Who do you think won the presidential debate Monday night?

  • Martha Henery - 5 years ago

    Watch this video so that your eyes will be opened...it is an elderly woman
    who loves America.


  • LJ - 5 years ago

    Trump won. By repeatedly taking the high road and not taking her bait as to become out of control etc......not bringing up her criminal past, emails etc...........he proved that he is not the hot headed, tempermental person she claims him to be. And anyone who thinks he can solely push a button while no on is looking to launch nuclear weapons is an idiot.

    She is the ultimate career politician politically correct in everything she says and politically wrong in everything she DOES or more clearly fails to do.

    If you would like to vote for a career politician, a clear criminal morally if not technically legally, that talks a lot while accomplished nothing and after 40 years of public service would to NOW like to correct all the things she has voted for, created, help create and has failed to correct while serving those 30 years - then vote for more of the same of the past 10 years in HRC. I dont think many can say their lives are better now, their childrens lives are better for having been served by HRC and Obama the last ten years. And if your life and your childrens lives are not better why would you vote for them again?

    On the other hand, it you want a non-politician, who clearly is not politically correct, clearly says whats on his mind but actually gets thing done, actually has accomplished, built, spent and created work, jobs on or ahead of schedule time and under budget then you must vote for Trump. You dont have to listen to him. Turn your TV off.

    Who cares if he reported or did not pay federal taxes? If you had a choice and/or could get away with by following the tax code in place would you choose to pay or not pay federal taxes? Nobody would pay federal taxes if they did not owe them legally. Or would you rather vote for someone who paid 12 million in federal taxes because she made $100million talking to special interest groups an hour at a time to whom she will owe favors to if she is voted in?

    I'd rather a smart business person over a smart politician any time. Arent you tired of hearing about this country's losses? jobs, deficits, lives, income, wages? Remember when we were the bully? Remember when you could walk down a street and not get shot by a 10 year old minority because you looked at them the wrong way? Remember when you could use all the words that same 10 year old could?
    Remember when the majority ruled?

    This country has been serving the interests of 13% for far too long. This country needs a kick in the ass and an attitude adjustment. Vote for HRC and you will continue to scared and walked on. Vote for Trump and actual change is possible in this country and with our agreements around the world. Any moron can negotiate an agreement. If the undisclosed fine print says you will pay us 1.7 billion in cash to complete the transaction when we get nothing in return those people out to never be allowed to make a deal AGAIN. Who would you rather make a deal - he who have made profitable deals all their life or those who make deals only to make bad deals and/or make history?

    The biggest fears of this country nuclear threats, income, quality of life for themselves for the children and their childrens children. One candidate has been making policy as a government job for 40 years and has accomplished little to nothing to make these issues better. The other has done it in the private sector and should be voted in alone on the financial, trade and tax issues. Surrounded by the right advisors he can be taught how to speak nice in public, not call Rosie O'Donell a fat pig even though everyone agrees she is, and can develop the political acumen to be a terrific leader.

    I will end on this note, HRC is afraid that Trump will push the button or say politically incorrect things at the wrong time. The rest of us are afraid that HRC will say the same politically correct things, accomplish nothing and NOT be able to push that button if the need arises.

    He has funny hair, tal

  • Derek - 5 years ago

    This poll shows how people will blindly follow their party or vote for a woman simply bc she's a woman. This woman is a criminal and a liar plain and simple.

  • Mary Lee Merrill - 5 years ago

    By far, I think Hillary Clinton was outstanding. Having been in government as First Lady, a Senator and Secretary of State, she has a good grasp of the issues which confront the U. S.

    Donald Trump, by contrast, was boorish, impolite interrupting Hillary numerous times including the moderator, Lester Holt which made the debate go overtime. To me, he doesn't have any kind of grasp of the issues facing the United States and the world. He comes across as narcissistic, only interested in himself and making money, He has had questionable business dealings with others.

    I hope the American public will elect Hillary Clinton as our next President with her wonderful grasp of policies and issues.

    Mary Lee Merrill

  • Peggy Tracy - 5 years ago

    He went VERY EASY on her last night. Didn't bring up all her heinous and felonious acts (for which the government has given her a pass). Next time around, I don't think he will be so generous, considering that pratically all she did last night was attack him. That woman really has incredible nerve!!!! What a freaking crook!!!!!

  • Make America Greater - 5 years ago

    To liberals and Secretary Clinton supporters, Please a take a few moments to watch this video......And the folks that talk a big game about the election but know nothing !!!

  • Bob DiGennaro - 5 years ago

    Wasn't even close. He is a con man that is without a moral compass.

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