Should the judge in this case be fired?


  • Mara - 3 years ago

    This is fucking disgusting. Shame on the childs family and shame on the judge

  • Mara - 3 years ago

    This is fucking disgusting. Shame on the childs family and shame on the judge

  • Dennis Wilson - 6 years ago

    This world is crazy. Okay obviously he is sick and needs help but as an adult you understand that when you do something wrong there are consequences. So how about giving him a 5 year sentence and the help he needs. So far I haven't read anything that says part of the judges ruling was that he gets help. All I've read was that he has to be registered as a sex offender for life and if he fails to do so then he will have to go to prison for 10 years. Further more I can guarantee that when I was 17, not god himself could have tricked me into touching a little child and liking it, period. Unless they aren't telling us something and Kraigen is mentally challenged or slow in anyway. I tell you one thing, he's lucky I don't live in that town because I would go out of my way to make Kraigen life a living hell for as long as he lived there.

  • Becky Purinton - 6 years ago

    Brad your an idiot The article that I read said:

    Kraigen Grooms admitted to raping a 2-year-old girl in April 2013, when he was 16 years old, while another man in New Orleans watched and recorded the abuse, reported Ottumwa Radio.

  • brad - 6 years ago

    these are NOT facts people. In no way am I defending his actions, but these are not facts and you are not educated on the matter. The victim was not raped, either, but molested- there is a HUGE difference. The parents of the victim had requested he NOT be sent to prison, rather be enrolled in a treatment. Why fire the judge? Put a sex offender in jail for 10 years, he'll come out still just as sick as before. But provide TREATMENT and supervision, and we may have actually done some good. The victim, 2, also suffered NO ill effects or pain, because she wasn't RAPED. The victim will have no memory of the abuse, and the traumatizing experience that victims will never be able to forget, is not a factor in this case. Again, not justifying this, but at least know the facts.

  • Irene - 6 years ago

    So, no matter the age, it's okay to assault a female and it's all good. Really? We need to start using the female vigilantes of the author Fern Michaels as our role models. How about Kraigen experiencing the same as the toddler and the offender getting the same justice.

  • mark wright - 6 years ago

    how on Earth do you let a man go there raped 2 year old childthe judge should be cast rated the judge

  • Diala - 6 years ago

    Who the hell voted no wtf???

  • Lauren Crawford - 6 years ago

    This rapist is the worst type of predator and he will reoffend. How can there be no justice for this child? How can there be no protection for the next child? No justice here. Why keep a judge who provides no justice and does nothing to protect society?

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