Do you support the use of taxpayers' money to bring businesses to Florida?

  • Butch - 4 years ago

    Agree with both Joe and Dave. It's not a bad idea but there have to be stringent strings attached and adhered to. However, that's no good either because our state gov. doesn'y seem to have any oversite on these deals and before they find out that they are a bad deal it's already too late to get the wasted money back. Case in point: I live in Port St Lucie and you see what has happened here. We'll be another 40 years digging out from this hole.

  • Dave - 4 years ago

    I agree 100% with Joe.Gov Scott's agenda has been a miserable failure giving out taxpayer subsidys to his friends.

  • joe - 4 years ago

    I think if public money is used to help business it should be given to established local business that has hired and employed local people for years, as well as one that gives back to our community not out of state companies coming in and getting free or reduced taxes to move here then don't hire locals and then go out of business. Let's help local business expand and do better it's a no brainer

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