the other person's acting down too. Yes he is gorgeous but gosh he needs acting lessons.

  • Mary - 8 years ago

    Brody's acting needs ALOT of work as do some others and get his hair out of his face! Bonnie is good - Shelby is also needing some acting lessons. Don't know if I'm Gonna stick it out. Have to see

  • Pat - 8 years ago

    Love the show the back ground music is distracting just like In the other shows its too loud

  • Trish - 8 years ago

    Story line not bad but, OMG SOOOOO SLOW. No flow. Too many pauses between lines. I'll watch tonight hoping it picks up.

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