How long have you been reading Diana Gabaldon's books? (Poll Closed)
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  • nancy gundelfinger - 5 years ago

    I have been reading for nearly 75 years. I have been rereading your books (at least 4 times each). You are able to create a world and people so real that they are like family. I've lived alone for twenty years and these people are part of my life. ----one of my favorites is when his back goes out and he spends time with the two little girls=perfect. When you write you create--the best I've ever read. thank you.

  • Kimberlee Dahlke - 5 years ago

    Discovered the OUTLANDER World while perusing YouTube.....???????????? There was mention of Diane Gabaldon's books, so I headed to the library !!! That was 5 years ago, have all 8 books, which I love & watch repeatedly the Starz OUTLANDER Series !!!! I'm a Sassenach addict !!!! ????????????????????????

  • Christine - 5 years ago

    Je ne connaissais pas ces livres. C'est en écoutant, l'automne dernier, la série en français à Radio-Canada que j'ai découvert les paysages de l'Écosse et cette originale série, le voyage dans le temps est passionnant mais c'est surtout les interprètes de cette série qui m'ont séduite, j'ai acheté les 8 tomes et je les ai lu en deux mois, entre temps j'ai lu les autres volumes de Diana qui racontent les aventures de Lord Grey, depuis je lis pour la deuxième fois les 8 volumes plus lentement et je pense les relire trois fois d'ici la parution du tome 9. Je vois en ce moment la série 2 télévisée qui a date me déçois un peu car je ne retrouve pas le même ton que dans les livres dans la série télévisée on ne sent pas cette complicité entre Claire et Jamie, heureusement les acteurs sauvent la série.

  • Christine - 5 years ago

    Je ne connaissais pas ces livres s'est en écoutant l'automne dernier la série en français à Radio-Canada que j'ai découvert les paysages de l'Écosse et cette originale série, le voyage dans le temps est passionnant mais c'est surtout les interprètes de cette série qui m'ont séduite, j'ai acheté les 8 tomes et je les ai lu en deux mois, entre temps j'ai lu les autres volumes de Diana qui racontent les aventures de Lord Grey, depuis je lis pour la deuxième fois les 8 volumes plus lentement et je pense les relire trois fois d'ici la parution du tome 9. Je vois en ce moment la série 2 télévisée qui a date me déçois un peu car je ne retrouve pas le même ton que dans les livres dans la série télévisée on ne sent pas cette complicité entre Claire et Jamie, heureusement les acteurs sauvent la série.

  • Nancy Pridgen - 5 years ago

    Started reading the series less than six months ago. I'm rereading and on #5. Love, love, love the books and the series.

  • patty - 5 years ago

    i began reading diana's books after i retired from nursing. didn't have the time to read prior to retiring due to working two jobs and raising three kids on my own. once i found them though i read all of them one after the other and now i have read them 10 times. i absolutely love them. fell in love with jamie right away and still love him as much if not more due to sam heughan's portrayal of him in the series. the jamie in the books is a bit different from jamie in the series but sam has only brought out more of jamies fierceness as well as his ability to love deeply and completely, not to mention how incredibly sexy he is. being a nurse myself had me bonding with claire immediately and caitriona balfe could not do a better job in playing one.
    all in all the entire acting crew have done a magnificent job in bringing their characters to life as well as the country of scotland. what a majestic land that is!
    compared to every thing else that is on t.v. today outlander by far tops them all including game of thrones , i don't believe i have ever watched a series with more quality in set design, or costumes or better acting or a better plot than outlander, kudos to all involved!

  • Cathy - 5 years ago

    I started reading the novels when season 2 ended on Starz. In this short time I am near the end of book 5 and have book 6 waiting on my desk!

  • Florence - 5 years ago

    Have been reading Outlander series since the very 1st book came out. Fell in love with Jamie in the 1st book.

  • Ronni - 5 years ago

    Started reading when a penfriend from Rochester NY sent me Outlander and it went from there. Love the series and although Jamie wasn't what I originallt expectef I've fallen totally in love with him and Clare all over again. As I live in the UK I have to wait for each series to be shown rhrough Prime so eagerly waiting for the next series. I've already bought series 1 and 2 on DVD and waiting to buy series 3. I just hope all the book are serialised I have all the Jamie and Clare books and am delighted that another one is in the oipeline. I dont want their story to end - ever. Thank yoy Diana Gabaldon for these brilliant characters

  • Cheri Green - 5 years ago

    I started reading Outlander when it first came out. Fell in love with Jamie and Claire. Haven't found any other author that can put me right in the middle of the story like Diana does. The TV series is wonderful. Sam Heughan and Catrionia Balfe and all the rest of the cast are great. Can't wait for season 3 to start and the new book to come out.
    Cheri Green

  • Susie - 5 years ago

    I was going on a two week vacation to Aruba for two weeks. A friend loaned me her copy of Outlander to read while I was there. I couldn't put it down. I finished it and couldn't wait to get home to read Dragonfly in Amber. Needless to say I was forever enthralled and have read the series over and over again. Nothing compares to this series.

  • Osnat - 5 years ago

    I heard about the books from a friend who had already read the first four or five books. By then the TV series was out and I decided to give the first 2 episodes a chance. I ended up ordering the first two books and the rest is history, I finished all eight books within 8-9 months and now I'm waiting for the 9th like all the rest...

  • Joane Heiden - 5 years ago

    My daughter told me about Outlander and how much she liked it and so she loaned it to me. I have always been an avid reader and loved it. Diana has a wonderful way of letting you visualize the characters and scenes. I have reread all the books several times and love the tv series. I am continually trying to get my friends to read the books and once the do they are hooked. Thank you Diana for writing these wonderful books.

  • Frances Lareau - 5 years ago

    I can't remember exactly when I started reading Diana's books but remember the first book being offered for free on BookBub and have read everyone since.

  • Lyn - 5 years ago

    Back in 1996, I needed a book to read while I did some per diem work while on vacation from teaching. I found Drums of Autumn in the Grocery Store and couldn't put it down. While reading, I began to feel that there might have been a book before Drums. Looking at the beginning of the book, I found that there were 3 books previous to it. I went back to school and told my colleagues about this wonderful series, and they all became as enamored as I was. I believe it was one of the first books I ordered from Amazon .com because I couldn't find the first one. I reread the whole series before a new book is released. I had prepared myself for the end while waiting for Written in my Own Hearts Blood, and was so thrilled to hear there would be at least one more. I love the series, and feel the casting has been superb! Now I have each of the character's faces in my mind's eye while I read. Thank you, Diana Gabaldon!

  • Julie Epstein - 5 years ago

    I first read Diana Gabaldon when a friend from work bought Outlander in America when she was visiting friends and I picked it up on her desk at work and she said I could borrow it . I said it doesn't look like my type of book but I gave it a try. I was amazed and hooked by the end of the first chapter . I only hope I'm still alive to read the last book !!!!!!No I'm not that old. And the TVs series is fabulous. I've read the full series(up to now) 5 or 6 times and every time I read I find something that I've missed before .I am loving the series . Wairing for episode 3 .

  • Karen Chin - 5 years ago

    At a used book store, I picked up Volume one....LITERALLY BECAUSE OF ITS COVER. It was dark blue and had the golden thistle on it. I was so drawn to it. Am not a big reader. I could not put it down...then read directly thru each volume. Coincidental: (I do not think so ..but have no explanatory comment).... I was reading the page that had 4Oct in it on a letter... I was reading it... ON the 4th of October. Halifax.... .I stop there twice monthly.. and was IN Halifax reading that part of the books... I was IN my Wilmington...when that was the part of the book I was reading. The relationship in the books are a mirror. Too many many coincidences. Was blown away when STARZ started....and when Moore decided to do the series... Was blown away with each wonderful casting. The whole Outlander thing is beyond special.

    I have also found that NOBODY puts these books into a used book store....HOW... I managed to pick up the first volume...........really not easy to believe it was not meant to be.

  • Beverley Pace - 5 years ago

    I read Outlander when it was first published. I fell in love with Claire and Jamie Fraser, and Diana Gabaldon. I re-read that book -- just couldn't let the characters go. Every time I got bored with looking for a good read, I would head back to the Frasers. And so it has been with each succeeding book. I was so ecstatic when the tv series came to be. I love it in the same way I love the books. Jamie and Claire have come to life perfectly, and the changes to enhance the story line delight me. I look forward to each new episode, and then watch it as much as I can. A true addict and fan.

  • Charlotte - 5 years ago

    I read a blog post recently about the casting of Lord John Grey in which the writer called him "boring." Confused, I commented that LGJ is anything but "boring," and was informed that the blog writer has only read through Book 5. Waaaaaat? I find it amazing that not just a blog writer hasn't read all of the source material, but that anyone could stop at Book 5! I'm that reader pounding on the bookstore door at 9 a.m. on publication day, then reading until the book falls out of my hands at 3 a.m.

  • Lois - 5 years ago

    I am a big book reader but had never read or hear of Diana. I happened to see a promo for a new series on Starz which I didn't subscribe to. I found a website where I could watch it for free after the first viewing I was hooked. Ran out and bought a paperback read it in less than a week. Within six months I had all the books in hardcover. I became well know at work for walking down the hall with my nose stuck in books.

  • Holly Manfredi - 5 years ago

    My mother-in-law gave me her copy of Outlander when it came out because she didn't like the time travel aspect. I was hooked from the first chapter and have gotten my husband, sister and niece hooked as well. I preorder each book to be sure and get a copy as soon as it is available and now have added preordering of the Stars Outlander DVD's of the series.

  • Khristina - 5 years ago

    My husband was working at a book store when we first got married, and brought home a copy of Outlander, thinking it would be something I would enjoy. I read a lot, and had a couple of books I was working on at the time, so it sat on my nightstand for a bit. I actually forgot it was there for a few months- then he reminded me about it when I started talking about going back to the bookstore to find something to read- so I thought, sure I'd read that first. Once I fell in love with it, there was no turning back- I've read (and many times re-read) all of the Outlander series, all of the Lord John books, all of the novellas, and have learned to enjoy the long term anticipation that is waiting for the next book from Diana- always worth the wait! Love the TV series as well.

  • Jo Ann Roche - 5 years ago

    I was working in a book store. Duttons in north Hollywood. I called the customer , told her it had come in and was ready to be picked up. THEN , I read the fly page and the rest is history ! This was in 1992. I have waited patiently ( or not so patiently ) for each new book to be written by herself.. No other books of this type compare. ❤️

  • Fran Shaw - 5 years ago

    I discovered Diana's book last year. I CANNOT believe I have not discovered them earlier ! I read the whole series of books from May to August- no gardening done , husband unfed ......... What staggering stories. I was hooked by the second page!!!! I have also read all of the Lord John books- they are equally staggering. Can't wait for book 9

  • Brenda - 5 years ago

    I discovered the books last year after watching the first 8 episodes of the STARZ series. I bought the first book and the rest, as they say is history. I read them back to back (and as all of you know that is no small task considering the wondefully long books DG writes).. I am now on my third reading of the series. I am so thankful for my kindle since I can carry all the books with me and read any of them when I want. There are only a few books that I enjoy re-reading like this. The Outlander series is the exception, so well written, full of historical information and well defined characters. And of course Jamie Frasier is the ideal man, passionate, loyal, beautiful, and utterly devoted to the love of his life. My only concern now is a selfish one, will I live long enough to find out why Jamie's ghost is outside Claire's window staring up at her in the rain?

  • Corinne - 5 years ago

    J'ai découvert Outlander grâce à une amie qui m'a prêté le 1er tome. Et depuis je ne peux plus m'arrêter, j'adore !!!! J'ai lu tous les livres sortis en France et maintenant j'attends la sortie des 2 volumes du tome 8 "A l'encre de mon coeur" au mois de septembre. Je suis tellement impatiente !!!!

  • Jeanette Ioannou - 5 years ago

    I had been an Amazon Prime customer for quite some time then suddenly, they told me that this would now include films and series. It was my son who pushed me to look at the films on offer and I came across the Series of Outlander in early 2015. (that’s when it reached us in the UK) I looked at the cover artwork for the series and said, ‘what’s all that about.’?? My son then clicked on it and said ‘just try it.... never judge something by its cover....’ oh how true was that !!! From the moment it started and I heard the music and Caitriona’s voice I was hooked!!! I went onto Amazon and bought the first 4 books, since then I must have read the complete series to date at least 3 times from cover to cover. They are like no other books I have EVER read before (and I have read hundreds in my lifetime.... I was a bookworm from the age of 7 and devoured books like some people do ice cream.) I can truly say that they take you through a gamut of emotions, and through all of the senses... sometimes just in one chapter. I remember sitting in a cafe waiting for my Granddaughter to finish her Ice Skating lesson, when I found myself laughing, then gripped by fear and finally crying..... The lady who was sitting opposite me touched my hand and said ‘That good is it??’ then smiled. It took me some time to gain any awareness of where I was till I finally came back into the 21st century. I smiled at her and said ‘sorry, but these books transport you – it’s like you are living in the story.’ So I THANK YOU Diana for giving us this BEAUTIFUL story (and that is a very inadequate adjective to describe them) They are beyond descriptive words !!!!

  • Noam - 5 years ago

    At 16 years old, I'm definitely on the younger side of Diana Gabaldon's audience. Regardless, I was recommended the book Outlander by a friend mid-June 2016. A day after the recommendation I went to the nearest book store and like a magnet I immediately found the section dedicated to Outlander without even asking for help. I picked up the book, read the first couple pages and was immediately hooked. In only three months I had already sped through the first six books and am currently reading Echo In The Bone. Although, now that summer is over and school has started I'm quite my reading pace will slow down just a little. I have purchased all the books I've read so far and they're all the mass market paperback version (the smaller, paperback books) which makes me nervous for when the ninth book comes out because it will obviously come out only in hard cover and won't fit well in my collection. I guess I'll deal with it once it's officially released.

  • Karen Cable - 5 years ago

    I was working offshore & was coming to the last 4 days of my trip, I had ran out of reading material & a friend lent me the book "Crosstitch" I finished the book in 12 hours, immediately went online & bought the 4 books that were published at that time from a local bookstore, sent my Father to pick them up on the Saturday. He was told he could read the first book but was not allowed to go any further. I came home on the Monday, drove straight to my Fathers house & he told me to hurry up & finish the 2nd book so he could read it. I had finished the last 3 books by Thursday. Each time a new book is published I start reading the books again from the start. I now buy hardback & kindle versions. I have lost count of the amount of times I have re-read the books as I don't just wait for another book to start again, I just love reading them, I am currently on "A breath of snow & ashes". As for my Father, he has read all the books & is hooked on the Outlander TV series..... All because I ran out of books all those years ago

  • Sue Flores - 5 years ago

    I waited impatiently for each new book. Not so hard when in my 40's, but I will be 65 in Nov. & worry I won't live to read the end of series. Heck, I could die before the next one is released. Write faster Diana, please.

  • Jan Sharp - 5 years ago

    Fell in love with Outlander when it first came out. I am now on my 6th reading of the entire series and started Written In My Own Heart's Blood yesterday. Can't wait for the next one. Love the TV series also. Perfect Jamie and Claire. Thanks to Diana for an unforgetful series.

  • Liz Tupelu - 5 years ago

    I first read Outlander not quite 6 months after it first came out and I re-read starting with book 1 every time a new one comes out. I usually run through them all two or three times a year, at least!

  • Elizabeth Graziano - 5 years ago

    I had to have a small procedure in the hospital, my anesthesiologist asked me if I knew of Outlander. I had not, she had such excitement in her voice that the next day I went hunting for the first book, couldn't put it down, was reading it everywhere all hours of the day and night.
    It was like I put a cloak over my head and I was in the 18th century.
    The rest, well let's just say, there is nothing left to read it's all re reading now.

  • Susan - 5 years ago

    I had forgotten this until I started reading the books last summer (2015)... But when I thought back, I remembered reading Outlander when it first came out. I loved it and wanted more! I had twin baby girls at the time so when Dragonfly was published, I was consumed with child-rearing and completely missed it. Fast forward to 2015 when some friends at work talked about Outlander all the time (books and tv series)... I saw on Amazon that I could get the first 7 books in electronic format for a very low price so I said Ok why not? I was immediately hooked and read all 7 books on my phone! I couldn't put the phone, aka e-reader, down! It was during this time that I realized the first book was familiar. I have since purchased MOBY in paperback and read it, then started over with Outlander, Dragonfly, and Voyager on the phone. I love re-reading these books!

  • Deb McCunney - 5 years ago

    I by chance walked into the library just as the librarian was putting out the brand new books. Outlander caught my eye as she put it on the shelf. I was a regular and she knew I read a variety of books. She asked if I had ever heard of the author because she had not. We read the flyleaf together, we looked at each other & she handed it to me... I was the first to check the book out. (I am guessing she was the next to read it a few days later!) I remember reading it almost non-stop till I finished it. Then I read it again. I fell in love with the book, then the series and I still am!

  • Line Corrigan - 5 years ago

    I was told of this new TV series Outlander. The season was over and I couldn't find it at all to any of the other tv channel. So I went out and picked up Outlander at a book store. I have fallen in love with this book. I couldn't put it down. In chronological order I've read several books. Now almost completed "Written in my own heart's blood" And now that I've seen season 1 and 2, I can visualize each actor with the characters in the story line of the books. Thank you for that! Thank you Diana Gabaldon for writing all these books. Really anxiety looking forward to seeing season 3, 4, and hopefully more. please continue to write your novels.

  • Cathy Wessels - 5 years ago

    I finished Outlander and 3 weeks later, Dragonfly came out in hardcover. Who knew that we'd be reading this story for the next 30 years (guessing as to when Diana will complete the series).

  • Audrey Morrison - 5 years ago

    My mum had been given the book as a gift, I was on holidays with her is 1992 and needed something to read ..... MY GOD!!!!!! what a read , now the whole family is hooked (have re-read the books several times) and am happy to say that we have infected a whole lot of people with the Diana Gabaldon bug!!!! Love her writingxxx

  • NLWooton - 5 years ago

    I started reading when I learned the series was being made by two of my favorite creative geniuses, Ron Moore and Bear McCreary (soundtrack). I knew it would be a fabulous show. One of my friends is a huge fan of the books, and encouraged me to read in advance, so I started in. Plus, Amazon offered the Kindle version of Outlander for $1.99. I'm now on my third time through the whole series, in book 7.

  • Maria White - 5 years ago

    I have listened ( Audiobooks), not read, all of the series twice and on a third trip now:)

  • Liz - 5 years ago

    February 2013 Book Club selection was Outlander. I had never heard anything about it before this. I read it and liked it, went to the Book Club meeting and the hostess had all of the books piled on the table and I was shocked to find out all the books continued the story of Jamie and Claire...seriously was it day by day? Shortly after that I broke my wrist and needed more reading material - so I read all the books and became obsessed. That summer I was lucky enough to go to Scotland on vacation and it was amazing seeing the country I had just read all about. I watch the show I reread the books - am waiting for the next one to come out. But literally had never heard of it before book club.

  • Suzanne - 5 years ago

    Someone turned me on to the show in June soni started the books. I read all of them in 2 months.

  • Suzanne - 5 years ago

    Someone turned me on to the show in June soni started the books. I read all of them in 2 months.

  • Carol Barnes - 5 years ago

    I have been an avid reader all of my life and I have never before encountered stories that have transported me so thoroughly into the story as when reading Diana's books. She is an extraordinarily gifted author and her readers are truly blessed to have the benefits of her amazing talent.

  • Jean Hickey - 5 years ago

    I started reading by reading Drums of Autumn because of the cover. My husband is from Scotland and the land fascinated me. Then my sister, who is a librarian, told me there were many more before that and to start reading from the beginning. I was hooked! I have read them all and can't wait for the next one to come out. It is the only set of books that I actually buy instead of waiting for my library to get them. I have to get them as soon as they come out! I am so addicted to Jamie and Claire. I keep thinking they are getting old and some day there won't be another book about them. Diana - please let them live a whole lot longer! Love them!! Diana Gabaldon is a VERY gifted writer.

  • Kathy Crane - 5 years ago

    Fell in love with Outlander 25 years ago. The books are my all time favorite series. Couldn't say how many times I have read the whole series. I also have all of the books on audiobooks, I listen to them while I work.

  • Stacy - 5 years ago

    I have ready them over and over again through the years. My husband says i talk about Jamie and Claire like they are real people. Now that he swatches the series on Stars, he's hooked.

  • Bärbel - 5 years ago

    Mein erstes Buch begann ich 2010 und habe nun auch die neuen Outlander-Bücher geordert und lese auch weiterhin.

  • Karen Olson - 5 years ago

    Started reading Dragonfly in Amber when it came out, stopped and went back to read Outlander. I reread the series every time a new book comes out.

  • Ellen - 5 years ago

    Voyager was sent as a book of the month club selection. After finishing it I went out and bought Outlander, DIA and Drums. I was hooked.

  • Christa - 5 years ago

    I found the book outlander at a flea market I was addicted and my hubby bought the rest of the series for me

  • Cornelia Baker - 5 years ago

    I started reading the first book last August in Scotland. I was hooked. Can hardly wait for # 9!

  • Margie McLaren - 5 years ago

    Love, love, love Dianas' books. I have been reading them for over 25 years. And will keep reading them until she doesn't write them any more.

  • Kim - 5 years ago

    I started reading Outlander in 1992 and haven't stopped!

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