Do you drink Guam's tap water? (Poll Closed)

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  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Hey stop disrespecting our Chamorro steak .. Lol ..
    @notsonative please continue to drink straight from the tap

  • notsonative - 5 years ago

    Really? The Spam you had for breakfast is more poisonous than the traces of whatever in your tap water. It's not like our water's contaminated with massive amounts of lead or arsenic.

  • willow - 5 years ago

    I've tasted the water than comes out my tap here in Santa Rita and its horrible. Good clean drinking water should never taste like that. On top of the money we pay GWA every month i spend an additional 35$ a month in bottled water for drinking and cooking. It shouldn't be that way. I envy places like Merizo, who seem to have nice clear water that actually taste good.

  • Blue mouth - 5 years ago

    I recall the GWA head saying the water is save for us to drink and he was drinking it on radio shows etc. I believe they owe us a answer. Also our elected leaders all the way down to utility commission owes us all safe and clean water. Maybe we don't drink it at home but what about out and about. Eating out or getting water from another source is it also safe. Everyone isn't looking at the whole picture. If you got money you have the state of the art water filtering system. But we trust our government officials to do is right. So how long and why now. What ever in our blood system. Bring an expert out to test it and tell us other wise. Or have the Navy tell us otherwise.

  • JM Hoff - 5 years ago

    No !! I don't drink the tap water but regrettably I use the water to cook with.

    This is nothing new, Guam's resources has been contaminated since development began on Guam many years ago.

    At the start of post war clean up, the US military were dumping their chemicals and solid waste in (NAS) Tiyan and in parts of Barrigada, I know this because I lived close to the dump and I see people go there to salvage scrap metal to sell . Regulations were not in existence, enforcement was unheard of.

    Perhaps the best method now is for me to catch rain water ....but may not be a good idea, it's possible the air is polluted somewhat.

    Can't win for losing.

  • Longfellow - 5 years ago

    Hamm, Lawsuit, Remember the movies "A Civil Action" and "Erin Brockovich"? How long have them wells been contaminated and only now just made public? So all this time before it was discovered the wells have never been tested? Lawsuit hell yeah, I'm in...... We should pour our useless legislature a nice tall glass of well water for one of their sessions! The water is supposedly safe...

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    GWA and EPA says "it's not that toxic " side effects are cancer , birth defects etc.. But from what they say " hey it's already in your blood so a little more wont hurt you " Lol ... I think everybody who lives in the areas with the " toxins" in their tap water should file a lawsuit .. They have been drinking , bathing , and washing clothes with mildly toxic water for God knows how long .. Poison tap water .. Thanks Gov Guam ! Lol ...
    Way to make us feel safer GWA ! Awesome job EPA ! ... Governor why no outrage ? Do you not care ? Corrupt and stupid = Gov Guam .

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