Grade Gov. Calvo's handling of regional migrant issues. (Poll Closed)

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  • AK47 - 3 years ago

    only a few chuukese your government got crazy ....i wounder if we go to War you guam bitches will run away and call fo mommy....fuck you Guam bitches you guys are not welcome in the FSM bitches....if i found one of you guys ill beat his or her lol ass up...

  • 顾亮 - 3 years ago

    Guam lol Calvo is 100% cunt ...bitch if i find any guam bitch on the road ill beat the shit out of more Guam watch your back if you wanna cuz problem beside you better be careful wahahaha....Welcome CHINA and fuck Guam cunt....WAR will be pussy cat...

  • Simien Wilson - 3 years ago

    The governor is blinded by emotion and is lying to the people of Guam. This is not a deportation. Why is he so stubborn, that he cant work with ICE to properly deport those non residents convicted of a crime? I agree with Jackson that he needs to fire his advisors, because this government's ship is sinking like the Titanic. Whether it is Art Clark, Troy Torres, or Rose Ramsey, send them the pink slip, because they are going to create a racist community very soon. All this because they are avoiding the financial state of the government. So sad. I am embarrassed to say that I voted for this governor in 2010 and 2014. Ray Tenorio, Dennis Rodriguez and these other puppets will never get my support because they are guilt by association.

  • MY MOM - 3 years ago

    Fuck you CALVO...ill 50 Shade of grey you tonight lol wahaha

  • Chuukese Pride - 3 years ago

    JM Hoff, i know you are very scared of us Chuukese. You are a fagot..LOL

  • alkkaklakldk - 3 years ago

    JM Hoff, you are a straight up idiot! LOL

  • JM Hoff - 3 years ago

    To: Yapese pride, Your comments are ridiculously funny, man ! You got me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off ! LOL

    You say Gov Calvo is on drugs. Did you have him tested for drugs ? did he come up postitive for Pepsi or Miller lite ?

    You said he should be put in jail ? What ! For doing his job ?

    You call him a lunatic yet you display you are illiterate .... READ the news article again which FSM officials wore out his welcome.

    You say FSM naval fleet ? You mean your migration canoes ?
    Your going to blow Guam off the face off Micronesia.. Buddy , even a super typhoon can't blow Guam off.
    You should be more concerned about the rising tides. on your islands.
    You are hilarious, Yapese Pride.... LOL oh ! man you are too much !

  • Yapese Pride - 3 years ago

    Governor Calvo is on drugs and he should be put in jail. I think he is losing his mind for illegally deporting FSM Citizens and now he's saying that all FSM Officials are not welcome in Guam. What a lunatic! Guam should be ready for war cuz FSM's Naval fleet is arming itself to blow Guam off the face of Micronesia. LOL

  • Yapese Pride - 3 years ago

    Governor Calvo is on drugs and he should be put in jail. I think he is losing his mind for illegally deporting FSM Citizens and now he's saying that all FSM Officials are not welcome in Guam. What a lunatic! Guam should be ready for war cuz FSM's Naval fleet is arming itself to blow Guam off the face of Micronesia. LOL

  • Chuukees Guy - 3 years ago

    gud chob to gofernor Calfo....he need to keep senting chuukees back to chuuk honly keep ta gud one

  • ray - 3 years ago

    its about time someone stood up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Busta De Malakuskuz - 3 years ago

    Gov Calvo has got my support...
    Some or most don't agree, but if you don't like it...There are flights available every day out
    of Guam.
    FSM use "Because I'm Micronesian I'm subject to deportation excuse" ! No ! It is because you committed criminal acts on Guam and you are not a US citizen that's why.

    FSM migrants feelings are hurt when they hear the word Deport. .. and blame it on "it's because they are Chuukese, You got it all Wrong !
    The Guam community hurts too when one of their Priest gets punched in the face in his own church and when one elderly man gets severely beaten and his car stolen after morning prayers and Stores and Gas stations get robbed, etc.. It just so happens they are Chuukese.
    To all FSM Migrants; Get with you political leaders and change the status of your islands and become a territory of the USA !!
    Then you can experience Maximum Security

  • Damian D Techur - 3 years ago

    Good job Governor, remove all the bad apples as they ruin the reputation of all Micronesian and my kids may not have chance to attend college in Guam in the future. Biba Governor Calvo.

  • Jackson - 3 years ago

    I agree with the deportation, but I don't agree with how this administration is handling things. It will create civil unrest, and increase racism. Work with the feds, and develop a plan. This "volunteer to get a sentence commuted" sends the wrong message. I like the Governor, but I think he needs to fire his advisors as they have been doing nothing but sinking him image further and further down the Marianas trench.

  • Guam Buck - 3 years ago

    I'm Governor Calvo's number 1 fan. Keep up the good work Gov.

  • Megan - 3 years ago

    Your all calvos butthole racist pigs. Delete your account.

  • Joe Temmy - 3 years ago

    Keep up the good work, Governor Calvo.

  • Sara Similes - 3 years ago

    I'm not originally from Guam; I'm from another island in the Pacific. I agree with Mufasa. If a foreigner committed heinous or repeated crimes from my home island, he/she would be deported immediately and there's no Federal Government to stop it or cry to.

  • mufasa - 3 years ago

    The misconception of why the Fsm / Fsa Govt , does not want to have deportees back on their soil . The Govt does not want to deal with the issue and possible repeat crime of person being deported , they want to pass the buck to someone else , because they know that in time the issue will escalate with deportee and have to shoulder the burden of prison ,

  • benefit bars - 3 years ago

    DEPORT ALL OF THEM! Like what one said- they had that opportunity to better themselves - they were given the freedom, they are showing themselves and others that they don't deserve it! What their gov't is being silly about them coming back! Well to bad! They will e back in one way or another!

  • Islander2 - 3 years ago

    @Trevor your fascination with butthole licking should be kept to yourself . But for you to come out and let everyone know the thoughts of licking white mens butthole especially Calvo's butthole is brave and courageous .. I applaud you for that .. I'll send a rainbow flag to your house ..
    I am bred , born and raised here and I have seen my sland change . It's not as safe as it used to be .. Now we have aggressive butthole lickers like @Mr Trevor to add the fear .. Deport all convicted FSM/FAS citizens ! Relieve the overpopulation in DOC , save much needed tax payers money and help make Guam a little bit safer . Thanks Gov Guam ! Lol .

  • mufasa - 3 years ago

    there is no racism here , they are getting a free pass to freedom , would you rather be in prison or free on your own island ? i think that the issue on hand is its getting out of control , there is good and bad in all races of life , however the bad who continue to to bad need to pay for there actions , being deported is a easy way out , they in return cant return to GUAM soil . good part in Calvo to take care of this in this Manner . this practice of deportation is done all over the world , i bet if we did a crime in your country your govt , would do the same .

  • Trevor - 3 years ago

    Hey islander2 your not an islander, you lick white mens butthole and calvos for a living people need to wake up and see that we have a Trump in the pacific, who gives himself payraise with taxpayer's money, spends it, then bully's the federal government for more money, then uses Fsm citizens as bait for compact money, spends tax money o. Trips for nothing then illegally deports citizens, illegally gives "bonus" cause he can do whatever he wants, despite the AG telling him not to break the law, please people of Guam Wake up and realize that calvo is just using his position to benefit he's relatives and entire calvo clan, the only who needs to be convicted and tried and deported is HIM.

  • Jessie - 3 years ago

    Send ALL these People that ain't LOCALS!!! It's NOT are FAULT they Got them selves in there!!! They had a CHANCE for FREEDOM on Guam and they FUCKED THAT UP!!! DUMB ASSES!!! GREAT JOB GOVENER!!!

  • Islander2 - 3 years ago

    Deport all convicted FAS/FSM citizens ! The prison population is overcrowded , need to save our much needed public tax funds , this is not racism this is common sense ! If they can't follow the laws here or respect our lifestyle and our culture or our people "Guamanians" . They need to be deported out ! @Mary the Governmet has reached out to the FSM / FAS consulate regarding this issue but they refuse to be part of the solution . Kick all convicted FAS / FSM citizens out please ! Kick Mary out too ! Lol !! Thanks Gov Guam .. But I still think the inflated pay raise should be recinded ..

  • MARY - 3 years ago

    racism i would say. he should handle issues on migrant accordingly not only to the FAS citizens. communicate with the consulate office regarding any issues cuz they are there for a reason. one day from now you will realize what you have done wrong. yes you can deport the ones comitting crimes accordingly but don't hate all FAS citizens cuz they haven't all done any wrong to you.

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