Grade the 'American Horror Story' Season 6 premiere:

  • RenĂ©e Dreiling - 4 years ago

    AHS has been an ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of mine since Episode 1. I'm heartbroken my guilty pleasure SUCKS ths yr. I'm continuing watching out of pure faith. (No pun on words!) If you're trying to please the critics PLEASE STOP! Your fan base aren't movie critics! We jst enjoy weird spooky decadent fun. Warped as we are. I knw "Hotel" gt some bad reviews. Look! Gaga gt an award which gives U recognition. Don't see ANY awards ths yr. Do the math & I pray nxt yrs BTR! I wish U the best!

  • Violetz98 - 5 years ago

    Bummed! I have been a huge fan since Episode 1, Season 1 and I'm trying to force myself to keep watching in the hopes it gets better...He has said episode 6 is a turning point, but I'm not sure I can make it that far....

  • SummerNights69 - 5 years ago

    Knockout game? This is supposed to be somewhat believable, right? Lots of racist elements, as well as normalization.

  • Allie - 5 years ago

    I have been a fan of AHS for quite a while, loving every season, even the seasons that have had bad rep with other people. Although I cannot stand the fake documentary they are trying to do... It seems like "Celebrity Haunting" or one of those shows. I've always known AHS to be creepy, to take risks, to be a STORY each season that everyone loved to follow..not a fake documentary. I hope it's just the first episode...If it is continuously like this I don't think I'll be watching the season... And I love AHS...just...could be improved if they took out the fake documentary stuff.

  • Jerm - 5 years ago

    Ok, the reinactments were pretty good, but here's my BIG issue...the main characters are setting up these scenes from their past in, I presume, present time...there's obviously NO SUSPENCE about their ultimate survival, or am I missing something? In a TV/movie horror story, the uncertainty of the ending fate of your lead characters is a major reason viewers watch and wait for...knowing that they're alive to recount the events in an interview kind of makes any story resolution anti-climactic.

  • Butterfly7277 - 5 years ago

    Just absolutely terrible! All those scary creepy commercials then ended up being a snooze fest. Very disappointed been a loyal fan since season 1 but not sure want to watch season 6 if next week is as lame and uneventful.

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