Which Franco Actor Do You Prefer: James Franco or Roger Howarth?


  • nancy roberts - 7 years ago

    I loved Farworth as Todd Manning and wish they would bring his role back!!! I think Franko's role is disposable, but would rather (and I liked him) Franco played himself again)

  • Angela - 8 years ago

    I prefer Roger as Franco. James Franco made the role so evil and twiisted that I could not stand to watch his scenes.

  • Theresa hughes - 8 years ago

    I definately prefer james franco and i love naughty franco over nice franco

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    Roger is a great 'good' Franco. James was the best bad guy possible but I cannot see him playing a nice guy. I enjoyed watching James Franco on screen more.

  • Cyn - 8 years ago

    James Franco was fun but not sustainable. Roger is a very good actor, loved him before GH...He has done quite well and seems to really enjoy his parts on GH..He plays all emotions and parts very convingly.

  • Curtis Jenkins - 8 years ago

    Roger is really a bad actor.

  • Mary brenner - 8 years ago

    I like Franco as Franco! Roger is best as Todd or another nice character .francos character is evil and dArk!! MAke roger a new character pleAe

  • Angie - 8 years ago

    The original Franko was great!!!!
    The new one needs to shave and cut his hair!

  • Teresa Hathaway - 8 years ago

    The roll was made for James Franco...His real name is Franco...It belongs to him and he's perfect for the role. He's good at being bad....

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