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Poll: How would you grade the Vols' performance against Appalachian State? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 6,105

  • Chuck Zirkl - 8 years ago

    With all the hype I have heard from K-Town this year, I was expecting to see an explosive offense and a thunderous defense. Saw neither. Very lackluster play. It was obvious that Dobbs could not perform and a passing game could have been more effective and Dormandy was on the bench, who is a good passer. If something is broken, fix it. It is very difficult to win a game with trying and that is what I saw last night. Talk is cheap as they say, but being able to walk the walk, that is a different story. Time to get it right. The players are there, just coach them guys. Vol for Life is more than a hype to get the Vol nation's attention. Well after this year's hype and last night's performance, you have our attention. Granted Cox from App St was impressive. Fast and elusive. Give them credit, they played with heart and determination. I applaud them on the performance.

  • Robert Rich - 8 years ago

    The ghost of Johnny Majors...and his final years before Fulmer...inept, incompetent, and a lack of recognition that the game has passed him by.
    Josh Dobbs just doesn't have it...only slightly better than is not the time to play conservative up the playback and go for it...or go for the exits...

  • Johnathan - 8 years ago

    A = Excellent
    B = Good
    C = Average
    D = Poor, but passing
    F = Unsatisfactory

    That was a 'D' performance, I don't think you can honestly give them a different grade.

  • head_gasket - 8 years ago

    ...and no one needs to be basing the season on this game. Lessons learned:

    -Butch gets an "F" for the off-season. Look, even Nicky Satan gets it wrong at times, but UT was clearly not engaged in this game.

    -Appy State confirms yet again that they know how to play football. They squandered a win away in this one.

    -this is still a UT team that has not beaten a "good" team in years; those wins over the Big Tin in bowl games mean squat....those Biggie teams are in the lower bowl with UT for a reason, namely that they've an inflated record in a weak overall conference.

    -Josh Dobbs, great guy that he is, is a running back, not a QB. Expect every team to put the game on Dobbs to pass the ball.

    -the D did a decent job. Utter, complete stupidity on Reeves-Maybin's part really hurt them, but the reality of modern football is that holding a team to 13 points, with 7 of those a short-field TD, is decent good football.

    -DeBord.....I don't know. It's easy for us to criticize, but how often did he have the right play called, but Josh mis-read, overthrew, or a lineman missed a block? I'd dearly love to see how the staff grades out for this game, but that's never really published by a head coach.

    Summary: I'd expect much, much better focus vs Va. Tech; also, Appy State is probably BETTER than Va Tech at this point. I think a lot of UT fans saw warning lights in all the hype, culminating in the "Jones for Coach of the Year" and "UT in Title Game" articles this week. Now the guys have had their faces smacked a bit, and are ready to play some real football.

    Contrary to what many might say, Appy is a GREAT opening game for any coach who needs to get his team's head on right. Appy pissed away this game....and Butch knows it, and can use it.

  • jason kelley - 8 years ago

    The OC is in question those short passes are terrilble give Dobbs a chance to go down field.The DC didn't live up to expectation in my opinion I think the VOLS are kinda SUSPECT right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aiden P - 8 years ago

    I give this a "C" only because of the defense. Terrible play calling, fundamentals, and overall coaching. Tennessee is better than this by far. Butch better get his house in order and quick. The OC is still in question in my opinion.

  • H - 8 years ago

    Debord is the new Sunseri.

  • peyton - 8 years ago

    that was a shitshow

  • Vol4Laff - 8 years ago

    Vols met my expectations, so my rating is A-. App State is a good football team, obviously equal to the Vols at this point with the notable exception of the kicking game where they have a sub-par kicker. South Car and Vanderbilt looked even worse that Tenn, so maybe we've got 2 wins in the east.

  • Michael - 8 years ago

    Out Coached. Running backs ( Hurd ) skipping along behind the line, instead of up the field. No quick slants in the passing game. No respect for vertical passing game. After awhile, you have to stop questioning the QB, the receivers and the O-Line....and start questioning the play calling and offensive system.

  • head_gasket - 8 years ago

    Maybe enough chat about how "we embrace the expectations", blah, blah, BS, blah, and back to fundamental football...with their dang mouths shut until they've actually proven something on the field.

    To Cam Sutton, a great pick. He baited the QB, then made the play. Maybe evens up the punt muff, bu barely. As to, just no. What a stupid, stupid move.

  • Joe Marine - 8 years ago

    Never win the East without improvment over the whole team

  • Sean Lewis - 8 years ago

    No pass rush! Did we have a sack? I'll take it though. That ain't winning the East...just saying. GoVols

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