Should the Penny be scrapped?


  • Alan Marshall - 8 years ago

    The halfpenny wasn't removed from circulation until 1984 Emmanuel Flanagan and the penny is worth
    1/100 of a pound. Removing them from circulation would also rob a lot of charities from the boxes inside MacDonalds (other fast food places are available) and where would the saying "take care of the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves" be.

  • Henry Trogshaw - 8 years ago

    If we have to get rid of anything, can we please make it the current Governor of the Bank of England. He has had the job since July 2013 and, to date, I'm hard pressed to think of a single prediction he has got right.

  • Mark - 8 years ago

    If Scrapped then scrap pricing using 1 & 2 p`s e.g. 29.99 becomes 29.95.Back in Australia they scapped the 1 & 2c but continue to use them in pricing - wrong in my opinion. As for Canada,I was there in the 1980`s and the Canadian public were unhappy about losing their $1 & $2 notes for coins.Politicians wanted it,public didn`t. Interesting point that the U.S.A. public want to keep their 1cents and $1 notes in circulation.
    Another point to mention here is that years ago they scrapped the silver 3d apparently because the public complained about it being too small.......later at decimalisation the 1/2 penny was introduced which was as small.Do they ever learn?

  • Doreen Ball - 8 years ago

    I agree with Mike Withe - get rid of the 2p if you're determined to change something

  • katie makin - 8 years ago

    you should keep the pennies because arcade wont be fun and what about all the prices the will have to change

  • Mike Withe - 8 years ago

    Get rid of the 2p coin instead, This is bigger and would save more money if discontinued.

  • Chris Harpin - 8 years ago

    As soon as we loose the penny it gives them the chance to round everything up to cost us more.. just like it was great to go decimal, now look at the cost of everything.. change is not always good, if its not broken leave it alone...

  • emmanuel flanagan - 8 years ago

    It was of some use in the early days when a penny had some value now what is it worth ? When decimalisation was introduced ( which was a bad idea) we lost the 1/2 penny it was never missed The same can be said for the 1p

  • Gaynor - 8 years ago

    Leave the penny alone its part of my childhood even though it has changed in size since decimel coinage came in.I save all my pennies and as the saying goes pennies saved makes pounds.I agree with another comment made why should we have to bow down to canada what they do is up to them but stop telling us what to do.

  • david reed - 8 years ago

    This sort of suggestion is going back to the seventies when we changed the currency and got robbed big time, leave the penny alone and send MARK CARNEY back to CANADA A S A P.

  • Anthony Baldwin - 8 years ago

    Like everything, scrapping the penny will just increase the outgoings of the majority tax paying public. Rarely do you see the cost "rounded down" hence more to pay out by Joe Public.

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