Grade the 'Empire' Season 3 premiere:

  • Keena - 4 years ago

    I think they can still save Rhonda's character. If you notice nobody has really talked about Rhonda's death and no funeral has taken place so all they have to do is pretend it was all in Andre's corrupted mind and or he dreamed it and thought it was real.

  • Carlotta kirkpatrick - 4 years ago

    Sense Rhonda didn't have a funeral. I hope they bring her back. Not a good decision to kill her off. She kept Andre stable.

  • Tabatha Robles - 4 years ago

    Im appalled that they killed off Rhonda and kept Anika and that baby. They already assasinated Anikas character after she slept with Lucious son aka her stepson at one point and especially after she killed an unborn baby. They kept that character yet killed off a great character Rhonda, a wife, a power couple? I am so disturbed and disgusted by that scene that it was my last last epoisode of empire. I hope their ratings drop for this and i truly hope to see Trai Byers on another shower preferaby Power.

  • Tee - 4 years ago

    I loved the premier episode but killing off Rhonda was premature, and more than likely unnecessary. I also don't think that driving Andre insane is going to be any better since he's trying so hard to be a good person and lead a clean life. He lost his baby and wife now you want to turn her against him in death. That's cold blooded. But don't get me wrong though I love Empire so keep it coming......

  • Becky - 4 years ago

    I loved Alicia Keys and the security guy Cookie fell for! Andre needs something positive in his life.....don't really follow Beckys love life....

  • Geri nunzio - 4 years ago

    I love empire im sad rhonda died but i think lucious should let the babys father be a father

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