Should Green Bay sign former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., who wants to play for the Packers?


  • juice man - 6 years ago

    The guys they have are stiffs that don't make plays. Nothing to lose with Winslow. He can't possibly be worse than Rodgers and Perillo.

  • Stephen A. Perrenoud - 6 years ago

    A true prize winner, scarf him up quickly, before the Vikings, Bears, or Lions get him. Not bound to last very long on the market, most likely will get a huge amount of attention, and Green Bay could get rid of a few more to pay him !

  • bucks fan - 6 years ago

    If you look up washed up in the dictionary, you will see a picture of KW JR. Why not bring back
    Bubba Franks and Jeremy Shockey too? They can say "The U" on sunday night football.

  • Rusty Nail - 6 years ago

    No ,The Pack don't need anybody new .They will be NFL champs

  • Brad C. - 6 years ago

    Winslow has not played for three years and last productive year and his last productive year was in 2011. he has also has both drug and domestic legal issues in his past. Not worth the risk - many better low risk options.

  • Bruce C. Schultz - 6 years ago

    I was nervous about the Jared Cook acquisition. He was always hurt when he was with the Rams. I think Kellen Winslow Jr., can't be any worse than Cook, so at least try him out. When players say, "I want to play in Green Bay, or New York or San Diego...", I would be wary. That sounds like a desperation comment.

  • Arne Henderson - 6 years ago

    Able-bodied and experienced. Wants to come to Green Bay!

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