Who Do You Think GH Charlotte is?


  • Kerry - 7 years ago

    Claudette was the surrogate for Lulu's embryo. Valentin is not the father.......Another Cassadine is

  • Sarah Drobnick - 7 years ago

    I think she is Lulu's daughter it's a soap so she could be Lulu's even though she is older than Rocco

  • linda - 7 years ago

    she is Claudette's n Valentini's daughter Lulu was kidnapped in 2013 so her child would be 2 or 3 yrs old n she'd be younger then her son Rocco - lulu may have a child but that child is on the island they were on at the address on the empty envelope Helena left Lulu - Valentini knows his daughter is a Cassedine heir n since she is a minor n he is her father he'd have control of the money

  • franny gray - 7 years ago

    They need to hurry up and get this bull with that she devil ,Claudette over with and kill her off or something.The writers need to make Nathan West stronger charactor and not so wimpy or wish washy ,especially about the bull with Claudette. Let Nathan and Maxie get married and move on.

  • Darlene - 7 years ago

    I think it's Nathan sister

  • Debbie - 7 years ago

    Sure it is Lulu's baby!!! This is a soap....remember how fast all of Carly's babies grew up? I think it is Lulu and Dante's.

  • Sandy Grace - 7 years ago

    seriously? she's too old to be lulu's embryo. she's 4 years old!
    really have no idea who she could be other than who they say she is. i don't think that far ahead. i let it play out.

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