Is Morgan Dead, Badly Burned or Okay After Explosion?

  • loretta yates - 5 years ago's really evident that you are having casting problems and retention of actors...viewers are not stupid. It is, however, frustrating that you can know the outcome before its written.

  • loretta yates - 5 years ago

    Morgan is blown away from the scene which sobers him right up. Being depressed and wanting to run away from all his problems he decides to run away and let everyone assume he is dead. Problem solved. A few contract negotiations ...and voila...Morgan is back and all is well. (You could include..."The part of Morgan Corinth's is now being played by...." if the original actor decides not to come back. (If they offer you a negotiation...take it! Its so much bette than not working! My opinion. The storyline went way too fast and was way to contrived to be believable.

  • Betty Cohill - 5 years ago

    I hate the way you all dragging this out because i don't want sonny and carly to break up so please let sonny pull it together and let Jason find out something before it to late

  • Sabbath - 5 years ago

    I truly hope they find that Morgan is alive. It will not be an immdiate healing for his parents but a good story line as they once again come together for the good of one of their children. I hope it starts a new storyline and that they find out Ava switched medications.

  • Ruby Florence - 5 years ago

    I can't wait for the day when Ava gets what is coming to her and that stupid Alexis needs to put the bottle down, get a 357 Magnum and blow Julien away and put him in the trunk of her car and take him where he will never be seen again. Nice suggestions!

  • Debbie - 5 years ago

    Soaps never kill anyone off permanently. There is always some obscure loose end that allows the writers to bring back a character from the dead. You need only to look at the whole Jake/Jason resurrection for an example, and there are tons of others. Soaps pull off so many resurrections that Jesus and the Pope are jealous.

  • JerJazzy - 5 years ago

    He should be badly burned not killed off so that we can have an opportunity to have him come back one day and that way they can all still teach all of the guilty parties a lesson. Including Ava who I think started this ripple effect

  • ina - 5 years ago

    Please don't kill him off he is a great actor, cute young man, my granddaughter got the hots for him.

  • Katherineroberson - 5 years ago

    Let him be badly burn so Sonny he'll no that the sins of the father is visited on the children an change his revengeful way s

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