What should be built at 2565 Clairemont Drive?

  • Reba C - 4 years ago

    The area needs a real grocery store, either this location or the old Keil's location, or both to give people a choice. I know someone who lives I the area that now goes to Keil's but says it's expensive & hesitates to go up the hill to Von's. Trader Joe's is a great place, but the seniors may have a hard time to afford it on a limited income. If not a grocery store, then Sprouts for sure.

  • Kristina - 4 years ago

    We need a Sprouts! Closest one is Clairrmont! X(

  • Katherine Malchiodi - 4 years ago

    Hopefully, Keils will be able to stay in the Village. They have been a good neighbor for many years.Definitely need lots of parking for those using the trolley down the hill and not underground for all the previously stated reasons-safety, cleanliness, access. Beautiful park like landscaping would be inviting. A healthy restaurant would be welcomed such as a Tender Greens. Look at all of the clientel from those visiting Mission Bay! We want to get this right and make it a wonderful sight as the entry to our Bay park community! Something in which we can all be proud.

  • Allen - 4 years ago

    The poll is unfairly skewed toward one option that will NEVER happen.

    It is very misleading that there is an option that mentions Trader Joe's because it is very well know that it isn't going to happen. The people from Trader Joe's corporate real estate department already shot down putting one at Keil's. They look at geographical distance between stores and see that the one in PB is a couple miles away. They don't care that people east of the 5 don't want to go to PB. That store makes them plenty enough money. Having one in Bay Park would not.

    There aren't enough people living in a 2-3 mile radius of Bay Pay to warrant anything major going in the area. They want a mass concentration with population density, which Bay Park does not have due to being across the street from Mission Bay and having a large canyon populated snakes, rabbits, coyotes, etc.

    The reality is that until more residential units are established in the area, there will be very little interest for any business of significance to move to the area. It just doesn't make financial sense for them. They don't care what people in the neighborhood want or need. They are businesses that need to make a profit and won't happen in Bay Park, so we should stop living in Trader Joe's dreamland.

  • Jan - 4 years ago

    Sprouts or Trader Joes would suit me. I'm tired of driving to PB /Midway/Liberty Station for groceries. I am concerned about a trolley station where the homeless hang.

  • Deb Kegel - 4 years ago

    I agree with Karen, Deland, Kendra and others. The trolley needs a parking lot, especially for those living up on Clairemont Mesa. This is our trolley stop too! There's a good deal Clairemont people who will take the trolley north and south, lessening traffic on I-5, Clairemont Drive, Genessee, 805 and 163. Less air pollution and mind numbing commutes benefits many people.

    Trader's Joes is close by in PB in their new place near the Von's gas station. They won't build another one closer. When they had grocery stores here a decade and more ago, none of the stores succeeded (drainage issues and such). And, if Keil's ever leaves the Village, another grocery store will lease the location up the hill. Who do you think would come in anyway, Aldi?

  • Bev Downing - 4 years ago

    The mixed use option is the best option for the community as a whole. The trolley parking area is always a hot spot for car thefts, homeless population gathering point, etc. I think we need parking for trolley patrons, but having a mixed use area will make the area safer and more community friendly. I'm not so sure I'd want to park in a subterranean area here. I'm thinking it would make a great place for homeless folks to get out of the weather and that would not make it safe for patrons parking there. That whole area of Morena Blvd from the River to Marion Bear Park is filled with transients.

  • Dawn - 4 years ago

    Ideally a Trader Joes or Barons market plus trolley parking combination. A great Mexican restaurant would be a plus to the neighborhood also.

  • Doug Lee - 4 years ago

    The operative words in the survey are: "such as". This means NO major grocer has committed so we are polling on something that no grocer has committed to. Quite frankly I think a big grocer won't build there due to so many grocery stores being within 3-4 miles and many closer. I also fear for Kiels. Subterranean parking below a grocer sounds OK but those garages tend to get dangerous and attract crime...I'd be careful what we wish for. If the trolley comes, I'd want ground level parking or perhaps an open air 2-level above ground structure...not underground.

  • Eric Lurie - 4 years ago

    The idea of a Trader Joes sounds good but what if Keil's then dies out. We could have a large retail space up the hill that is underused and not maintained. Maybe a small retail or residential, to make it more than a parking lot. What's most important is that its esthetically pleasing since it is a key entrance into the community.

  • Janet Milliken - 4 years ago

    A nice area of Sprouts, Trader Joe's, and nice restaurants (not fast food) would be great for the community. This space has gone vacant for far too long when it could been made into a nice area for our neighborhood. Underground parking for trolley and special section for businesses patrons easily accessed by elevator would be a plus.

  • CLINT PETTY - 4 years ago

    It would be nice to have a courtyard with restaurants with an area for live music, for people to hang out at.

  • EB - 4 years ago

    A parking lot will only bring more riff raff into the area. Mixed use with good lighting,security, and added economic vitality will benefit the neighborhood. I think the use of the trolley is over-estimated.

  • Karen Oberle - 4 years ago

    We need as much parking as possible around the trolley. That is it's whole point, to keep people off the road! We also could use a small coffee shop and a market. I think it is a given that Trader Joe's isn't interested in that location.

  • George Henderson - 4 years ago

    I think SANDAG has grossly underestimated their need for commuter parking. Old Town park n' ride is a great success, but it is full. I have to agree with Kendra that we don't want the overflow of parked cars filling our streets.
    So I suggest that SANDAG double the number of parking spaces. Try to keep it pedestrian safe, Some nice landscaping along Morena Blvd. could create a pleasant street appearance. How about allocating some green space mini-parkland?
    The proposed mixed-use with shopping and parking sounds nice on the surface, But I'd rather work with SANDAG to soften the impact of this parking area than trust a developer who is driven by profit motives.
    George Henderson
    3151 Driscoll Drive
    San Diego, CA 9211

  • Alex DeVletter - 4 years ago


  • Dwe - 4 years ago

    The area has essentially been a parking lot for the last 10 years! What an embarrassment. Time for a change. Mixed use is the only way to go

  • Deland Liester - 4 years ago

    There is already a Trader Joe's in PB, University City, Liberty Station & Mission Valley. They aren't going to build another one on Clairemont Dr. A trolley stop needs parking, it may not be attractive but people will need a place to park for the trolley.

  • Allison Rogers - 4 years ago

    Looks like this was Protea's last project... http://www.sgpa.com/projects/flower-hill-promenade-renovation/
    They put in a Whole Foods.

  • Sue Rogers - 4 years ago

    Sprouts! A reasonably priced healthy grocery store PLEASE!!

  • Allison Rogers - 4 years ago

    That property has been an eyesore the entire 16 years we've lived in Bay Park. It would be so nice to have a new shopping center with updated business(es) and ample parking. It would be even nicer to have a reasonably priced grocery store with a good selection of healthy options. Let's support our neighborhood and make it look nicer too. That parking lot is the first thing people see getting on and off the freeway.... It's just awful.

  • Bruce Urquhart - 4 years ago

    Depending on the fate of the Clairemont Village shopping center the neighborhood needs a grocery store. Seniors in the high rise would have a difficult time getting down to 2335 Clairemont Dr.. Grocery stores needs to be close that will serve our community.

  • Johnny Powers - 4 years ago

    I this poll is a bit misleading. Everyone is getting excited about Trader Joe's when there is no guarantee they would even be interested in the spot. Would people be just as excited if a "less desirable" grocery store moved there?

  • Babette - 4 years ago

    Not a parking lot. Terrible use.

  • Kendra Thomas - 4 years ago

    I vote for the PARKING LOT if we don't provide a lot, where DO you think folks will be parking for the trolley to our good Morena restaurant venues and USCD and beyond? Our streets!!
    And frankly, I think it improves our neighborhood to have easier trolley access than driving to Linda Vista.
    Our daughter and I love the trolley to get us easily in and out of SDSU and downtown for concerts and the like. The parking benefits us all! And better here, by the commercially zoned freeway, than anywhere else!!

  • Shelly Dunn - 4 years ago

    We do need to keep our community strong and visually appealing, while adding services to this neighborhood to be supported by our residents.

    Thank all of you who care enough to take this time to get involved!

  • Jo Powers - 4 years ago

    Finally a Trader Joe's and hopefully a Tender Greens Restaurant so we have more healthy options in Clairemont with reasonable prices.

  • Dan Wolfson - 4 years ago

    Trader Joe = Yes!
    Trolley Lot = No!

  • Jennifer Ayers - 4 years ago

    Our neighborhood needs an anchor grocery (e.g. Sprouts, Trader Joe's). We ought to be able to pick a plan that has that as well as SANDAG's required parking.

  • Jessica Sobel - 4 years ago

    Meeting in the middle is the best way for us all to get what we want. I must say I have been waiting for a Trader Joes in this neighborhood for years...

  • Barney Callahan - 4 years ago

    With tenants at the Village Shopping Center at the top of Clairemont Drive leaving & being put on month to month tenancy having local shopping available is even more critical.

  • Astrid Fausett - 4 years ago

    This family neighborhood needs a Trader Joes or similar.

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