The Chevy Colorado ZH2 Is...


  • Rich - 8 years ago

    Now that all the good jobs in the USA are GONE!!! We need bigger and more
    $$$$$$$ cars n trucks!! Wake up people!!! The Middle class workers are
    All dead. And the Rich people are laughing at us! I made $ 40.000 in steel mill a year, now retired (ha ha) I clear,
    $ 845.00 a month, ya 38 years in steel?
    And that's all I get, oh !! That's my SS too. Yes !! We need bigger and more powerful cars and trucks, who will buy them? Oh ya the Rich people, not you and me!! What do I have to be proud of? @ 67 years old?? Wake up America!!! Your NEXT!!!!!

  • Richard Klein - 8 years ago

    The tail-lights remind me of the Chevy Volt. From the side, the cab looks like a Toyota Tacoma and the bed looks like a cartoonish after-thought. Overall, it's okay, but not fantastic. What really matters, though, is how it works, not how it looks.

  • Jayne Crabdree - 8 years ago

    Can it be called a truck if you cannot use it as one? This should be called an SUV not a truck. A truck is able to haul things other than people. Not a fan.

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