Who Won Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate?

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Yt - 3 years ago

    I almost turned the TV off because Kaine was so rude and obnoxious you couldn't hear anything of substance. I would definety not want him in the WH!

  • Belinda - 3 years ago

    Mike Pence did a great job. Every time he tried to defend Trump, Raine would open his mouth and talk over Mr Pence. Mr. Raine was rude, Elaine couldn't get a word in for his diarrhea of the mouth. At least Mr. Pence would ask to make a statement. Mike Pence did a wonderful job and answered the questions. He did defend Donald last night. If you say he didn't then you didn't listen to him speak. Oh Thats right Raine keep over talking Mr. Pence and Elaine.

  • Poll Problem... - 3 years ago

    Correction from my previous post: *When I click Kaine it doesn't allow me to vote, but when I click Pence it does...

  • Poll Problem... - 3 years ago

    So I will point out that when I click Kaine your poll doesn't respond but when I click Trump it lets me vote for him so I don't fell it's totally accurate... On that note, while I am sure since this is Arkansas which has become a solid red state that this poll will reflect that as expected. You also didn't give a Neither or Other option which would have been a good way to determine how many people that felt this debate wasn't really won by either.

  • Lgrit - 3 years ago

    I thought Pence debated topics very politely and effectively. Kaine was rude with all the interruptions and usual mudd slinging of Trump. One great point from Pence from the beginning was Trump is a business man not a career politician. Yes Trump may have said insulting things at times. But at least he is real. He doesn't waste time trying to be politically correct. Unlike these career politicians who will bait voters with a fairytale pitch and do nothing. I think that's why Trump still has supporters after all this criticism. Everyone's tired of politics. We need a change! Congrats Pence Well Done! ????

  • KP - 3 years ago

    If Mike Pence were running for President, then he would have definitely been the clear winner of this debate. The problem is that he protected his future by failing to defend Trump, which 1) shows that he wants to distance himself from Donald Trump on issues that would damage the future credibility of Pence if he wants to run on a 2020 ticket, and 2) shows that he clearly is above the damning negativity that Donald Trump has thrown at the average American. Pence would have been a great choice for the Republican Party as a clear and undeniable classic representative of the GOP. However, he was obviously having troubles tonight making a decision to stand clearly by the side of former Democrat Donald Trump that potentially pollute the Pence brand for the future.

  • Martha Creason - 3 years ago

    Mr Kaine didn't respect the female moderator. He continued interrupting not only his opponent but also the moderator. This was very irritating. He talked over everyone

  • GL - 3 years ago

    Why don't you provide a tie vote option? Pence was the better gentleman, but Kaine was far more factual. Your poll just reflected party lines.

  • Ruth - 3 years ago

    Trump/Pence ticket made GREAT debate...

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