If any, what’s been your experience with various screening situations relative to sleep apnea during DOT physicals?


  • Dale Glidden - 6 years ago

    I was forced to take the sleep apnea test they gave me a home test I turned it on and laid it on the night stand the doctor read the results and said I have to buy a 5000 $cpap machine even though I never took the test my primary care physician said it was a scam the company that makes the test equipment also makes the cpap equipment even the sleep doctor said nobody ever passes their holding me up by not giving me a medical certification until I get a cpap machine 40 plus yrs otr safe driving award and they are forcing me out there is nothing fare about it just plain greed

  • Tom - 7 years ago

    Just another reason to leave this over controlled business.

  • Dan - 7 years ago

    I was tested, not as a result of my DOT physical or physician but as a result of my wife complaining about me snoring (she had a CPAP as a result of snoring/testing).
    My physician was part of that process; he is also my DOT physician.
    I was diagnosed and got a CPAP - before this whole bunch of crap blew up in our faces - and all is well. It works, I get better sleep, it has NO effect on my job performance - positive or negative. And/but it cost me about $9k for the TWO tests (one proving I had it but not that intervention would make a difference, the other proving much better blood O2 levels with use); plus the cost of the machine.
    The inconvenience is fairly offset by the 'quality of life.'
    The PROBLEM/ISSUE is that because of the diagnosis and successful treatment I CAN ONLY GET A ONE-YEAR MED CARD. That puts the cost burden of an extra physical on me and, literally, gives me a 11-month card. If I don't renew 'in time' (before the existing card expires) I'M OUT! so I have to renew in less than 12 months. That's additional expense...and the additional stress of passing the physical...and NO CREDIT for being proactive and getting successful treatment for a treatable problem.

    I maintain that SA is a real problem. I also know that it it treatable. And I'm smart enough to know that if it is treatable, and I'm being treated, and I can prove - any time - that I'm following the treatment regime that there should be no 'time penalty' against my med card. THAT'S what's most unfair about it.

  • Jerry - 7 years ago

    Just another government rule that cost me $2000 with testing and time off work.

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