In Unlocking (or Not Unlocking) Sgt. Skinner, How Often did You Tap?


  • freesurfin - 7 years ago

    First time since I started playing I missed the last prize. I tap and clear at least 4- 5 times a day. Was close but did not make it. :( very frustrating. Not having fun with this event, and thats why I play. I get enough of frustration, regenerating chores, and unwinable situations dealing with a 3 yr old. Sorry EA i cant devote more time, I think I'll just focus on my monorail.


  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    This event launched just before we left on a 2 week road trip. There are days when I don't have internet for most of the day. And it's really hard to tap while sitting on the back of a motorcycle going 70 MPH.

  • Mintznancy59 - 7 years ago

    The screen blinks every time I am near the fighter area. The fighters disappear during battles. The robots disappear when near this area. I always have only one robot in my town when I go in first thing in the morning. I contacted EA and they said they were aware of the problems. It has taken all the fun out of this.

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