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  • Lesley - 7 years ago

    It was so hard to chose! Susan and Carissa, and everyone else really showed us some impressive work!

  • Anny - 7 years ago

    The tunic made from a dress is so cute, and what a great way to preserve a precious memory!

  • Mari - 7 years ago

    You gals are awesome! You make refashioning look easy but you make voting SO HARD! Don't get me wrong, I know it's not 'easy' and I know you're all working very hard each week. Thank you for that and a big thanks to Beth for all her hard work to make this happen. ????

  • Renee - 7 years ago

    Wow! This week was really tough to choose! Great work ladies! You're all very talented!

  • Paige Bear - 7 years ago

    So many great redesigns! Love the pillowcase detail and repurposing the dress, but the reversible tunic blew my mind. Love the inspiration. Thank you!!

  • Debra Allen - 7 years ago

    This week's vote was really hard! I liked several of the outfits! Great job ladies!

  • Magda Hinrichsen - 7 years ago

    Just LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE what Marisa accomplished with her outfit.

  • Martha Hoover - 7 years ago

    Love the change from dress to tunic. Very Clever!

  • Rima Trew - 7 years ago

    Another week of fantastic ideas but I love the simplicity of Carissa's tunic.

  • Fuchsia - 7 years ago

    The reversible tunic is so fresh & well-done Carissa!
    Susan's workmanship is also lovely!

  • Flamingomania - 7 years ago

    I like the reverse able tunic as liking the entire post. I also really liked the second tunic made by Susan with the trim from the pillow case.

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