Do you think Guam should do more to encourage the use of renewable energy? (Poll Closed)

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  • Doris - 4 years ago

    Renewable Energy is great, but be careful of the options that are offered. Also, you need a battery storage to have electricity to run your critical loads in your household. What's the use having just the Solar panels if it ain't going to work during a power outage. Always look for the renewable energy companies that have battery storage. Go Solar!

  • Christian - 4 years ago

    It seems that everyone thinks we should move towards "renewable" energy. So then, why don't we see people changing over? Using renewable energy isn't just changing over Cabras, it also means for individual citiens to use it. So why don't people do it? I think that's the real question to ask. 'WHY DON'T YOU CHANGE YOUR HOUSE TO RENEWABLE ENERGY?"

  • Nova - 4 years ago

    I don't know why it's taking Guam so long to realize this? and why has this question only popped up now? WE got sun and waves. Oh I know why. Money. Power. Greed. Who should control it.

  • NRC - 4 years ago

    Renewable energy is not a futuristic realm dream, renewable energy is now! We need battery walls and other forms that will free us from GPA.

  • Sara Similes - 4 years ago

    Dear PDN, please screen these comments. There are racial slurs and inappropriate words used. Plus, there are two people (probably the same person) using Gov Calvo and Carl Gutierrez as usernames. You must have control over this to protect your readers, including minor children. Please delete these nasty comments.

  • Gov Calvo - 4 years ago

    Solar is not good. My Calvo family won't be able to make money as we will form a company to sell the power plant to Guam.... wait we'll just form a company to sell solar to Guam so it doesn't matter we'll keep stealing money from Guam people!! Haha....we Got this Guam!

  • Tom Q. - 4 years ago

    Renewable energy is the future. Seeing how the power plants now are at the end of their life line, we should look at this as an opportunity to improve the source. I don't think we can rely on just solar or wind. But we can surely reduce our reliance on foreign oil, improve our current power situation, and reduce our impact on the environment. With renewable energy we will be leaving future generations with jobs and a better environment. We need to do something new, we need to stop putting it off for tomorrow. Also, we as a community need to be prepared for the initial costs. I would guess it is costly in the beginning but we all win long term.

  • Concerned citizen - 4 years ago

    Guam sorely needs alternative energy source and no longer rely on GPA for its main energy source. Sell GPA to phase out reliance on GPA and seek private companies to provide reliable and sustainable energy needs.

  • Juan From Guam - 4 years ago

    Solar is an alternative source of energy and good for the Island. However, the panels are NOT Typhoon proof to sustain enormous high winds and salt air. Mainland Stateside (inland) not enclosed with ocean water. If the panels can withstand this elements, then it is a good source of energy to help the ageless Piti Power Plant, who is in dyer need of repairs. Hafa Adai yan si yu'us ma'ase

  • Vickie B - 4 years ago

    More than enough sunlight falls on Guam each year to take care of all its energy needs, including what would be needed for transportation using efficient electric vehicles. There is also reliable wind resource on Guam. Not only could Guam become energy independent, it would also bring many jobs and eco tourism to the island. At the prices residents are currently paying for energy, it makes solid financial sense to switch to renewable technologies.

  • James B. - 4 years ago

    Solar is great! Just be careful about that Zero Down because it too expensive after paying for it upto 25yrs. Owning it is way cheaper with instant savings.

  • Guy Solarman - 4 years ago

    Solar is awsome!! We use the Gift from the Father to Protect the Resources of our Mother.

  • John Jo - 4 years ago

    I love renewable energy. Pacific Solar gave me great solar panels

  • Carl guiterez - 4 years ago

    Fuck renewable energy. They should renew my 3 inch destruction for the island of guam!!! Don't forget to vote for my 3 inch destruction in the 2018 election!!! Peace out niggers!!!!

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