Which Cover is Better, The New York Times Magazine or Newsweek? (Poll Closed)

  • Times Mag

  • Newsweek

Posted 3 years.


  • bob yettah - 3 years ago

    hello millennial's if you think Trump cares about your financial future you're wrong. Trump brags that you'll make $12 million for his business by being a candidate. When he's elected president he expects to increase his Business wealth Buy $3 billion. You can pay off your loans, and your tuition for college without help from the government . A vote vote not for Hillary, but for a third-party candidate, or no vote qt all help Trump con his way to the white house. Trump and is deplorable supporters want to take our country back to the past. when whites were the majority, racism, discrimination, segregation, bigotry were the norm. America be careful what you wish for. Trump only takes care of Trump.

  • Linda E Greene - 3 years ago

    Newsweek article just underscores again what a slimy business man Trump iOS. Any means justifies his ends-enriching himself And his followers think he's a good person to lead America? They're not deplorable they're pathetically brain dead

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