Who won the second presidential debate?

  • eastlosmade - 5 years ago

    she's a liar w major psychological projection ish. If she feels it's ok to place incompetent people in charge of handling waste from her own tour buses letting them drain her own staff waste into city sewers illegally, then she can blow me.

  • Robert Guy Sheets - 5 years ago

    Funny how the says Killary won. But 7.42% of the comments say Trump.

  • Jason Kelly - 5 years ago

    Trump won by far. Not going to get into a pissing match over politics.
    Have a nice day and let's make America great again!!!!

  • LiberalsAreCommunists - 5 years ago


    An attorney who supported Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) named Sean Lucas filed papers at the DNC Services Corp. against then-Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the Washington, D.C. headquarters for the DNC.
    The lawsuit was a fraud class action against the Democrat Party for how they treated Bernie Sanders supporters.
    As we’ve learned from the WikiLeaks emails, everything Sanders supporters said about the DNC is true, and Sanders had the election stolen from him.
    Now, attorney Lucas has been found dead
    Donald Trump won the debate ..Donald Trump is not RAPIST.. BILL CLINTON IS..Donald Trump did not sell out his country (called TREASON).. HILLARY DID... Donald Trump did not get the rapist of a 12 year old girl off free as a bird and then laugh about how he knew the man was guilty.. HILLARY DID ALL THESE AND MUCH MORE.. VOTE FOR HILLARY IS THE SAME AS A VOTE FOE HITLER

  • Money Talks - 5 years ago

    Let's face it: the only real division in US is between the rich and poor. Hillary is playing on racial card and women's card. Rich white, black and latinos doesn't care about the color of skin, religion and sex. She wants to remind blacks that they're blacks and latinos that they are poor white people. The establishment wants that division, because for as long as the division of people is there, slavery is still alive. Clintons are the guardians of a modern slavery. They keep blacks and larinos poor: The only person that can truly liberate blacks and latinis and end the economic slavery is Donald Trump. He is on the quest from God to lead populus against rotten establishment, both Democrats and Republicans who have been enslaving all races, religions and poor human beings in general. Hillary means poverty and lack of democracy (look how they made CNN their own private and lying network). Trump means revolution, that would end economic slavery for American people.

    As a business owner I employ blacks, latinos and women. The salary is according to who brings the most business in. Good looking and educated women bring in more business so they are paid more than men. I have one Muslim guy and a latino lady who do business within their communities and are paid top dollars in the industry (six figgures). They're all going to vote for Trump.

    Hillary will mean higher taxes, recession and investment in global wars. Deteriorarion of relationship with Russia, possible military conflict of some sort with them. By supporting Kurds which she indicated in the last debate, she will piss off even more Turkey after Obama failed coup d'etat. That means more bloodshead in the middle east as Turkey is #2 NATO army in the world (after us).

    Trump will mean lower taxes, economic boom, more jobs and investment in development. Investment in only profitable wars. Good relationship with Russia and preferred trade agreement with them. Stop for humanitarian crisis in the middle east.

  • Pamela Adams - 5 years ago

    I vote for Trump in V.A., I am tired of Hillary using sex and race to be president, she is a female Jesse Jackson. Race relations under Obama are as bad as 20 years ago. HILLARY is weak, a liar, and should be arrested. If she becomes president it will weaken this country, she will sell us to the highest bidder. The polls are incorrect, there are sooo many people that will vote Trump that don't care not have time for polls. I'm talking real men and women, the working class

  • Trey - 5 years ago

    Honestly Donald Trump shouldnt be our president because hes full of shit and tells people what they want to hear. As i can recall his bussinesses went bankrupt a couple of years ago in Alantic City and fired over 250 employees which left families out to dry. Some people worked their most of their lives including a friend of mine named Juan who waas there for 10 year and just to be let go, is bull shit. You all are stupid americans, instead of posting about he said she said shit go look up your history. Bill is the only president that got us out of debt and brought more money into this country, i remeber gas was 1.85 a gallon and we never had all these high ass taxes....GoodNight and FUCK YOU ALL.....

  • Nathan - 5 years ago

    Donald won but I think we should call for two new candidates is this really the best we have to offer unfortunately I will be voting for Donald from what I've read and seen I believe him to be the lesser of two evils

  • Duane - 5 years ago

    The bar was set sooooo low for trump in this debate he looked quite good. However that does not mean you won a debate. Clinton looks and acts like a President, she spoke to the audience as individuals and tried to talk about policy. My girlfriend who is not big on politics kept saying to me during the debate that he never gives policies to solve anything. We may live in a world driven by social media and sound bites but when it comes to substance and who looks and acts like a commander in chief....Hilary Clinton wins hands down. His whole attitide to social inclusion is shocking....the USA is seen as a shinning beacon and its constitution as a sacred and historical pillar of modern and progressive politics. Donald Trump cares little for relgious freedom and to be free from persecution. I am a white british man and I worry about the pressures of immigration, however having a man like Trump in the White House would rip at the soul of America and everything it has achieved over 200 years since its independance. Good luck Hilary

  • Janelle - 5 years ago

    Trump 2016

  • William Brent - 5 years ago

    I am an independent I find it amazing how biased CNN and liberal polls actually are. Clinton had the deer-in-the-headlights look for the majority of the debate. And seeing all the hate from Clinton supporters has solidified my vote for Trump.

  • SteveW - 5 years ago

    I wish I could honestly say that it is shocking to hear the belittling attitude spewing from the blatant HRC supporters in the comments here, but the truth of the matter is that it comes as no surprise. Everywhere I go I can also identify a hardcore democrat by their derogatory comments about those who are less well off in comparison to themselves. All I can say is go ahead and keep spewing the hate speech and I'll keep ignoring what you have to say.

    On the flip side, if you have something intelligent to contribute like the majority of conservatives and independent voters, I am more than happy to listen, even if we disagree. I enjoy a lively discussion and enjoy hearing differing perspectives from my fellow deplorables!

  • Paul - 5 years ago

    I think Abraham Lincoln won the debate last night. He didn't even need to be there to prove what a disrespectful lying piece of crap Hillary is.

  • Clinton news network - 5 years ago

    Donald trump won hands down. He brought the fight to Hillary and bill Clinton, and was the first successful conservative to make the case to the American people in a debate setting. The Clinton news network and MSNBC may say Clinton won, but the American people voting online have trump winning the 2nd debate by a lot. He has stood up for the middle clsss, and exposed Hillary and bill for the enabler and rapist that they respectively are. Hillary would raise taxes people, and is a political elite who controls and wants big government. Why do you think the newspapers and networks are digging up 10 year old dirt?? Because trump is a threat to their status quo, wake up poeple please!!!! Big Wall Street loves Clinton , and so does George soros , and Hillary's KKK thesis buddy! People do your own research do not listen to the Clinton machine, and the Clinton news network.

  • JORDAN - 5 years ago

    Trump hit it out of the ball park. Trump won the debate no question about. Of course, we have Hillary's trolls saying the opposite but what do expect from a failing campaign. The majority of Americans wanted to hear that Hillary will finally be held accountable for her crimes. Bill looked worried as some of the women in the audience were women he raped and/or sexually assaulted. Bill was thinking about what is happening to Bill Crosby so Bill is very nervous and scared. We want law and order. The Clintons are NOT above the law.

  • Scorp - 5 years ago

    Trump came off as weak and desperate throughout most of the debate. He got off a couple zingers but they were ultimately empty. He tried to sttack Hillary on bill and she disarmed him outright. We wound up with trump saying that he'll use his power as president to imprison his opponent which is an impeachable offense. Trump LOST.

  • Franco - 5 years ago

    It was Trump, this time with a good mike, by a mile. This poll and CNN's remind me of the postal vote for London's mayor, which was won by a Pakistani Muslim.

  • Bit Harris - 5 years ago

    Donald Trump won the debate hands down!! He WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! HRC was rattled and could not stay focused. Her campaign was tweeting vulgar language out and after the debate was over she left the room immediately without her husband!! Very telling that Bill may get a lamp thrown at him last night!!

  • Mia - 5 years ago

    And I'm so sure that after she becomes a president, and start making your and your families life and future better, you will regret all the trash you have said about her.

  • Mia - 5 years ago

    I wish i could see every and each of your faces when on November 8 on the election day they're going to announce the name of our president .. Because it is going to be Hillary Clinton.

  • abdulla saeed - 5 years ago

    HI I am from Dubai not American and yet could click and effect poll results, let me tell you this in united Arab emirates we buy Haliiry and her husband for as little as $10 million and ask her to lobby for us and for U.A.E. needs, while Mr smart Trump Dubai wanted him to build a Tower for $1.2 billion they wanted his famous celebrity effect so they can sell more land and unites, you know what he did? he passed on 2006-2008 came on 2010-2011 bought 10 times the land with half price. if trump run in Dubai he has my vote. about Islam and trump view I am a Muslim and I agree with him what you have as so called refuges are not real refuges they are mercenaries ran away from battle field and from Iraq/Syria Army, we in the Arab world could not accept such threat while U.S. took them in good luck.

  • Ben - 5 years ago

    CNN and Heavy.com are a joke I am going to love to see the look on CNN's face when they finally have to report the truth about Hillary Clinton's campaign. That their dead horse has lost the race...

  • Tri331 - 5 years ago

    Funny how literally EVERY OTHER POLL tonight shows Trump winning by a landslide

  • Beau - 5 years ago

    Trump is a joke along with his uneducated white trash supporters.

  • Diana Harbour - 5 years ago

    Fact checking shows Hillary gave a false answer one time and Trump gave a false answer 16 times. Hillary is so much better prepared to be president. Trump lives in his own little bubble where he can say whatever he wants, hoping that no one will check. And the way he followed Hillary around, looming over her from behind when she spoke to people was downright creepy. Also, you can't vote more than once, so the poll is accurate.

  • Elena - 5 years ago

    No matter who's won this debate, you all going to see very soon ,that our next president is HILARY CLINTON!

  • wahasatchmo - 5 years ago

    As an experiment, I voted more than 100 times for Trump. I had to switch my VPN to do so. I notice that every vote I register was followed by 2 for Hillary. Hysterical. You guys are a crack up.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Whoever thought Hillary won the second debate I wonder what they are smoking!!!

  • Audrey - 5 years ago

    The reason she wants people to go to Snopes to fact Check. Is because they are in her corner. And is donating to her campaign. I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!!! She is a liar. Supports late term abortions. And I believe she would do EVERYTHING in her power to take both the first and second amendment away.
    She is always saying Trump needs to apologize and he must be hiding something is why he hasn't showed his Tax Returns. 2 things 1,She should apologize (ALONG with Obama) the Families of the Bengahzi Victims AND she should apologize to the American people for keeping classified e-mail on a private server. AND 2 What did she have to hide ,that she had to delete and wipe out 3300 emails????

    AND Trump is right. It was Locker room talk. I WOULD HOPE THAT THESE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN A BUBBLE. NEVER listens to men AND women in a locker room, truck stop, warehouse where mainly men work there, OR talk on a CB radio. Because I have HEARD women do the same!!! AND IT WAS 11 YRS AGO!!! He said he was sorry and he is NOT that same MAN as he was back then.


  • Akram - 5 years ago

    I have a suggestion. A police officer stoped my husband on highway for speeding and my husband said to him that every one speeds so why did he stop him? The Cop responded that he'd give a ticket to my husband first and then go after others. In like manner, I believe in this manner America should proceed to stop loopholes to crime who often say why don't you catch others. Wrong is wrong; it does not matter how many people are doing it when you have to pay for your wrongdoing. Otherwise the law has no effect and congress sits at the back while others not reflecting the people interest write the laws.

  • Natalie - 5 years ago

    Trump won hands down!! How can people vote for the LIAR Hillary Clinton?!?? She is so fake and phoney and a little manipulator! I can't stand her and her "pagent" answers. She is soo full of S**t!!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    @Tom Are you getting paid to post stupid comments? Cause even CNN said Trump did well in the debate and even though he said he lost.. they are the #1 donor to her giving her 10s of millions and the loss was cause they had 80% Dems in their poll.. but Fox sample was 40-30-30(indys) and 85% said Trump won!

  • Mathew Wright - 5 years ago

    It's funny... HiLiary is "leading" but no one... NO ONE has a single positive thing to say about her ANYWHERE on the net... it's all BS. We're all just sheep if we believe this lying B**** has anything good for our future! #Trump2016

  • I'm With Xer - 5 years ago

    I gotta say, when that fly landed on Hillary's face, all I could think was "Like flies on Bullshit" LOL I was dying

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    I have never seen so many stupid comments in my whole life Hillary clearly won the debate tonight Donald Trump never answered one question that was addressed to him he started all the issues and attacked the human person of Hillary I am ashamed that he would dare to say in public that she has an angry heart I further Wonder what excuse he will use when he is shown to have lost this debate oh I know it was the microphone the debate was rigged it amazes me that's so many people can support a braggart and the bully like Donald Trump his whole demeanor during the debate was that of a bully and we dont need a bully as a president

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    @ Ted Cruz....I know it's not the real Ted Cruz.. cause we would want to see you say that on our facebook!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    We and the Media are missing something important here.. Trump mentioning Bernie at least 4 times. Was this a message to reach out to Bernie people to show them why they should go for Trump or at least vote for someone else outside of Hillary. Mentioning Bernie saying this and that about Hillary was a Key Signature to Bernie people watching!

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    I guess all Clinton supporters voted more than once and might during the actual vote for president but my favorite part of the debate was the end with the last question I think that was Trump's final knockout punch to Clinton

  • Ted Cruz - 5 years ago

    DAHNOLD! ...Your performance was impressive tonight! I don't know how you do it! It seems you are truely worthy of the title of TRUE CONSERVATIVE.

    I give you my delegates Dahnold

  • Smile and Lie - 5 years ago

    @Ron - you're right about trump providing African Americans jobs. More than you can say about 'super predator' Hillary. Even BLM acknowledged she said that. - also, say African American instead of "blacks" you white supremacist pig. You should be ashamed. I hope the PC police come and scold you.

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    As someone with a TS clearance and works on US embassies and consulates. I've been to atleast 10 embassy and consulates and it's all if any one on this compound sent a classified email on a private server our clearance would be immediately removed and prosecuted. People simply do not understand the seriousness of classified information and the ridiculous amount of protocols come with just being around it. She allowed the embassy in Benghazi to stay open when our flag was the last one flying, compound was completely under spec and outdated as well as under guarded...All allies had shut down and moved all personnel out of Lydia. She has failed and lied over and over again, and the whole Loretta lynch situation is exactly what American politics has become; pure corruption. Feeding off of hard working law abiding citizens taxs dollars. The entire country was visibly shown that it's a double track system. Some are above the low some are not. The clintons have more power then the kennedys. Trump may not be the best choice but it's time for someone who hasn't been in politics and can not be bought. He's focused on America and its citizens. You are completely fallacious and unguided if you vote for this woman on Election Day.

  • Teresa - 5 years ago

    Hillary remains a liar!!!!!! AND Trump is right she needs to be put in Jail.

  • Gracie Cade - 5 years ago

    This is all rigged! She clearly lies every time her mouth opens, & he just tells us the way it is. I watched the debate on FB & there were 99,000 viewers & very few were for Hillary! She hasn't done anything good for America in 30, wth would anything think she is miraculously gonna make things good if she gets her lying ass back in the whitehouse again?!???? People need to wake the hell up!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    Actually @ Ron.. .Trump has more Blacks in Top executive positions than Hillary and Bill Combined.. also he's given money to Flint... what has Hillary given to blacks in flint? NOTHING! She cares NOTHING about black people... Hillary has known she was running for the past 2 Years.. Why hasns't she gotten with Obama and started anything she says to SHOW the american people she's trying to do something? Cause Trump is correct.. it's ALL TALK/NO ACTION Polticians! Politicians NEVER do 90% of the things they say in 4 years.

  • Heather - 5 years ago

    How many of these CNN fools did you ask. LOL!

  • Maryanne Sudler - 5 years ago

    Hillary won!

  • Slick Willy - 5 years ago

    Hickory dickory dock, Monica sucked Bills cock. The cock was sprung and Bill had fun. Hickory dickory dock.
    Hickory dickory dock, Victims are easy to mock. Hillary would know, 'cause she did so. Hickory dickory dock.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    What debate were all those voting that Clinton won this debate. Sure wasn't watching the same one I watched. Trump totally owned this one!!! This is some craaaazzzzyyyyy crap right here!!!! Dilusional!!!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    Cause the poll jumped 10,000K votes 1 time and 2K 2 other times... it's on a timer

  • Luke - 5 years ago

    Why is this poll showing Hillary as winner, when 90% of comments are pro-trump?? Trump obviously won the debate tonight. These polls are all rigged,

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    I believe Trump won and I don't get how anyone can think Clinton was even at the same debate

  • ROn - 5 years ago

    @scott so you're saying MLK would vote for The Donald? And how has The Donald helped the black poor? Hiring them to work at low-end jobs at Trump Tower? C'mon man, look at the Chump for what he is, not for what you wished he would be. What about all the money he stole from all the poor people at Trump University?

  • Ellen - 5 years ago

    Great job by Donald Trump! Hillary obviously thinks there are laws for the common folk and other laws for the Clintons. If she were to become President, she would be right. We can't let that happen. Hillary is a crook. Make America Great Again and vote Trump-Pence!!!

  • Marge - 5 years ago

    Hillary Clinton paid NO tax last year. She took advantage of the same Tax Laws that Trump did!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    @ Common Sense... NO this election isn't about that.. This election is about the American People vs Corruption in Washington DC and the Media! HIllary is the Queen of Washington/DNC and Media... The people want Trump cause The People want the Politicians to get to work instead of fighting over their side vs the other side. We want a NON POLITICIAN in the Whitehouse to SEE if things can get done!!! That's what this Election is 100% about!! #FACT #TRUTH #Trump!

  • Slick Willy - 5 years ago

    let's say the liberal fuck monkeys are right and trump destroys the system. Does anyone actually have a problem with that? Last time I checked, the unwashed hippies thought the government was terrible, let's give them a man who will tear it apart from the inside. i have to say though, the comments by these liberal cock mongrels give me a good chuckle.

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    Ron.. you sound like a Racist and uneducated.. I bet 100% you don't know the MLK was a Republican and said the Dems will NEVER help out inner city blacks.. I bet you didn't know that Hillary was against the civil rights movement.. or that she was close friends with the FOUNDER OF THE KKK... or that she calls Blacks "Super Predators" or said "More blacks would be in Jail if it wasn't for basketball" or her "Hot Sauce" comments if she meets a black person eating or that "Blacks are always late cause they are stupid and can't tell time"... and there is more.. what do you have to say about that?

  • Educated American - 5 years ago

    @Ron. You shouldn't assume people are white racists. I'm a Latino and brown. My cousins were robbed and beaten by Blacks... none of my family have ever been harmed by whites. Ever had someone put a knife on your neck for $5 in your wallet? White people would never dream of walking in the ghettos. They'd be shot. While if a black man goes to a white suburb. All the whites hide in terror in there houses. Who are the victims?

  • Common sense - 5 years ago

    I'm not a big fan of Hillary, BUT, I can see the type of trouble Trump is going to bring to this great nation. This election is not Republican vs. Democrats, it's about an egotistical person who thinks because he has gotten over on the IRS, been in the spotlight for years, and lives a lavish lifestyle even though he might be as rich as he claims thing to cross out another item on his bucket list so he can say "I did that". This man has NO clue how to hold any type of office, has no clue about how to fix this countries problems here and abroad, has built his campaign by feeding disgruntled citizens lies about how he's going to "change" things, and he proves it by blatantly sticking to his lies and flip flopping the truth even though it has been proven through recordings of the bs he has said. Yet there are still people who are to stubborn or blind to read between the huge lines and see through his bull. His actions in the past 2 debates are like that of a child who's been caught red handed and tries to divert the attention on his friends by saying "well they were doing it too". Trump needs to answer for HIS actions, admit his guilt, then finally outline how HE'S gonna fix certain problems in this country and stick to his promises without exaggeration or impossible promises. Up to this point he has done nothing more than lie and try to divert negative attention to others. He's such bad liar he could make the devil himself look like an honest candidate

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    The Trump threw his own running mate under the bus -- what a smooth move. The guy is so clever, bet the Republicans dump his ass off the ticket

  • Renita - 5 years ago

    How anyone with a military background can vote for that lying , manipulating woman is beyond me. God bless our military and their families. She's a disgrace to all those who serve.

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    So many white racists in these comments, yall going to hang those black folks again? The KKK is 100 per cent behind the Donald

  • Educated American - 5 years ago

    @Ron...actually what caused WW2 was the void/vacuum left after we all pulled out of German in the aftermath of WW1... Nazi's came in and took power. ISIS did the same after we pulled our troops out and left that vacuum...happened cuz of Obama and Clinton's failed foreign policies. Are you getting your "fact checks" from Hillary's website? Everyone says that trump supports are uneducated but...idk about that.

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    When Hillary said that Muslims are worried about Trump not letting them into the US.... I would of said.. Well Hillary I think they are more worried about you wanting to Kill them with the 5 wars you started over there killing Millions!

  • Sophia Gertz - 5 years ago

    I will no longer listen to any cable newd channel. They are aligned with the establishment . Hillary is a criminal, shee ignored a subpoena. Her incompetence got people murdered. This administration is bringing this country down. I hope and pray Trump becomes president. I have children and grandvhildre who will have no future under another Clinton administration. Did you see the fly in her ugly mug?

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    Hey Ron or Ronald that your man calls you.. Your Queen Started and Supported 5 Wars.. and you think Russia is behind the Wikileaks? Probably cause THEY HATE HER! That's the best reason why we should have Trump... and the Muslim world Hates her also! That's why she got dismissed as Sec of State by Obama!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    OK ... we all Know Trump won... only 1 other poll shows HIllary and that was rigged also on a Timer... probably this poll is on a timer.. giving Hillary 125 Votes to Trump 70 every few seconds. I bet our votes are NOT even really being counted!

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    The last time someone tried to expel people just because of their religion started World War 2 -- can't wait for Trump to start WW3. Wonder where he'll build the concentration camps? Trump Tower?

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    Any guy that is voting for Hillary is a Sissy Boy and got beat up all the time at school!

  • wee - 5 years ago

    this one is totally riggged!!!

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    Hey Donald, go ahead and grope your daughter, you know you want to! That's a nice piece of ass (in your own words)

  • mAga pabz - 5 years ago

    Fake poll.... I read the comments before voting and it is all trump. I am for trump all the way. MAGA. So much support for trump. Currupt media. All part of the political machine. There's a reason why "Washington post" keeps releasing all the things against him. My family is 3 generations of military. All for trump!!!

  • Awi - 5 years ago

    I recently switched from being a Republican. For me Trump is the anti christ. I hear hatred and insults coming out of his mouth. His running mate would have been the better choice to run for the President for the Republican Party. Clearly class and dignity won. Hilary won this debate.

  • Armageddon - 5 years ago

    Oh you mean the fact that she WAS actually a part of the admin. when the line was drawn in the sand which she denied. Fact check. She was.

  • Hillary 2016! - 5 years ago

    I think an IQ test should be administered to all of you people who are voting Trump! I hope you enjoy watching America crash and burn if he gets elected. He will absolutely destroy this country and you people will be to blame!

  • Dustin - 5 years ago

    Trump WON easy! Forget about what Trump (said) 11 years before he became a politician! Hitlery want to keep this Obamacare, after all Obama said NOTHING in this policy will make you change your provider or make your rates go up! Lies after Lies! One policy voters should take in consideration is what Trump is trying to tell everybody! You don't tell the enemy what you're going to do before you're going to do it and she said tonight it's part of foreign policy, well that's bs! Just like the police departments saying yeah we're going to go raid this house but we're going to let you know before we go on do it so get out and clear all your things too! You just don't do something so stupid! And bring back jobs to the USA! If those companies want to move jobs, then it is going to cost them to bring it in this country!

  • Sophia Gertz - 5 years ago

    Trump won hands down. We do not want a rapist in the White House. Do we folks? Bill raped. Hillary knew, and business as usual. Donald is going to put lying Hillary in jail!!!

  • Armageddon - 5 years ago

    I wonder if the election will be fixed like the crooked poll on this site.

  • TJ - 5 years ago

    If people think that saying things that are untrue and making up your own facts are winning a debate, then clearly Trump won. But if you believe in facts and saying things that are true, then Hillary won. I just think it's incredibly sad how far we have lowered the bar for our next President of the United States. Both candidates repeated the same crap. I thought there was a little more substance to Clinton's answers. Trump lacked that substance in his. He was great at interrupting and saying little quips that did little to convince voters to swing his way.

  • Adp - 5 years ago


  • Randal Gager - 5 years ago

    Trump clearly won. Don't listen to this biased fake poll that is promoted by paid media sources.

    Look at Hillary supporters turnout to rallys vs Trumps and know the results will be the same on Vote day. Get out there and let's make our country great again!

    Trump 2016!

  • RC - 5 years ago

    Just read the comments . Media is against trump big time, 95% of the comments here say Trump, but the poll is saying different. Media sway in full effect .

  • Smile and Lie - 5 years ago

    scott bricker--- I agree with you, this poll is about as accurate as A stormtrooper.

    I don't know if you are familiar with the polls in England before the Brexit, but I think we will have a similar result.

  • Lynn - 5 years ago

    Trump clearly won! This poll is rigged. I've watched it too!! Way to go CNN...cheapen your news station by putting out bogus and biased results. Media is just plain entertainment industry and nothing more. Might as well call yourselves "entertainment tonight"!

  • CAPT. JAMES T. KIRK - 5 years ago

    This polls is a fraud. Trump smoked Hillary and the Hillary shill moderators.

  • JoAnn - 5 years ago

    Clinton news network is as crooked as Hillary. This poll is fraudulent just like her. The silent majority is on to the msm .... You can do whatever you want but we are voting against you and your corruption

  • Nelson - 5 years ago

    Trump. Fuck YOU!

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    I'm looking at 12 polls and 1 on Twitter... Trump is up big in 10 polls.. 1 is close with Trump up 54% -45% (if you call that close) and this 1 for HIllary but it did a couple large jumps early on for Hillary!... So this poll is defidently not correct!

  • Jim pruett - 5 years ago

    Cnn has a poll that's completely wrong I'm undecided and trump fully called the liar out. Fuck cnn the medias rigged trump I will be voting for.

  • Ramon - 5 years ago

    Republicans, republicans, republicans!!! When are you going to wake up! I know it's going to be in less than 30 days.

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    Poll IS CORRUPT!!! I been watching the poll since it had only 3,000 votes... Trump was up by 4,000 like 7K to 3K and then 2 minutes later.. it was Hillary 18K and Trump 8K.. ... and then it was steady with Hillary at 22K and Trump 13K then Boom Hillary 28K and Trump 14K... It does Jumps

  • Armageddon - 5 years ago

    Flys are attracted to bullshit.

  • Smile and Lie - 5 years ago

    Just checked other polls hosted by polldaddy and 2 have trump up by 8 Points and 1 has them tied.

    Not to mention the fact that this poll has a heck of a lot more movement each time I check.

    Regardless of where you fall politically, I think this poll is being manipulated OR perhaps the site directing to this poll is driving more democratic voters.

    I would love to see a aggregate of all the poll daddy polls and find the outliers.

    I guess we will have to wait till November and hope the country doesn't vote like 112% of Chicago...

  • Jim pruett - 5 years ago

    Trump called her and her husband out wish they would have interviewed bills mistresses in the audience.Put Hillary in prison 2016

  • scott bricker - 5 years ago

    I bet anyone that this poll is rigged.... for ever time someone clicks on Hillary.. she gets 3 votes.. Trump gets 1....

  • Kat H. - 5 years ago

    There is no way Hillary Clinton won this debate. I am 100% convinced your poll is rigged

  • Joe S. - 5 years ago

    Its a corrupt poll.

  • Californian - 5 years ago

    The thing is there is a new age upon us. Republicans (Old way of thinking) & extremism, conservatives. Which i believe means you 2 with a name like KKK will be abolished. Look up the Georgia guidestones. It's the 10 commandments of the NEW WORLD ODER! This is what is upon us. Hate & simple mindedness will not be tolerated.

  • JP - 5 years ago

    Hillary likes the word 'deplorable?' I think that term is much more applicable to her bot-supporters that just magically spammed this poll with thousands of fake votes. Trump has been utterly dominating this poll all night. Not to mention, all the comments are pro-Trump. Lame, Hillary drones. Lame.

  • Diana - 5 years ago

    We shouldn't be afraid of the truth. Read the record for yourself and see what she has or has not accomplished and then vote away! https://www.congress.gov/member/hillary-clinton/C001041

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