Who Won Tonight's Presidential Debate?


  • Gerry - 7 years ago

    Benghazi, emails, cover-ups.....no way!

  • Becky Barnett - 7 years ago

    It's time for the Clinton corruption to stop! Less than 10 percent of donations to the Clinton Foundation actually goes to charity... despicable! And, most of the donations come from volatile foreign countries that demoralize and kill women and homosexuals. Many of the refugees coming into our country are unsafe and unpredictable. I truly hope that if Hillary wins this presidency, any further refugees brought into our country are placed right next door to the Hillary supporters,because that's exactly how it should be! If you want to support someone making our country unsafe, then you should be living next to the refugees! Let's see how your life goes after that!

  • Cindy H - 7 years ago

    Cheaters never win!!! Donald wins by a landslide!!

  • Lord Popo - 7 years ago

    All of you conservatives are dumbasses thinking Trump won. Bitch please, if I wasn't on Kami's lookout all the time, i'd bitch slap you for being a moron and breathing in my oxygen, worthless maggots. Bbbbbyyyyyeeeee....

  • Franklin charles - 7 years ago

    Trip should be déportés to rushes for Sting purin is à battre leader that Obama.

  • Franklin charles - 7 years ago

    Trip should be déportés to rushes for Sting purin is à battre leader that Obama.

  • Russell - 7 years ago

    What college did Trump attend he needs to take a public speaking class, case closed

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    TRUMP is the liberals savyer...thay just don't see it yet....

  • Ranny - 7 years ago

    Donald Trump did not answer any Questions properly that were knowledgeable. He needs to get on with making America great place to be not just by saying but really mean each word and not argue with Hillery.
    Hillery did great job of answering each questions that were asked. How can White House REPUBLICANS members chose Donald Trump as a candidate that I would never understand Repunlican party people.

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    Trump handled it the best he could under the circumstances. He apologised for his words but Hillay's problems have never been her words it's her ACTIONS and rightfully so. Her actions are deplorable and anyone who defends her actions let alone compare them to words should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Wayne - 7 years ago

    Trump belongs on another planet in his own reality. THE EMPEROR HAS NO BALLS !

  • Teresa - 7 years ago

    Hillary belongs in jail

  • Wayne - 7 years ago

    Anyone thinking Trump won or did great is in that basket of deplorables . This man is a disgrace and if you support him you are as bad as he is, then again that may be what you guys want. I would almost wish him on you but I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy. Oh and like Donald said if you see a pretty lady "Grab her by the p___y".

  • John - 7 years ago

    Trump did great. Hillary was so sleazy, evasive and unprofessional.

    Back at cha David

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    Trump is what America needs . Trump all the way!!!

  • Carmen - 7 years ago

    The winner was DONAL TRUP. I'm a woman Deplorable and Cuban American. Go TRUMP GO.

  • Tami - 7 years ago

    Hillary maintained professionalism, answered the questions being asked, and stayed on track. Trump made it very clear weeks ago his strategy for this debate was focusing on Bill Clinton's infidelities. Trump is an idiot and inexperienced entertainer to realize Bill is not running for presidency. Focusing on Hillary's husband demonstrates he is not ready. It took for the second debate for Trump to finally call himself a politician. He made it very clear in his last debate if he does not win, continuing to be a politician is not something Trump will do which shows where his heart and dedication to politics stands.

    More importantly, if Trump cared about African Americans and Latinos and what there past and current situations were he would have taken an active roll in helping to change their circumstances well before deciding to run for presidency.

    What has Donald Trump done for Latinos and African Americans prior to running for presidency. Nothing!

    What did Trump do for low income whites or those living in desolate conditions? Not a damn thing.

    Would Trump invite these people in his circle or the White House as a president? Hell no.

    People like Trump and I mean like Trump who feel the need to congregate only in his social financial class does not invite the poor white trash, poor black, or poor Hispanic in his circle. He will talk about you and maybe make fun of you, but you aren't invited. He isn't going to show these people how to become a "billionaire" like him.

    You don't have to have a college degree or high school diploma to understand what kind of man Trump is and where he stands in his heart. At no time has his party displayed through advertising Trumps acts of kindness for helping those who are less fortunate and change he has done for those living in poor conditions or a social class well below his.

    Trump will become president and make an ass out of all racist supporters, Latinos, and African Americans who decide I think he can make America great again. Trump will say, did they really think I would help them. Again, if Trump wanted to make change he would have committed himself to it well before running for president. Trump wants to prove he can get Americans to vote for him because as he said our country is so stupid. Trump is as dumb as they get when he can't answer a question directly which will not work when dealing with other countries as a president.

    I guarantee he has a bet going with someone that he can get elected president and trust me money is on the table with that bet. The turmoil Trump would put our country in if elected would be well deserved because people need to listen and stand outside of the box and truly listen to what he is saying, what he has been doing for this country, and the people he wants to so call help all of a sudden.

    Trump said he wants to be unpredictable, which means you don't as a country see what is coming. YOU WAIT AND DEAL WITH IT. We as citizens have the POWER not Trump and not Hillary so think, educate yourselves on what is being said and base your vote on the facts you researched and not by what someone is speaking through a mic. We all can shit our way through a mic when we don't know what we are doing.

  • Johnny Rotten - 7 years ago

    Stick it where the sun doesn't shine PAUL RYAN! your days are Numbered, yours too Prebus!

    You bailed on Americans!!!!! YOU BOTH WILL LOSE BIG TIME

  • Doug - 7 years ago

    I think it's funny when people say "Don't vote for Hillary! She lies! She wants to take your guns!" First, why don't they see that Trump lies? Second, the only people saying your guns will be taken is the Republicans so they can scare you to vote for them.

  • Jnell - 7 years ago

    Trump did great. As for the moderators, they had the audacity to argue with Trump, but not with Crooked Hillary. The left main stream media is history.

  • jojo6879 - 7 years ago

    Donald Trump is a idiot. And is very embarassing to watch .He does not answer questions just avoids them. You can't know what his policies are because he has none. He has not said what he would do about syria . He has no idea.

  • Jared - 7 years ago

    Tough call...idc about the debate i think both choices r full of shit...if i had to pick one id say someone who negotiated deals his w u ole life and seems to be more of a populist so trump (i am not a supporter just have to make a choice)

  • Trump snorts - 7 years ago

    Trump threw his own running mate under the bus!! He is a complete idiot !! Anyone who votes for this snorting egotistical asshole will be sorry!!

  • Trump snorts - 7 years ago

    Trump threw his own running mate under the bus!! He is a complete idiot !! Anyone who votes for this snorting egotistical asshole will be sorry!!

  • MARK WALKER - 7 years ago

    Clinton played with a loaded deck against Bernie....and the "moderaters" didnt appear to be too moderate,the lady moderate rat one point questioned Trump on SYRIA DIRECTLY.and kept interrupting Trump whilst leaving crooked clinton alone.........the system is rigged against Trump ( electoral college system, super delegate farce....bent pro clinton press and political system) wake up america ..the days of the old political sycophantic crony political system will be changed forever if Trump gets in .....he cant do worse for the economy,foreign policy and healthcare than the obama/clinton regime........be honest how is she not in jail for what she did with those emails?..reason? cronyism/political elite...........Trump is a bullying ,horrible beast of a man but he will make things work.

  • Carmen - 7 years ago

    If you want things to stay the same vote for hillary. If you want things to change vote for trump. Simple as that.

  • Wil a emerson - 7 years ago

    Hilliary lies...

  • Travis Newland - 7 years ago

    When Trump kept on asking why didn't you change it on multiple issues while in the Senate. He has to remember that we live in a democracy and you have to vote, which she did. We need a poitician for the white house, not a person that filed for bankruptcy. (maybe that's his plan to settle our debt)I vote for Hillary all the way

  • Granny Smith - 7 years ago

    Woohoo! I just voted 3 times. It was easy. Change browser, clear cookies, both worked! You can't trust polls like that.

  • Jessica Garcia - 7 years ago

    Wake up. America! Trump is trying to fool voters the same way Castro and Chavez did. If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bull shit! Don't take the bait!

  • Jessica Garcia - 7 years ago

    Wake up. America! Trump is trying to fool voters the same way Castro and Chavez did. If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bull shit! Don't take the bait!

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    Drop them both, and run the vice president choices instead

  • mark walker - 7 years ago

    2 horrendously embarrassing candidates.........but Hillary Clinton has failed to deliver for 30 years...remember her husband was impeached.whitewater,illegal corrupt cattle futures trading,emails ,5 billion "lost "while secretary of state/foreign secretary,very dodgy non accounted clinton foundation,brazenly knocked her husbands rape victims into the gutter,disastrous record on economy,foreign policy ( directly leading to growth of Isis and the total nightmare in Libya and Syria)......shes all talk no action and totally in the pockets of her donors........in short a disgraceful failed crooked liar. Trump a horrible slob but must be given a chance ..it cant get worse......15% of american citizens live below the poverty line!.....the economy has to get mended..it wont under Clinton shes all talk ........it might under Trump whos sidelick VP IS EXCELLENT

  • Ramon Rodriguez - 7 years ago

    Trump all the way,he looks tonight very presidential,I don't care about his past everybody have one,and we're a nation of forgiveness but Hillary is a big time liar can't be trusted,I voted for Obama twice but I'll not make that mistake again

  • Steve DeZell - 7 years ago

    Trump may not have the political experience but we've all seen how corrupt the Clintons and Obamas are. I'm voting for Trump because he does what he thinks is right. We all make mistakes. About time for a business man to take the the lead instead of corrupt career politicians. VOTE TRUMP.

  • Jenny - 7 years ago

    Hilary will clearly make a better president. Trump is a joke and who can take him seriously....no one

  • Ron - 7 years ago

    Lifelong Republican here that is breaking out and voting for Clinton. I will say he did better tonight but still hasn't mastered answering a question. He is truly not qualified.

  • Tami - 7 years ago

    You are sadly mistaken if you think Trump respects women. He shows no respect to women, Hispanixs, African Americans, or those with dusabilities. He reminds me of a middle school bully. I have never seen anyone avoid answering questions like he does. It would be nice to hear him discuss policy. Instead he makes a statement that he doesn't agree with his running mate on policy.Hikaru won hands down.

  • Ron Bennett - 7 years ago

    She calls him racist and calls me deplorable and irredeemable. I wore a uniform and fought for this country. I am not deplorable. She hits and hits... Tonight Trump hit back hard.

  • Beverly Colley - 7 years ago

    I think the debate was even. Hillary is more polished with her smug do nothing 30 years of practice of lying and coverups. We need change so my vote goes to Trump.

  • Socrates - 7 years ago

    Trump is fallible and has an ego. Hillary does not believe in our country. Trump believes in AMERICA. He continues to say that in each debate. An eleven year old tape or countless emails lost, an impeached husband, and Bengazi murders, and deplorable americans. Bill Maher and his catfish mouth needs to stop suckling the bottom of hilary's arse. Trump stay on point, we are with you.

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    For you losers who blame Clinton on Benghazi -
    The CIA is in charge of embassies and not the State department. Who was in charge at that time?
    David Petreus the republican who actually gave top secret information to his girlfriend.
    As to the emails you losers please note her private server was not hacked and having a private server was not illegal. Ask Colin Powell
    Grab our pussies

  • Paola - 7 years ago

    I am all for Trump! After what happened in Benghazi, never would I vote for Clinton. She has been a politic for nearly 30 years and absolutely nothing has changed in our country. Trump Nation!!!

  • Truthful - 7 years ago

    Trump did great. He was much calmer and telling it like it is. The truth hurts but it has to be said in a calm manner like he did tonight. Its true if we vote for Hillary its like having obama again and nothing will get done. If we want change, Donald has to be elected. Peopke say he is not qualified, but what has qualified Hillary done . Nothing. Ive never voted before, but for sure Trump has my vote. This Country needs to be great again. Lets fix our country first .

  • Rob - 7 years ago

    As we all have opinions and ideas, it's my opinion that this country is so disabled by past failures in presidential campaigns and elected presidents that citizens of this great nations are blinded by the smoke and mirrors of Trump and the used car sales techniques of Clinton that will finally take its toll on the freedoms that were fought for over our entire existence. Neither of these candidates possess the integrity, discipline, or loyalty citizens of the United States require and as a retired Marine Corps Enlisted Infantry Leader who has sacrificed everything along with my brothers and sisters from other services, I feel that it's imperative we as a nation look past the short sale of a new president or pick the lesser of two evils and stand up as a nation and fight just as we did when this United States was first established. The people make up our country.....let's not allow the country to be made or ran by individualist with personal agendas. Our children will suffer at the hands of individuals like this and countries other than us are waiting for America to finally die so they can pick off our bones and give themselves strength. Wake up America, set aside the useless rhetoric, and unify this country as we did when our independence was fought for in the beginning of this great and free land. For our children's sake, I can only hope and pray for a Hail Mary pass come election time.....our nation is hanging in the balance and it's our fault for allowing the only two people who represent the opposite of America to potentially lead this country!

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    The only thing more terrifying than Trump are the morons who support him.

  • I love America - 7 years ago

    We don't have great choices. They both suck but I prefer Hilary . Trump would bring down America for sure. Any one but trump

  • CC - 7 years ago

    Hillary is a lying snake, all she does is talk and tell lies and only cares about money. Trump is already a billionaire and isn't in it for the money. He wants to make the USA again. He wants to bring jobs back and to give the people power again. All Hillary wants is for the government to run everything. Our country will fall if she wins...

  • Scott - 7 years ago

    Well I can tell by this poll that most people didn't watch the debate and they're just voting based on who they like. It's obvious that Trump looks like a troll, complaining about the moderators the whole time and blurting out unrealistic promises with absolutely no insight on how he'll pay for or execute his plans.

    He's doing little more than hold up his team flag and fist pump like an enthusiastic fan.

    Best line: We're gonna bring the inner city "economics".

    Donald, would you care to elaborate on that nonsense, or are you just making this junk up as you go? Like, what the hell are you talking about?

  • Vanessa - 7 years ago

    For anyone who's saying that trump won clearly has lost their mind. HILLARY ALL THE WAY

  • Cheryl - 7 years ago

    Compared to what Clinton's supporters have said with filthy mouths and their liberal attitudes, it certainly lets me know who is on the right track. Her husband is a rapist and she is a liar. Both need to be behind bars. What they tried to pull on Trump was 11 years ago. Trump is more concerned about the Constitution and the decency of our Nation. No, he's not perfect but tell me who is. With her and her husbands history Trump is the only choice!!

  • J.p - 7 years ago

    Its more even than one sided. Trump is a succeful business man, he has made lots of money lost it and got even more back. He is doing something right. Hillary clinton has been a politican for a long time. She has experience but she lies and cannot be trusted sometimes. But trump cant be trusted either. We are trusting the well being of america in the hands a billionaire mogul basterd or a crusty lieing old hag. If i had to choose i would go with hillary clinton. She has more experience and just does not quit. America will get fucked over no matter who gets the office but hillary clinton will not get impeached in the first week of being in office.

  • Jmac - 7 years ago

    Prettty sad choices we have .

    I'm a democrat my whole life but I think national security & jobs are criticcal .

    You better perform , tired of carrear politicians do nothing .
    Trump #1

  • Jmac - 7 years ago

    Prettty sad choices we have .

    I'm a democrat my whole life but I think national security & jobs are criticcal .

    You better perform , tired of carrear politicians do nothing .
    Trump #1

  • Jmac - 7 years ago

    Prettty sad choices we have .

    I'm a democrat my whole life but I think national security & jobs are criticcal .

    You better perform , tired of carrear politicians do nothing .
    Trump #1

  • Jmac - 7 years ago

    Prettty sad choices we have .

    I'm a democrat my whole life but I think national security & jobs are criticcal .

    You better perform , tired of carrear politicians do nothing .
    Trump #1

  • Christina - 7 years ago

    Trump won. Talked about what Americans are really facing in daily life. Hillary. Was all about herself and the past with Obama plans for the future. Z

  • DONALD TRUMP - 7 years ago


  • Saundra Quinn - 7 years ago

    I have more trust in Trump than Clinton because she has been caught in way too many lies. I voted independent last year, but this year it will be R.

  • Bud - 7 years ago

    It was so much fun to watch Trump bumble around a again. Can't wait to see him lose in November. Such a jackass.

  • David - 7 years ago

    Trump was in great form tonight. I thought his performance in the first debate was poor and I didn't have much hope after that, but I thought he was excellent tonight. Hillary sounded too much like she was campaining a lot of the time and not really answering the questions well.

  • Gt - 7 years ago

    ANYONE BUT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¿!!!!!!!!

  • Al - 7 years ago

    Interesting that Dems like to discuss Trump's poor temperament. Notice that every expletive used in previous comments of this poll come from Hillary supporters.

  • #HillaryforPrison - 7 years ago

    Hey #Trumpisamoron, I don't see any evidence that I'm a deplorable. Hillary is the defintion of a deplorable, letting Americans die, not doing anything about the many problems Trump pointed out that she didn't do anything about. Hillary is involved in a scamdal just like how her husband was. Keep in mind, Bill was a womanizer and a sexual harraser. We totally should vote for it's wife. Heck, Bill prefers other women then Hillary in the oval office. Back on point Hillary hasn't done anything to help and everything to hurt. Before you start saying Trump didn't do shit, let me point out how he with no political experience prior manged to leave news networks resort to lying for the sake of news, he beat out an entire party, and is leaving many frightened. The reason those people are scared is because they know they're part of the problem. They're scared because they know that Trump is going to make those lazy liberals get off there lousy butts and actually stop spoling America and it's enemy. Anything else I should say?

  • Tamera Sanford - 7 years ago

    Good job Donald Trump! ????

  • Phillip Gonzalez - 7 years ago

    Trump is stupid. , Hillary is the smart choice, c'mon America do the right thing ...vote for Hillary.....

  • Lindsay - 7 years ago

    Trump sniffed and interupted like a drug addict! He used "disastrous". As his fear word more than 200 times. Lie after lie.trump is the ultimate embarrassment of the Republican Party.

  • David - 7 years ago

    I don't want to elect either, however my opinion is that atleast Hillary was composed. While Donald's performance/responses took the form of a flaming car wreck.

  • Amir M - 7 years ago

    Donald Trump in far better form here, more centred and balanced. Hillary Clinton seemed much more nervous, and feel, though she was very insincere and manipulative with her answers.

  • 24601 - 7 years ago

    I always vote against Roe Vs Wade so I will be pulling my R lever again this election. Black lives matter: vote for life!

  • Greg - 7 years ago

    Another victory for Hillary. Answer the questions Mr. Trump even though we know you can't. You can not make yourself look any worse. In a short time America will speak and say "Your Fired".

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    Trump did great. Hillary sucks and is a criminal. Trump 2016

  • Sue - 7 years ago

    Trump is a pig. His recent tapes regarding his actions toward women are deplorable, and his "boys will be boys" locker room talk is dangerous and irresponsible. He has no content behind his words - no plans, no depth, no knowledge. If you support him, you are simple minded and should not have the right to vote.

  • Jackrfly - 7 years ago

    He mopped the floor with her! With all her media support and money in her campaign she should be crushing him. The American people see through her lies and lack of substance. Who is she to criticize him on charachter? Not enough Benghazi talk tonight. She looked flustered.

  • Winston - 7 years ago

    it is fortunate to have Trump.

  • Bobby - 7 years ago

    Yes, Jennnu, Trump went bankrupt a handful of times. However, you failed to mention that Hillary managed to lose 4 billions dollars of tax payer money that disappeared. The oompa loompa comment is a personal attack and simply displays rage rather than your ability to form a factual opinion. You call Trump a liar? How many scandals is Hillary involved in or has been involved in. Yes she was working for the president but SHE IS A PUBLIC SERVANT. This means transparency. And I have knowledgable, fact-based opinions. I do not consider myself a deplorable or irredeemable. Again, personal attacks in order to defend a stance. In conclussion, Trump is not a "better" option, but instead the only option when viewing his opponent.

  • April - 7 years ago

    1st question of the night... Are you displaying presidential behavior? #Trumpsurelyisnot Hillary killed him with her compliment on his chi. Trump should have been quiet and said nothing

  • Former Bernie Supporter - 7 years ago

    Trump won, no doubt about it.

    As a former Bernie supporter I am against the establishment that has done so little good and done so much evil.

  • Bud - 7 years ago

    Trump will be crying tonight. Hilary grabbed him by the p**** and easily won the second debate

  • Dt - 7 years ago

    It doesn't matter what Trump supporters say. Clinton is going to win because Trump is so retarded. He can't even answer a question when it's asked. He says what he wants.

  • Emily - 7 years ago

    Hillary should be in jail!!

  • Janice - 7 years ago

    Trump nailed it! Hilliaty is a typical politician, she doesnt care about us

  • Janice - 7 years ago

    Trump nailed it! Hilliaty is a typical politician, she doesnt care about us

  • Bronco - 7 years ago

    Hillary did great! As she spoke from the experience!!

  • Fanny Y Estevez - 7 years ago

    Trump has insulted just about everyone but his family in this race he is only interested in himself as a sociopathic megalomaniac the 60s and any woman that was for him is a self-loathing woman who has been abused raped and sexually assault them and think that this sociopath is not fit to be president? Is just about the most cancer in the world he is dangerous and it wouldn't allow me or anyone else friends are family females to be alone in a room with him his inability to control himself around attractive women should be aesthetically pleasing objects for the use of men only a direct quote he made

  • Joseph Benson - 7 years ago

    Hillary Clinton looks like a dried up old crusty bird, left In the desert to die.

  • Johnny Fatheree - 7 years ago

    I agree w Trump. This woman is the devil and should have been in jail a long time ago.

  • Johnny Fatheree - 7 years ago

    I agree w Trump. This woman is the devil and should have been in jail a long time ago.

  • Agnes - 7 years ago

    She did not deny that she burned 33000 emails. That says a lot

  • Mike H - 7 years ago

    Trump kicked Hillary booty. Trump hit her like she hit him with the truth. What's amazing she has done so many things badly but her supporters seem not to care? Be careful when you follow the masses because sometimes the m is silent.

  • Rigo - 7 years ago

    Hillary wone hands down that bafoon doesn't have a clue to what hes doing fuck trump and his brain dead supporters maybe he can grab all of them from their pussy lol

  • Reggie Wagstaff - 7 years ago

    Trump was logical and measured. His points were what the voters wanted to hear. Hillary remains unlikable and not trustworthy. Vote for Trump.

  • Julie - 7 years ago

    I am amazed that any self respecting woman would ever entertain the idea of voting for Trump.
    What scares and baffles me are the folks who really think Trump is fit to be President. I'm embarrassed for this country.

  • Pree - 7 years ago


  • Jennu - 7 years ago

    How can people think this fucking orange Oompa Loompa run our country? He can't get America out of debt that's an impossible job he's gone bankrupt six times we don't have six times for him to fuck up. The fact that people actually would vote for him makes me sick. He's a liar and a child. He knows a lot about business so he claims but nothing about politics. Being president is just about fighting Isis and getting us out of debt. He does not have what it takes to lead this country. Neither does Hillary but she's a better option. Of course she has secret emails she was fucking married to the fucking president.

  • #trumpisamoron - 7 years ago

    Hillary is right - Trump voters are "deplorable" and they can't be brought to sense. Trump is an asshole, but because trump supporters are so stupid, they'll never see the evil in him. Good luck America, you're on your own if you elect that moron.

  • jeremy - 7 years ago

    Trump for president. those of you who will vote for hillary go ahead because it may not affect you but it will affect your grandchildren and there grandchildren

  • Lonnie - 7 years ago

    Haha.... funny how a red state feels Trump won. Just goes to show the people have already voted and the debates don't matter.

  • Jorden - 7 years ago

    If trump could stop saying and doing dunmb things, wait his turn to talk and deliver a policy he would run away with the election

  • Chris T - 7 years ago

    I was very impressed with what Mr. Trump had to say. Hes got a great point Hillary is all talk she has been doing this for ages, her husband even has been the president. Despite that we are worse off. Donald doesnt need this, he is already filthy rich, I got the feeling he just wants to help us working men out and crush terrorism. Jobs and safety. Prob the two biggest issues for most of America. Trumps got my vote.

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