What should Guam's relationship be with the United States of America? (Poll Closed)

  • Statehood
    474 votes

  • Free association
    131 votes

  • Independence
    132 votes

  • No change
    491 votes


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  • Michael Reyes - 4 years ago

    Look, the U.S. doesn't need another state...we got plenty. It would be nice if you could learn to stand on your own 2 feet, how about that?

  • Chamorroguy - 4 years ago

    @ Islander 2, I also agree than anyone born and raised in Guam should also have the right to decide Guam's future since Guam is their home too.

    Si Yu'us Ma'ase !

  • Chamorroguy - 4 years ago

    Hafa Adai..I just wanted to say Guam should always remain a U.S Territory,because remaining with The United States has brought many benefits to the people of Guam,and remaining with The United States has many advantages as well.

    Independence for Guam in my opinion spells "disaster",and free association also isn't a good option either.

    Statehood will be very difficult for Guam because of the island's small population,area and great distance from the U.S Mainland.

    Si Yu'us Ma'ase !

  • BoB - 4 years ago

    The way I see it, if this voting is not open to all who reside here, there will definitely be lawsuit(s) filed. It affects all who reside here and call Guam home, not just the "so called" Chamorros.

  • paul zerzan - 4 years ago

    Malaet Matak, you do not know what you are talking about. To get Guam off the UN list of colonies, Guam must follow UN rules. The UN specifically requires universal adult suffrage. That means all of the people within defined borders regardless of ethnicity, ancestry or previous status as colonizers/colonized. In ever single one of the UN sponsored plebiscites the entire adult population voted. There was no "native inhabitant" or "indigenous" status. Besides the Chamorro culture and population is a mestizo creation, descended equally from conquerors and conquered. If the direct descendants of the Spanish conquerors are allowed to vote then why aren't other ethnicities allowed? Please do your homework. The UN insists on "universal adult suffrage". Guam must not go against the UN with a restricted vote.

  • Malaet Matak - 4 years ago

    All comments aforementioned shows lack of understanding regarding the Right of Self-Determination of the Chamoru people. It also shows the effect of being under American colonization for over 100 years. One argument from a "mixed Chamorro" was that the plebiscite is self-discriminating his other "half mixed blood." The other was about losing his U.S. passport and SS benefits. well, he doesn't have to lose them unless he wants to. These are probably well meaning concerns but are actually the results of misinformation and disinformation regarding the de-colonization of Guam under the United Nations decolonization framework, regarding non-self-governing peoples and territories.

    In summary, the Chamoru people are the colonized "self" in self-determination. All others must respect this human right of the Chamoru people, or be a party to their continuing oppression. Ma'ase'

  • John Dozer - 4 years ago

    The problem with any of the options, as I see it, is that the questions are many and the answers are few. Therefore, the most popular option will be the one hat we are most familiar with and would be the least disruptive to our current quality of life. That isn't to say that more education in the same way is going to change that fact or that the island is even interested in hearing about the options. A suggestion for ALL those pushing one option over the others... lay out a reasonable vision of what the island can look like under your option. Not a "pie in the sky" hypothetical, but a reasonable view of our island's future based on a clear understanding of our island's strengths and weaknesses. And make is available at a time and in a medium that where the island can view and react to the options.

  • notsonative - 4 years ago

    From one Cha-moron to the rest of you, I want to keep my US passport AND federally-backed Social Security benefits. Applying for visas just to travel to another country is a real pain and I sure as hell don't trust Guam's government to fund my retirement.


  • navret04 - 4 years ago

    As with past polls, status quo remains the favorite. Voting for statehood does not necessarily mean the U.S. Congress will approve the measure. Two scenarios could play out. Either an independent state or get folded into Hawaii and become Guam county, HI. Either way, the first office to open on Guam should statehood become a reality...will be the Internal Revenue Service and year end tax forms will be sent to them for processing. Being a state, means sending revenue TO Washington D.C. and then seeing what you get in return. A separate method of collecting revenue for the local government to operate will have to be put in place. Many "Independent" advocates discuss potential rents that could be charged for use of military bases. Just as NAS Agana shut down in the mid-90's, others can also. It could be the Philippines would offer the use of their former bases (Subic Bay/Clark) for a better deal than an independent Guam. As far as "Free Association", take a look at the economies of current freely associated states. There is a reason so many residents of COFA states come to the territory of Guam. Yes, I am aware I am painting a "be careful of what you ask for scenario".

  • Disappointed - 4 years ago

    @ Islander 2, Sara Similes didn't call Chamorros "guests or visitors." Read it again! Hurtful and hateful comments should be deleted by the PDN.

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    @sara similes Guamanians are not guests or visitors you ignorant moron .. Just stay where your at and clamp down on your gaping hole you call a mouth . Try go school and learn maybe . Lol ..

  • Sara Similes - 4 years ago

    I'm not originally from Guam and I don't have a problem not voting in the plebiscite election. I feel only native Chamorros should vote. I would react the same way on my home island. It's like other people or guests/visitors coming to my home and telling me how to arrange my furniture. .

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    I feel all adults born and raised here should qualify to vote on this plebiscite . It's so wrong to let a few decide the fate of our political status that would ultimately affect everyone on this island .. Being half Chamorro I feel this is a bit racially off putting and a division will be placed on all those born and raised without Chamorro "mixed " blood .. Everyone born and raised here should have the right to decide the fate of our island they are Guamanian's after all right ? If Guamanians are not qualified to vote on this issue then what are they ? Second hand citizens ? Do the right thing Gov Guam and let all Guamanians vote ! Thanks a lot Gov Guam ! Lol ...

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