Who won tonight's first debate? Hillary or Trump?


  • Debby Barton - 6 years ago

    Donald Trump a self serving narristic demagogue who is definitely hiding oversees relationships and what his monetary obligations are. Especially because the IRS said it was ok to release his Tax returns. What about the fact that all is his merchandise ties etc and Ivanka his daughter's merchandise is made overseas. And he cares about jobs right! He's not looking after the average person paying taxes. He filed bankruptcy 6 times. Doesn't pay the small business companies who work for him and brags being under budget and not paying his taxes and said he cares about the country/?? So is that who you want to be your next President of the United States?! Really?!

  • Nikkii Rogers - 6 years ago

    Hilliary has held many many years holding different political positions an did not fixed any of the issues she discussed tonight. she had those opportunities and chose to do nothing, however she says , "as president", She will fix those problems ? I am sorry to say she had her chance an did nothing. I was on the fence until tonight my vote goes to Donald Trump..

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