Do you expect Tuesday's vice presidential debate to sway your vote?
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  • Catherine James - 4 years ago

    My mind has been made up or months. Generally speaking I hate politics; the lies, the manipulations, etc. We have a free press, instituted to educate the voting populous. However, I do not see this happening, as the press manipulates as well. This not what you were instituted for. Don't you understand you stand to lose your revered place in society. In fact, you have already lost that position. Most people I know refuse to read, or buy newspapers anymore. It's all propangda they tell me and I agree. So, in essence, you have killed yourselves. Someone should have woke up sooner, but no one did. Most unfortunate, and this leaves us with no one to educate the uneducated (schools). Our country is dying a slow death from within -- Greece or Rome? Anybody?

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