How will the Packers do in their stretch of home games vs. the Giants, Cowboys and Bears?


  • Not Sold - 6 years ago

    I'm still not sure how good this team really is. One good half against Detroit does not a turnaround make. The offense still has issues. Some can may be resolved (play calling/execution), some not so easily (personnel...still no speed). On defense, the secondary is a wreck at the moment (Randall is definitely experiencing a sophomore slump), but getting Burnett back along with a better pass rush could improve that situation.

  • the real donald trump - 6 years ago

    Only a coach as foolish as Mike McCarthy would go for it on 4th down in a low scoring game when an easy field goal would tie the game. What a crappy coach!

  • bucks fan - 6 years ago

    I would not be against trading Rodgers to the 49ers for the right deal. Maybe the Packers can haul in the controversial Kapernick. His anti national anthem ways will go over big with the Green Bay faithful. Since 2015, Rodgers has turned into an above average QB at best. I think Brett Huntley is the next big thing. 10 to 15 NFL teams would be happy to start him.
    Or maybe it is just the fact that the ownership didn't have the balls to fire McCarthy after the NFC championship game debacle. This offensive is totally inept and predictable for the most part. The Vikings and Bears are better coached. I would take Mike Zimmer and Jon Fox over McCarthy any day.
    Or maybe they all come together and win 11 games and get knocked out in the NFC divisional round as usual.
    Damarious Randell makes T Buck look like Revis Island. That guy is going to give up 350 yards to OBJ. Mark it!!

  • Rusty Nail - 6 years ago

    The Pack are crap

  • Keetzer - 6 years ago

    The Pack reminds of the Brewers of a couple years ago. Aging and in need of top to bottom housecleaning. Start by trading Rodgers now while you get good draft picks, then retire Ted and let Wolf run the show. Otherwise prepare for a long, slow and painful slide.

  • yooperbill - 6 years ago

    Of course they will beat all three teams coming up,looking closely at them you fail to find one good reason they can beat the Packers at Lambeau.two come from the weak NFC East and then you have the Bears who are still bad.

  • Steve Schultz - 6 years ago

    With 3 home games and some key injured players getting healthy, we should be able to protect our home turf. The Super Bowl goes through Lambeau!

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