Who won the presidential debate?

Posted 2 years.


  • Cvoter - 2 years ago

    Interesting, Hillary can recall her so-called great career but can't recall anything else. What a hypocritical liar.

  • phillyclown215 - 2 years ago

    If you are reading this you looked down at the comments to check if this is a hoax, it is not, i figuratively cried. RIP America, i'm moving to Canada, goodbye.

  • J Paset - 2 years ago

    Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make the pig palatable....... TRUMP IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A PIG

  • Billie Leach - 2 years ago

    Hillary Clinton spent hours memorizing a speech that some one wrote for her!
    It was like she was a robot reading her prepared speech of lies that said she said she would fix everything( that the liberals have caused our Country,
    to slip below the standards of a 3rd world country) She is part of the New World Order. And the Clinton Foundation might be owned by the New World Order!
    Russia was under this type of government! It failed. Communism always fails! Too much government which has always failed
    We need to elect a person that is not part of the now Washington corrupt government who are there for their own greed and power!
    They are spineless, these liberal, progressive people
    Who want to destroy our Constitution and by laws, and form a government called the "New Wirld Order!"

  • speedkillsu - 2 years ago

    sometimes it's tough to accept facts ....yes Trump won ....

  • Greg - 2 years ago

    I wonder how many of Trump's Russian trolls vote in these online polls.

  • Lonnie F Sapp - 2 years ago

    This is obviously a Trump website. There is no way the demagogue won that debate last night and why does he look like a burnt pumpkin at the rally in FL right now - lol - he is a freaking CLOWN!

  • R Mejia - 2 years ago

    Hillary won......I would never vote for the mongrel of hate: trump

  • Roshanara Pandit - 2 years ago

    Mr Trump has won the debates. My vote is for u. Hillary is liar politician and corrupt. Look at aher E mail scandals and clinton foundation that one answer she say sorry. lady thats not acceptable for america. U make empty promises and we dont trust u. we need change in washington that only Mr Trump can bring it. I have full confidence and has a right temperament to be president.

  • George - 2 years ago

    I am stupid white trash . I vote for Trump. He won the deebatee.

  • Tonii - 2 years ago

    I cannot believe that so many people think that Trump should be president. My 8 year old grandson said he wouldn't vote for him. My friends daughter who is 12, said I really, really, hope Hilary wins! Children have more common sense then these adults with a voting pass! Maybe instead of worrying about ID for voting, we need to check mental stability! Just saying...

  • Angie - 2 years ago

    I am a white, athiest female with multiple graduate degrees. Trump has my vote. I hate that the dems assume they have my vote. How could I vote for the Clinton corruption machine?

  • bobbie - 2 years ago

    Hello Eric how you doing hands up bro that is what I've been trying to say everyone is putting their trust in to Donald Trump a man on this Earth according to the word of God it is written do not put your trust into man it is a curse and I salute you this day God bless you Eric

  • Tammy - 2 years ago

    Wow!.what a debate
    I agree with Trump..Why are we always giving everything away?
    For what?
    When 911 happened who helped us?...Great Britain
    No one else.
    Why are all our deals laced with our cash..
    No wonder we are 22 Trillion dollars in debt
    He's right about the factories leaving.
    What incentives do they have to stay.
    We pay Federal tax weekly.
    The government wants every dime as quickly as they can get it.
    All of the Regulations cost so much money growth is a struggle.
    We need a Business Person balancing our budget and being accountable for our dollars spent.
    Showing us on paper how we are repaying our debt ..and not increasing it.

  • Larry - 2 years ago

    2016 Presidential Election reminds me of 1991 Louisiana Gubernatorial election. The Corrupt vs The Bully

  • Eric - 2 years ago

    Scary. I have no doubt that 57% of NJ residents actually think Donald "won" the debate. We presently have millions of Americans who respond on polls to say they will vote for Donald as President. It is like watching a car crash in slow motion. I do not find this interesting. I look at the national Republican party that allowed a hostile takeover to occur. And I am reminded every day that this country, not unlike any other Western nation, is filled with people who are not smart. If you think that man is going to bring you safety, security, opportunity, or improve upon the great country we already live in, you are an idiot. God help us all.

  • Rasputin - 2 years ago

    Angry hillary supporters cant stand the fact Clinton lost that debate. She was spouting racism and sexism while Trump went to talk about actual working policies.

  • Martin - 2 years ago

    Did we all watch the same debate? I as a born New Yorker and a business man am embarrassed to be a US citizen. The people who are voting for trump or saying he won a debate he did not are clearly showing that they don't care what comes out his mouth or how much of a joke he is. They will continue to vote for him no matter what. Seems this is more like sexism then anything else. Business man and man in general seem to not want a women as president. To see how many people vote for Trump shows the world that we are a joke. That we would rather be destroyed then allow a women to be president. That we would rather allow the greed of rich business man to get richer, keep all the money they make while the lower class slave for them at minimum wage. If Trump becomes president I would rather do business out of the US not to associate with the rediculous people who voted for him.

  • Roman - 2 years ago

    Not a chance Trump won the debate. It was like watching an angry spoiled child trying to argue with his parents by saying a lot of words but not making any substantive points. His support shows how uneducated America is and how our educational system, and our parenting is failing to instill common sense, decency and values into our population.

    No one with half a brain or common decency can support this oaf.

  • bob - 2 years ago

    Clinton was totally script (reading from her transcript), reminds me of Marco Rubio. lol

  • balerio - 2 years ago

    For the first time we are faced with a man who is as ignorant as most voters. It will take thousand of years to have smart educated citizens who will contribute with educating themselves and not rely on a dream that this man Donald will give them what they need. I believe we are responsible for hour history, present and future, after all we are the one who elect leaders even if they are monsters like the Donald. Just don't hide like trump if there is a draft where we Americans have to defend our nation.

  • balerio - 2 years ago

    That man will get people killed, and our country in recession again.

  • Justin - 2 years ago

    Academically Hillary Clinton one, as she should have she's only been doing debate for 30 years, principles Donald Trump all the way, Donald Trump is a businessman that went against a professional politician and stood his ground against her and the moderator. There are so many missed opportunities by Mr. Trump and everybody knows that. The fact that Hillary Clinton's been doing this for so long and the Trump even stood a chance show success. It's funny how everyone so quick to throw stones when that glass house is so fragile , there is not one person out here that has not called somebody a name or put someone down before , behind closed doors or to there face. Was Clinton a better actress last night yup sure was...: vote for that if you want. Not this guy...

  • Michele Vickers - 2 years ago

    I have news for all you Hillary supporters. TRUMP won the debate last night by a landslide. Just check out the vast MAJORITY of the polls. Too bad so sad.

  • Noelle Clark - 2 years ago

    We have a choice between a lying cheating businessman who isn't really very bright or a very bright lying cheating politician. She won the debate but neither of them will be good for our country.

  • Kathy - 2 years ago

    Hillary is gonna tax more businesses & that's gonna save the country economically? Or are her lame proposal about solar panels,that Obama used in his debate gonna save America from another great recession! She's a crook, there shouldn't even be a debate against that criminal. She actually had the audacity to say that because millions of Americans questioned Obama's birthplace that Donald was racist! Well, she used all her guns in this debate,racism,sexism,taxes & Donald being inexperienced as a political hack!

    She's all out Weaponry. Trump by a landslide!
    November 8 th

  • Aaron in Cinnaminson - 2 years ago

    Anyone that has every studied economics knows you do not create jobs by raising taxes and implementing regulations on business! That KILLS jobs. Then I guess Hillary wants to use that extra taxes money to pay for education? For what?! The jobs are all gone! We are no longer hurting for educated professionals. I have my business logistics degree. It's a great field and easy to find work in, but most kids don't think about the real world. What we need is MANUFACTURING to return! China has the same ozone! You aren't saving the planet sending jobs elsewhere. You are just keeping poor people poor! If you want to help the poor, bring back REAL jobs! A man shouldn't NEED a degree to raise a family! Our nation became great on many men without even a high school degree, but they had a hard work ethic! I'm not saying people SHOULDN'T pursue an education. I'm saying that you shouldn't NEED to just to be working poor!

  • Aaron in Cinnaminson - 2 years ago

    For that Keith guy saying Trump doesn't have a plan to defeat ISIS, Hillary DID help create ISIS! She has no military experience, and every foreign engagement she has been a part of turned into a disaster! Trump has the BEST and the ONLY plan to defeat any enemy. LISTEN TO YOUR GENERALS AND THEN PICK THE BEST PLAN! Hillary is a Depends wearing grandma with health issues. Do you really think she shows strength?

  • Aaron in Cinnaminson - 2 years ago

    For that Keith guy saying Trump doesn't have a plan to defeat ISIS, Hillary DID help create ISIS! She has no military experience, and every foreign engagement she has been a part of turned into a disaster! Trump has the BEST and the ONLY plan to defeat any enemy. LISTEN TO YOUR GENERALS AND THEN PICK THE BEST PLAN! Hillary is a Depends wearing grandma with health issues. Do you really think she shows strength?

  • Aaron in Cinnaminson - 2 years ago

    I don't see how anyone can think Hillary won? If you consider "winning" dodging direct questions and laying out no policies (invest in the middle class? Wth) then maybe you do think she won. Trump did well at defending himself at times, but at others he didn't. What he did well was highlight his focus on trade agreements, corporate tax, tariffs, and job creation. He also hit on bringing back the trillions invested globally back to the US! Hillary was just stale, and in fact she kind of turned into the "negative Trump" that I didn't really find appealing.

    So, to me Trump defined more policies (remember the media keeps saying ha has no policies, and he actually does) and Hillary just repeated the same typical career politician campaign lies we hear election after election. Plus, as a war veteran, her failure as Secretary of State was disgraceful and I don't see how she tries to use it as a strength! She literally helped throw away all the progress in Iraq that I had personal friends die for!

  • Dr. Henderson - 2 years ago

    I was undecided until I saw the debate. How could anyone come to this debate unprepared? The most important job in the world and Mr. Trump decided to come unprepared?! He was nervous, twitching, uncouth and rambling. How can anyone vote for him after that performance. I'm voting for Mrs. Clinton.
    Clinton B+
    Trump D-

  • MA - 2 years ago

    The % is not changing (39% vs. 57%) - any reason !!!!

  • Truthy - 2 years ago

    Hillary is a treasonous multifelon

    END OF.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Jim - I think presidential candidates should be judged more on their policies, experience, and track record more than their demeanor. Prior to this debate, Trump has used quite inflammatory rhetoric. He's a demagogue (a political leader who seeks support by speaking to popular desires and prejudices rather than rational argument).
    Here are the candidates on the issues:
    You can read my other posts where I discussed highlighted some of their policies, their experience, and track records. Also, Clinton is more credible than Trump and much more qualified.

  • oopsie - 2 years ago

    Looks to me 50 billion soviet cyber propaganda factory pays off. Soviet trolls keep clicking those buttons and posting comments of how Drumpf was and is great. This makes no sense, to anyone with even below average IQ. I can bet my last pants voter's IP's are all but local, just wait one or two days for some serious legitimate poll.
    Trump was pathetic. SNORT :) )

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    Both candidates were avoiding direct questions for the most part but Hillary's attitude was that of a completely disgusting beltway insider, that smirk only served to make me gravitate to D.T. I'm hoping the next round will help me pick the least objectionable candidate. Overall I think D.T. won tonight but not by a lot.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    To those saying that the moderator was being unfair, I don't think he was. Lester Holt is a registered Republican. He just corrected Trump on his lies, like a good moderator should do. Clinton was much more honest, so she did not need to be corrected as much

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Net immigration between Mexico and the U.S is at net zero right now. Since we started the Iraq war, which largely resulted in the rise of ISIS (Sadam's generals were the initial leaders of ISIS), we have a moral obligation to welcome our share of Syrian refugees, 3/4 of which are women and children who have been forced from their homes and are fleeing death, after they have been rigorously vetted. The current vetting process can take from 18 months to two years and each refugee has to be referred by the UN. Out of 760,000 refugees that we have taken in since 2001, only three have been arrested for terror attacks and none on U.S soil. Don't let fear of terror control who you vote for. The vast majority of Muslims in the U.S are peaceful. Trump is calling for racial profiling of them and has not ruled out giving them badges, like Hitler did with Jews. Remember the words of FDR, "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" and what it does to people. According to Foreign Affairs, ISIS actually wants Trump to be elected, because they think it would cause the US to self-destruct.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Donna - Trump doesn't have a plan to defeat ISIS and he wants to spend even more money on the military than we already do. At first Trump said he had a plan, but didn't want to tell it, because he didn't want the other primary candidates to steal it. Then he said his plan was to ask the generals to come up with one. After that he insulted the generals by saying they have been reduced to rubble and that they are incompetent. And now he is saying he doesn't want to divulge his plan, b/c he doesn't want ISIS to know. He has know experience in foreign policy. He doesn't have a plan. Secretary Clinton has lots of foreign policy experience and she has laid out a concrete plan to defeat ISIS. In addition to the free tuition for the bottom 80% that would be paid for by raising taxes on the very wealthy, Clinton would also invest in trade schools. Right now, a college degree is almost like a Highschool diploma as far as jobs are concerned. More students are going to college and are taking on loans to do it. Student debt has exceeded credit card debt. Those graduates have a limited amount of money they can spend. Debt free college would boost the economy.

  • Andy - 2 years ago

    This is not a real poll, since the subjects are self-selected. I assume it would not make the cut for either 538 or the Upshot.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Rh - Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on smear campaigns attacking Secretary Clinton over several years and Trump gets much more coverage on television than Clinton does. Trump constantly attacks Clinton during this free press extra press coverage that is worth billions of dollars and if he plays dirty, she plays dirty. At least her negative ads against Trump are true. Most of Trump's claims against Clinton are false or mostly false

  • Donna Gregory - 2 years ago

    I prefer Trump, and I have a Master of Science degree. Our number one priority is Islamic terrorism. Malls, concert halls, city sidewalks, charity runs, cafés, work places, recruiting centers - no-one is safe. Trump will bring the wars to a close. The trillions we are spending in the Middle East can be brought home to build our infrastructure, create jobs and make us, once again, a country we can be proud of.
    Our teachers have to buy supplies for their classrooms from their own pockets. Meanwhile, we are bringing migrants that the war created to our shores. We don't know what a given migrant will do. As we have seen, many turn against us. Trump will thoroughly check out every immigrant coming here and continue to monitor them after they are here. He will try to stop the carnage in the cities, especially in black neighborhoods. I do not realize a threat from global warming. I breathe clean air and drink clean water. What I fear is being attacked. If I were black, I would fear crime more maybe or maybe I would fear the police. So let's use our money to create jobs in the inner city instead of using it to give welfare to more and more migrants. The black people are our own people. They and other needy Americans should come first. Bring back the jobs. Have on the job training instead of telling everyone they must go sit in college classes. College is an expensive and often useless way to create jobs. Many people can't do college level jobs. Millions of people with college degrees are out of work. Creating free tuition is not the answer. Students already spend 12+ years in public education. In 12 years we can't train a young person to do a job? We have to import workers from foreign countries and prefer them in employment to our people? Let's try some new thinking. Let's try a businessman. Thank you.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    What does Trump mean by "law and order" and how does he want to accomplish it? He didn't lay out any plan of substance, aside from proposing the unconstitutional Stop-and-Frisk. In contrast to Trump's buzz phrase lack of a plan, Secretary Clinton laid out a concrete, specific plan to have have criminal justice reform (closing down privatized prisons that profit from incarcerating people and decreasing incarceration of non-violent offenders) help increase relations and respect between the community and the police, and train officers to be able to deal with mental illness better and only use lethal force when absolutely necessary.

  • rh - 2 years ago

    We need a change never Hilary

    There is more than smoke there is a blazing fire

    She is spending money on campaign ads by the millions instead of press conferences
    same thing she would do in the White House waste our the taxpayers money
    She did'nt earn it so its fine to waste it

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Pepe - Climton has accomplished quite a bit in her 26 years and she laid out some accomplishments, like taking out Bin Laden.
    Here are 7 of her biggest accomplishments:
    This discusses more accomplishments

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    In a 2007 court case that Trump was in, he was forced to admit to 30 lies that he had told publicly. One question the lawyer asked was, "“Have you ever lied in public statements about your properties?” the lawyer asked.

    “I try and be truthful,” Trump said. “I’m no different from a politician running for office. You always want to put the best foot forward.”
    It's funny that one of his selling points is that he is not a politician. He really is. What he doesn't have is any political experience. He doesn't know how government works and he hasn't even read the U.S constitution. He is SO unqualified

  • Pepe - 2 years ago

    Trump won this debate. Lester was a disgrace and you can tell Clinton ran out of options against trump. What helps him is that he is not a politicians and Hillary have made too many bad judgements. Trump killed her when he said you have been there for 26 years have done nothing and now come Election Day u wanna promise , take the vote and say see ya in the next 4 years

  • rh - 2 years ago

    Lester Holt forgot to bring up the pardon of Marc Rich
    Oh wait so did the hacks at CNN and MSNBC

    When Hillary cant remember 39 times during legal questioning and people around her are taking the fifth it goes to her unsuitability and desire to hide the truth about her corruption at all costs

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    From a college educated voter who has done extensive research, Secretary Climton won.
    By the way, Donald lied more than Hillary and he has lies way more than Hillary. Only about 15% of Trump's fact-check claims have been rated true, whereas 51% of Clinton's fact-check statements are True or Mostly True

  • RepubescentUmerca - 2 years ago


    Close Enough...

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Jean Evans – When you said, "Who cares where Obama was born?" that is exactly the point. Trump's early supporters DID care a lot where Obama was born. President Obama had already released a birth certificate, but Trump led the racist Birther movement and that is how he got into the national spotlight and acquired supporters. He forced Obama to release a second, longer birth certificate. This is the first African American President and Trump used the racist backlash that resulted from Obama's Presidency as a means to acquire notoriety. How dare he put the blame on Secretary Clinton. He was responsible for the Birther movement, end of story and the fact that he didn't admit to his wrongdoing, portrayed himself as being the "good guy" and that he did not apologize, just goes to show how much of a disgrace he is. He also DID refuse to rent to black tenants and he was fined twice for that over a hundred thousand dollars each time. He says he didn't admit to guilt, but investigative reporting has proved him guilty.

  • rh - 2 years ago

    Trump won from a college educated voter

  • rh - 2 years ago

    Donald won her priority was to be nasty and again she lied on the trade deal .Why is she so excited to raise taxes you are dreaming if you think that her raising of taxes will not hit lower,middle and high income workers.

    She is her own worst enemy no wonder she never has press conferences the more she talks the more she lies the cover up is the problem

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Jean Evans, the loan from Trump's father that Trump borrowed was in fact $14 million http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-presidential-debate-fact-check/2016/09/clinton-is-right-about-trumps-very-small-14-million-loan-228709

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Someone said that we can't afford Secretary Climton's proposals to have debt free college, investment in green jobs, a public option for health care, but we can. The tuition free college for the bottom 80% would be funded by tax raises on the very wealthy and would pay for itself with a better educated workforce that is able to have more spending power, because they wouldn't be under a mountain of student loans. It would end up being good for the economy. Investment in renewables would not only create jobs, but also reduce carbon emissions that are causing global warming, which Trump thinks is a hoax. The public option would give millions more people access to health care and would make healthcare more affordable, because it would give the government more leverage. Clinton also wants to give Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices, which would significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on medication. What we CAN'T afford is more tax cuts on the extremely wealthy, like Trump wants to do that would put us further in debt, carbon emissions being released at the current unsustainable rate that would lead to an almost inhabitable planet, and we also can't afford 20 million Americans losing their health care through the repeal of the PPACA that Trump is proposing. Additionally, we can't afford to deport millions of undocumented immigrants who actually put $7 billion more money into the system through payroll and sales taxes than they take out from social services.

  • MCRP - 2 years ago

    She is a witch, liar, married with a rapist, sexual sick man! Is that the kind of presidential family we want in the White House? May be... after...a lefties, friend of Venezuelan, Cuban governments... may be.. it is possible we elect again a very bad president, then I am sure Hillary will be president.
    The main problem of this nation now is that we are becoming very ignorant and third world voters!
    I am not from here and I hate to see this happening to this country, electing corrupt, immoral and incompetent people like the Clintons

  • edson - 2 years ago

    the best way to do a survey, it is yours. we can know it which is the best after the debate. I congratulate you for it.

  • Mohamed Azme Affan - 2 years ago

    Comments from a non-American, 3rd world citizen --- DT lacks credibility, knowledge and experience compared to HC on all topics. DT is an entertainer while HC is an experienced politician with exposure to all topics. Those who argue about outsourcing, loosing jobs, and trade agreements should learn more about the benefits of open, global economy and disadvantages of a closed, protectionist economy like they have in China.
    DT did not come out with a specific plan to make America great again, or his supporters believe America has never been a great country!!!

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    If you are LGBT, it does not make sense to vote for Trump. Trump's VP, Mike Pence, passed the most anti-LGBT law in the nation that allowed businesses to refuse to serve LGBT customers on the basis of religious beliefs. NASCAR and tons of businesses BOYCOTTED Indiana, because of that discriminatory law. If Trump has a heart attack (he is a borderline obsesses 70-year old who takes one Asprin a day, has not released medical records, and was leaning on the podium throughout the debate), Mike Pence could take over. You could then say goodbye to gay marriage. Mike Pence also doesn't recognize hate crimes against LGBT as being illegal

  • Independent woman - 2 years ago

    Charles Hiser- I didn't say I am smarter than anyone else. Though, it seems like you think you are smarter than Trump voters. I was simply pointed it out that there are a lot of educated people will vote for Trump because there are people here at this blog said only uneducated voters go for Trump.

  • Jerry - 2 years ago

    Trump won on the most important issue of substance - jobs and the economy. She seemed almost afraid to engage. So he won.

  • jean evans - 2 years ago


  • JOE - 2 years ago

    Trump is a Huge BULLY... he truly dislike strong women. Hence why he keeps marrying foreigners. He's a Loser.
    I'm for anyone but Trump.
    The way he spoke to Hilary tonight showed me a man with low self esteem that likes women to be submissive.
    He is Not Ready for President. America must be careful of what they ask for..
    No more racial rhetoric. We must be United.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Someone said Trump didn't receive any money from the government. That is FALSE. He took hundreds of millions of dollars from the government (our tax dollars) when he filed for his 4 Ch. 11 bankruptcies. When he took all that money from tax payers, he paid no income tax

  • jean evans - 2 years ago

    the moderator was not fair in the questions who gives a fuck where Obama was born it should have never been brought up hiliary was given more time than trump and she was lucky he never brought all bill's girlfriends when she went after him on women

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    LOL, someone said Trump built his business from the ground up. XD. That is NOT true. He inherited a business from his father as well as $14 million. That isn't a small amount of money. If he were to have put that in an index fund, he would be worth $12 billion now. He's $650 million in debt and owes $250 milllion to banks. U.S banks won't loan to him anymore, be ause he failed to pay back previous loans. He relies on Deutsche Bank in Germany and banks in Russia for loans now

  • Patsy - 2 years ago

    I felt Donald Trump was the winner of the debate. He wants to bring jobs back to this country. Getting rid of NAFTA would be a great help. That treaty ruined manufacturing all over this country. Business needs to be encouraged to bring their operations back to the USA.

    Yolanda, as "a working, middle class, African American wife and mother of three".....tell me please how many jobs can you or any other middle class person develop? It takes money. Poor people do not grow businesses. It is people with money that develop and grow businesses. Hillary Clinton will say anything to garner votes. Donald Trump is a businessman with the determination and grit to make this country great again. He will bring jobs back to our shores. Our nation is bankrupt and Hillary wants and has promised to continue President Obama's vision for our country. We do not have the money to do the things she says she is going to do!! How on earth are we going to pay for college tuition for all the students in the country? If you took every penny every rich person has, it still would not be enough to pay for the wasteful spending we have going on in this country!! She talked about solar energy tonight. Donald Trump reminded her that we have done that and it did not turn out so well. Do you remember a company named Solyndra? It was a solar panel company that was given a loan of $535 million to start the company. Guess what? It went belly up and where did that nice amount of federal taxpayers dollars go? Right in the pockets of supporters of the 2008 Obama/Biden Campaign!! Yes, sure, we need four more years of that type of doings!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!

  • Charles Hiser - 2 years ago

    independent woman you just showed me how smart you are not very hahaha

  • Charles Hiser - 2 years ago

    is it trueDonald Trumpis going to court in November for fraud not to mention about his rape charges against a 13 year old child just would like to know the truth

  • Independentwoman - 2 years ago

    TW - you will be surprised how many educated people will go for Trump. My family members and I are IT, Engineers and doctors. We are voting for Trump!!! Oh, and I am a minority.

  • Charles Hiser - 2 years ago

    well I guess it is true all of the deplorable who accuse people of things that are not true should crawl back into the asshole of trump trump is a thief and a liar and so is it to it safe children of his are the same shit

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Trump didn't deny that he paid 0% income tax. He has probably taken more money from taxpayers by filing 4 Chapter 11 bankruptcies, than several years worth of taxes. He admitted to refusing to pay thousands of people who worked for him. He said that he did that within our laws. Not true. He's had 3,500 lawsuits filed against him. Many of them were workers suing him for not getting paid. Trump settled tons of them. It costs money to get a lawyer to represent you, so many workers who got stiffed were unable to sue Trump for a settlement. He wants to lower taxes on BILLIONAIRES like himself and taxes on his corporations. Trickle-down economics DOES NOT work. By the way Secretary Clinton ONLY wants to raise taxes on the top 1%. And by the way, Trump wants to repeal the Estate Tax, which is a tax that ONLY applies to the top 0.2% wealthiest households, like HIS estate. Secretary Clinton wants to increase the estate tax by 65% and that increase would NOT apply to the bottom 99.8% of households. Secretary Clinton wants to invest in clean energy, combat climate change, and she wouldn't build the KXL pipeline. Trump wants to complete the KXL pipeline that would bring in toxic tar sands oil down from Canada, over the Ogallala Aquifer, and down to Texas. The KXL pipeline would only create a dozen full time jobs. It is too much risk for too little reward. Trump blamed President Obama and Secretary Clinton for creating a vacuum that led to the rise of ISIS, but that IS NOT true. The Iraq war is ultimately what created ISIS and both were for it. Obama and Clinton followed Bush's plan to withdraw troops from Iraq. It would have been ILLEGAL if they left troops in Iraq, because the DEMOCRATIC government that Iraq had at the time requested that we take out all troops. We would have been breaking international law if we left troops there. We are WINNING the war on ISIS. They have lost half their territory. As far as the emails go, none of the THREE "top secret" emails sent/received were properly marked with a HEADER and the State Department determined that TWO of them were incorrectly marked "top secret." The other 107 emails that contained "confidential information" mainly discussed the drone program. The emails have been largely overblown. Colin Powel used a Hotmail account for his email communication and it has been found that he sent way more confidential info than Clinton. Secretary Clinton has admitted that it was a mistake. As far as Benghazi is concerned, the 11 investigations of Clinton found NO evidence of wrong doing on Clinton's part. She was NOT found to be responsible, but she took responsible it's for it. The family of ambassador Chris Stevens has come out saying that Clinton should not be blamed for the deaths of the ambassadors. The security was understaffed at the bases because the State Department was UNDERFUNDED, in large part, because the REPUBLICAN-majority Congress slashed funding by hundreds of millions of dollars. If the Republicans hadn't cut security funding, Benghazi may never have happened, because they would have had more money to pay more security people to protect the ambassadors. By the way, there were WAY more embassy attacks during the Reagan and Bush administration that resulted in far more deaths. There have been relatively few embassy attacks during Obama's administration. This whole Benghazi controversy was a political ploy to drive down Clinton's favorability ratings and it wasted tens of thousands of tax dollars to come up with no wrongdoing on Clinton's part. Another thing, Trump wants to use Stop-and frisk across the nation, which WAS ruled to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it was a form of RACIAL PROFILING. Murders have CONTINUED to decrease after it was determined to be illegal. Correlation DOES NOT equal causation, so there are likely more important factors responsible for the decline of murders under Stop-and-Frisk. One last thing, a top aid of Trump is the FORMER PRESIDENT OF CITIZEN's UNITED!

  • JJ - 2 years ago

    Economy is all about resource utilization and allocation, globalism including Hillary wants to give the resources, even American resources, to other countries, and you are wondering what happened to America in the past decades or so.

  • Iknwbesr - 2 years ago

    We have been pushed around and lied to and stolen from way to long! Get these darn Democrats out of the white house now! It's time to rebuild this nation! Trump has built his business from the ground up and he will build this mess of a country back up. Wake up folks! It's time, get these crooked thieves out of our white house. This is our country let's stand up together and be proud again!!!

  • Robert Simmons - 2 years ago

    Once again the moderator set up the dem throughout..bet she even had the ????. No coverage at all re emails, foundation, benghazi, Trump will learn from this CANDY Crowley ambush

  • Candy bates - 2 years ago

    Laugh all you want but his temperment is exactly what we need. Get the elitist globalist out of office before they kill us all...And Yolanda do you need to do your own fact checking. I can tell you never read a word Trump wrote you only regurgitated what Hillary said tonight..Shame I'm you Shame!!!!

  • Come on - 2 years ago

    Oh man..Hillary wasn't looking smug she was trying not to Crack up at the total bullshit tye moronic cheating thieving greedy business man was spewing. If Trump wins all you suckers who thinks he cares about the middle class will regret your moment of stupidity. Unfortunately we will all have to suffer along with you.

  • Thomas O'Neill - 2 years ago

    I know who lost - the American People, Daily. This country will be lost should HELLary win the Oval Office. WHY??? Would anyone want to vote a scandalous criminal into office? WHY??? Would anyone even think to vote for her with the PONZI SCHEME Clinton Foundation looming so largely over her head? WHY??? Would anyone trust her after the State Department email fiasco - Benghazi, White Water - and a LOOOOONG history of 'mysterious deaths of those who had dealings with 'THE CLINTONS?'
    I stick with a non-politician with enough business savvy to put this country back on its feet - regardless of color and gender, BUT in this country LEGALLY!
    HELL NO to HELLary ROTTEN Clinton.

  • Jimmy's friend - 2 years ago

    Democrats want big government.

    Democrats think social issues outweigh capitalism.

    I am a conservative, and wish every man and woman in this country made at least 50k a year too democrats...

    But the truth is that is impossible.

    Any hard working democrat needs to care about their own economic wellbeing.

    And understand that this country is getting out of hand regarding catering to those that aren't willing to put in an honest day of work.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    TRUMP WAS AMAZING!!! Finally a President with a speach does not contain UMMMMM after every sentence. HILLARY 4 PRISON!!!!!

  • Ron Stewart - 2 years ago

    It was obvious to me that Trump won the debate hands down!
    Hillary with her 'smug'...'stupid'...look on her face, trying to put down Trump with an old political ploy, i.e. looking like what you opponent said is stupid or unbelievable.
    Trump looked very presidential, and like the kind of person who speaks honestly...holds no punches.
    Hillary in her bright red 'clown looking' suite looked ridiculous.
    Her ideas would just leave the country even in worse shape as it has been since 2008.
    Trump on the other hand, is a savvy businessman and negotiator, and he is not about to let the rest of the world take advantage and keep the debt clock spinning!

  • Chimney Stack - 2 years ago

    This site is some kind of joke right. Either that or every Trump voter in the US is commenting here. Legitimate polls say Hillary won and anyone with a brain could see that. Trump got sucked in by Hillary who actually knows what's going on. Trump was stumped and got dumped. What's new?

  • Ellie - 2 years ago

    Trump was his usual overly energetic, brash self, complete with meandering speeches and lack of tact. It is clear he lacks experience in debating and lacks any of the polish that other political figures have. He may be forgiven to an extent, as he is running on a campaign of an 'outsider' and in many ways anti-establishment and his audience perhaps do not hold him to the same standards of eloquence at this point. He is still seen as a businessman fighting the system first and foremost. However, he will be expected to catch up quickly and delivery is something he will need to work on with his team if he wants to be seen as a potential world leader. He won't be able to make the same mistakes for very long. He seems to have good ideas once you actually work out what he is saying, but his delivery is terrible at times.

    In complete contrast, Clinton was mostly polished, prepared and controlled with lots of pre-written buzz words and catchy phrases. She said all the right things and in the right way. Which is what I would expect after 30 years as a professional politician with a team of experts around her and years of debating experience. However, the vast majority of her answers seemed ingenuine and robotic. The mini sob story about her father (complete with hand gestures of him laborously rolling out fabric in his shop) as an attempt to seem like 'one of the regular people' came across as completely over-acted and stuck in for effect - which it very likely was. Hillary really needed to win people over with a change of persona and show a more human and warm side. She failed to do this and instead came across as the usual cold, clinical and staged politician.

    Hillary and Trump have a lot to learn from eachother when it comes to presentation.

  • Come on - 2 years ago

    Hello people...check the facts from an independent fact checking source to see that Trump lies so well you can't even tell it is a lie. If the people here are the voice of America..we are freaking doomed!

  • CiCi L Fletcher - 2 years ago

    I believe Donald Trump won the debate tonight considering it was biased it's kind of sad why babe try to constantly make him look unqualified when it was pretty obvious that he is very qualified in is for America I believe he wants to be for the American people where Hillary Clinton wants to be the world president very scary to me she was caught in a couple of lies and the smug look on her face did not help her you couldn't tell when she was lying and didn't have no defense but all along I believed Donald Trump came out on top

  • CiCi L Fletcher - 2 years ago

    I believe Donald Trump won the debate tonight considering it was biased it's kind of sad why babe try to constantly make him look unqualified when it was pretty obvious that he is very qualified in is for America I believe he wants to be for the American people where Hillary Clinton wants to be the world president very scary to me she was caught in a couple of lies and the smug look on her face did not help her you couldn't tell when she was lying and didn't have no defense but all along I believed Donald Trump came out on top

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    The polls reflect America's views, Trump is winning everywhere.

  • Warren - 2 years ago

    If you are part of the AMERICAN ECONOMIC ESTABLISHMENT (a billionaire wanting tax breaks for billionaires) you should vote for Trump,
    otherwise you should vote for Clinton.

  • Esteban Marquez - 2 years ago

    You guys are idiots if you are voting for Trump. Both candidates are really bad, neither deserves to win.
    I (Former Bernie Supporter) think that Hillary Clinton won this debate. Hillary apologized for her email server, of course that does not automatically mean you should vote for her but she at least acknowledge her mistake. Trump said that calling that Latina Miss Piggy and a Maid was not a mistake , and that she deserved it. Have some common sense, If you are voting for Trump then that means that you think everyone who is walking across that border is a rapist/criminal, and does not deserve to find a good future. You think that all Muslims are terrorists(Which is by the way racist along with calling Latinos rapist/criminals).My mother crossed that border 19 years ago, she came here not to rape, or to become a criminal, but to lead a better future for my siblings and I. She is a wonderful mother with so much patience. Many people deserves that opportunity . Trump has encouraged his supporters to physically hit people that did not agree with him. I know this election makes you think about yourself but why don't you be so kind and think of all the people that will be deported and hurt. I am voting for Hillary Clinton, not because she is amazing(She does make some good points though) but because she is way better than the other guy. People say that if Hillary is elected than we are doomed, if that is you then you incredibly stupid. Trump will created great conflict with countries. For example, there was a petition that said that they did not want Donald Trump to be aloud into the United Kingdom, and if you are an idiot then let me clarify what this means, it means we will lose a great ally to the United States. Hilary is not a bad candidate, he past is what is making her lose her grip. Her email scandals are what is holding her back ,do America a favor and trust her. Trust that she will help you and America. If Trump is elected, then there is no turning back. For once in your life think of who else will affected by his election other then you.

  • Marie Fracchia - 2 years ago

    Trump was trump. His inability to be calm and cerebral is not someone I want at the head of our country.

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    Crooked Hillary should be in jail. Was a joke of a setup. The pathetic liberal media what a joke. I noticed when Hillary was getting her sound bitea of bs in that the liberal moderator let her ramble, but when Trump called her BS out the liberal piece of crap moderator tried to shut him up. Hillary is a liar, and a career bs artist.

    Go Trump!!!!! Wasn't even close. If Hillary is wasn't an elitist pig she would be in jail. She will destroy this country.

  • Yolanda - 2 years ago

    Can't decide if there was a true winner of this first debate. They both seemed to be focused on eachothers faults rather than discussing their plan for America.
    After veiwing their plans via the web, I must admit that i don't agree with all of Clinton's ideas however; as a working,middle class, African American wife and mother of 3, she gets my vote. Trump's ideas seem to benefit the very wealthy and would definitely put my family into financial depression.

  • Randall - 2 years ago

    Being in the middle, and having worked with 3 presidents, I was disappointed in Donald in that he came across as a BULLY interrupting. Having been involved in international relations that type of tactic NEVER wins, it only makes things go underground where you can't agree on a non violent solution.

  • janet - 2 years ago

    Trump won the debate. Hillary continues to lie about everything. Trump's taxes don't jeopardize national security 33000 times but Hillary's deleted or destroyed with a hammer emails did! PERIOD.. END OF STORY! TRUMP IS MAN TO CORRECT ALL THE DAMAGE HILLARY AND OBAMA HAVE DONE!

  • SFLCHEF - 2 years ago

    "Left-er's" one-sided questions could have been predicted ... And considering how biased he was, Trump still managed to come across athentic, passionate,and non-rehearsed ... Hilary's 30+ years of political training & "experience" came across only as smug and disingenuous. It's not surprising that the main stream media didn't ask Hilary even one, of many, questionable issues, such as 1.) Clinton Founation/Haiti 2.) Deleted Emais 3.) Bernie/ Democatic Steal 4.) Libya ...etc, etc... Hopefully, at least one of these next upcoming debates will be less one-sided...

  • Ella - 2 years ago

    Hillary is on some heavy meds... Unbelievable

  • Ella - 2 years ago

    What did Hillary look stoned out of her mind??? I thought she was going to collapse right there on the stage! WTH?

  • jojo - 2 years ago

    you can cook the polls as you want we are not going to vote for Trump. period!

  • Myra - 2 years ago

    The fact that some of the participants in this forum can spit on this page talking points regurgitated, UNREAL!
    The fact that you feel that Trump supporters are uneducated, Talking Points mainstream media propaganda.You need to READ something, anything! Maybe a little of that might help you greatly.

  • Timmy - 2 years ago

    Killing American troops that what she did .
    Let's all vote for that ass clown hillary she makes me sick and bill with that dumb look on his face put the pipe down

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