Who won the first 2016 Presidential Debate? (Poll Closed)

  • Trump

  • Clinton

  • Neither

Posted 2 years.


  • Pat - 2 years ago

    I think Trump was a gentleman and he didn't see how treacherous she really is. She hit him sideways. But she is just a puppet queen!

  • Elk Whistle - 2 years ago

    Hillary broke his face! Trump keeps forgetting that women out vote men and the women in America will elect Secretary Hillary Clinton when they go into those isolated polling booths regardless of parties, beliefs, etc. They would rather have a women leader with world knowledge and diplomacy than a male chauvinist arrogant, clueless, rich, greedy man. History will be made in 2016 for the first American Woman President!

  • Dan - 2 years ago

    This highly-scientific poll clearly indicates that Trump will win.

    Sarcastic comments notwithstanding, don't let this joke of a poll make you complacent, my queer sisters and brothers (and those who have yet to decide). We still have work to do. Help register voters, and PLEASE make sure you vote and tell everyone you know to vote. It's not a Hillary victory until she wins the election. Do everything you can do make it happen. It's important.

  • Phil - 2 years ago

    Ignore Leslie with her delusional look at Hillary's bound to fail plans.

  • Leslie - 2 years ago

    Donald Trump isn't telling it like it is he's dumbing it down for the uneducated people that plague our country. Unfortunately, stupidity is the second leading epidemic in the country right behind addiction and guns.

  • Ashley - 2 years ago

    Trump hit her on policie issues she hit him on personality issues. Hey Isis go to her website ! Lol

  • Leslie - 2 years ago

    Hold tight tight uneducated Trump supporters help is coming soon! Hillary Clinton will fix you she will get you an education, and put you on the right path. Stupidity did not build our country and stupidity will not sustain our country or our growth.

  • Leslie - 2 years ago

    Lol Hillary Clinton will become president her first order of business should be to put all of the illiterate non college grads to school. Ignorance can be corrected; however, stupid is apparently spreading.

  • Nikkii Rogers - 2 years ago

    Hilliary during her many many years of government positions had time to fix what she was saying as president she'll fix... Sorry but as for me she had her chance an did nothing.. Just another promise of many "As your President I fix" well with all her Political positions she had those opportunities to do so .. I was on the fence until tonight, my vote goes to Trump

  • Jose - 2 years ago

    Trump got her beat In the corner!

  • Leslie - 2 years ago


  • Donna - 2 years ago


  • Valerie Tanner - 2 years ago

    I think Donald was telling it like it is and he was a gracious finisher a real gentleman and presidential

  • Micharl - 2 years ago

    Hillary was scripted and arrogant. Trump told it how it is.

  • Brandon - 2 years ago

    Trump beat her bad

  • Keely Lucas - 2 years ago

    Clinton won Hands Down!

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