Who won tonight's 2nd presidential debate? Trump or Hillary?

  • Patty - 5 years ago

    You said you have already counted my vote. No, you have not. That was my husband's vote. Your polling system here is flawed and deficient.

  • TJ - 5 years ago

    Trump smashed it! He didn't wait for the liberal biased moderators to ask the 'right' questions and invite him to speak. He used his opportunity to say what needed to be said to expose Hillary in front of the hypocrites.

  • Virginia Roberts - 5 years ago

    When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, he did it by being impressive as a man and as an athlete. It is important, for all those who come after, for the "first" to be exceptional in every regard, as Jackie was.

    I would really like to see a woman as president in my lifetime. What a tragedy it would be for that first woman president to be a person like Hillary. Even if you excuse her "mistakes", bad judgment and lack of real accomplishments, she is a divisive figure, lacking in leadership traits. She would not be the uniter that our country needs now.

    Maybe Trump would not be either. The country certainly seems divided over his candidacy. But there is reason to hope that once in office, he will strive to unite those who are willing to be united.

    One thing is certain: We can't keep doing what we've been doing, or we'll always get what we always got. Hillary would be more of the same. Establishment, Washington elites from both parties who rub each other's backs for the benefit of those in their "club", while all the talk about security and reforms and jobs and children is just that. Talk.

    I'm content to let Trump drive for a while. If he doesn't perform and keep his promise, the People will turn on him and Congress will have no problem keeping him hamstrung, just as they hamstring each other now!

  • M. L. - 5 years ago

    4 dead seals, 35,000 emails destroy, 4 women raped or gropedo by slick willie, cares for children but supports late term abortions. List goes on and on. Sick women!

  • Roosevelt - 5 years ago

    I am from the U. S, but can't American get it, Trunp who's nothing about politics? The man dose not answer the question when ask. How can anyone sit down and allow someone to insult the daughter, sister and mother and think that person is a good man? Come USA. Is not about the man talking shit, but the guy is not a presidential martial.

  • JamesM - 5 years ago

    Trump won. Hillary lies. She didn't defend Bill because it's true. She & Bill get millions from foreign countries to support legislation sending jobs out of the U.S. She will kill energy jobs and hurt the minirities. She helped put Iran on a path to necular weapons. She will start a war with Russia, Iran and Syria for political gain while our boys die. She should be in jail for deleting emails after a subpena. She is weak on defense and will take away gun rights leaving our country exposed. Free college will become an expensive extension of high school rather than weeding out those not serious. She will further bankrupt our country but as she said she and Bill will be fine. Her political persona vs her private relationship with Wall Street has not fooled most of us but now her emails confirm it. She didn't come up with CHIP it was Sen. Hatch and Sen. Kennedy based off a program Blue Cross was doing. She told those at Bengazi to stop asking for security as they were making her look bad. She didn't point out any accomplishments except being on the public dole for 30+ years in her words. She voted for the war in Iraq when we had inspectors finding no WMD. She admits her war vote was wrong, her emails scandle was wrong, did nothing about tax reform, said Bill would advise her, changes her position on anything to get votes from gays (changed her position on marriage), college students (changed to support free tuition to get Sanders votes), healthcare (changed to support single payer to get Sanders votes), energy (talks out both sides of her mouth when in fact she said she would put coal out of business), has no endorsements from law enforcement or military as they don't trust her, she benefits like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson by keeping our African American friends down so they vote for her, minimum wage increase (was against it now for it to get Sanders voters), our allies and enemies will see her as weak which is a danger, she is middle of the road on military which is a weak position. She has already divided our country with her 50 % deplorables comment similar to how Obama' admits to having divided our country with his attitude toward all white people as being racist so no way will she bring our country together. Her and Polisi would stifle any progress of Paul Ryan as she begins her campaigne for reelection day one and will ruin our country to get there by placing blame. She is a divider. Clinton, Reed, Polosi are a deadly combination. They are all worried Trump will tell it like it is and stop the politics. This is the last election to right the ship and the republican platform is our only hope before we are bankrupt. Congress sets the laws, don't let Hillary veto our future. We have no choice but to vote Trump. Otherwise, be prepared to tell your children and grand children why you threw their future away by voting in the Socialist!

  • John - 5 years ago

    Trump was on target tonight. He caught Hillary in a defensive mode. The thing about Hillary is she rarely tells the truth. As pointed out in the wiki leaks released this week, one of the many messages Hillary sent was that she is willing to say anything in public and have and have a different position privately. I will be voting Trump. I am very disappointed in her work at the State Dept, her foreign policy has been a disaster from one nation another in the middle east. The death of four service men in Bengazi was inexcusable on her watch The story she told about this was about a video was another example of a lie. The destruction of property of the cell phones and her unauthorized servers and 35000 emails orders by the congress and then destroying evidence should lead anyone that she cannot be trusted to lead this country at President. For all the independent voters wanting Bernie we also know from Wiki Leaks that the whole Democratic Primary was a sham in favor of Hillary (look at all the Super delegates) an all the manipulations by the DNC D. Wasserman Shultz having to resign). It was great to see the four women at the debate tonight who were victimized by Bill Clinton years ago in the audience and that she HRC went after them very hard. So she isn't a clean one owner when it comes to women who have been victimized by sexual assault. Everyone has the agency to vote for either candidate but she has a lot of baggage in that really needs the light of day. Vote Trump! Lower taxes, more job creation, cut in government waste, enforce emigration law, improve inner cities, improve schools and get rid of common core, Supreme Court justices that will interpret the law and not make law....and more! Let's make America Great Again

  • Eddie - 5 years ago

    Eric and Linda, obviously you do not come from a military family.

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    Get your heads out of the sand before this country devolves further past the turn around point. Trump isn't a saint, but hes smart and Americas only chance at turning things around. If you vote for Clinton, youre an easily manipulated fool that lets the mainstream media brainwash you and do all your thinking. How can you vote for someone that has not only been on the ship the whole time it was being run aground, but had such a powerful position on it? You think it will get better with her? the clintons are sociopathic liars.

  • linda - 5 years ago

    Trumps women are all plastic surgery and botox..just like Trump FAKE!! He can't even answer a damn questions He has no plans..He can't even run his own companies. .He has no respect for anyone. With him in office will women will go no where! Did he even show his tax returns..I'm sure those are fake too!! If he gets in this country is damn screwed we will be the laughing stock of the world! We will be at war!

  • Eddie - 5 years ago

    I would like to know, why a comment between 2 guys 11 years ago, would have more importance than the death of many American citizens who served for our country who died. This woman has been given a free pass on this topic. My father is a veteran, his voice needs to be heard!

  • Ron Warren - 5 years ago

    Trump eexposd Hilary tonight. It was not even close.

  • Timothy - 5 years ago

    Hillary Clinton was smug,smiling,that is her true self,in regard to us cattle.They have been in so long,all the talk on issues,sounds a good walk.But Donald Trump,one of us,.We must get him in there,so someone real can get the government back to let others have a chance to fix things.The system is fixed,and money gets spent on these ads against Trump,to show how much revenue can be raised against the American people,all to keep things the same,favoring the same one's for decades now.The video smideo!!!!! In a Howard Stern typed setting,Trump tried being cool and funny with a female skinner remark,and didnt realize what he was sayng.Men can be good humans,and yet have moments of stupidity being themselves,and talk stupid.THIS IS SOMEONE BEING HIMSELF,not a robot of politics as we are used to.This is what we must do to break this strangle hold of bad government we are stuck in.Look at the millions squandered on these ads,tapes on Trump and his tv personna...look!!!!

  • tyler - 5 years ago

    Trump wiped his ass with Hillary. he dominated the debate tonight.

  • Timothy - 5 years ago

    President Reagan,had a Acting career,but not in the same era as Mr Trump.I think the motif of this debate ,went directly to the fence of his career,bashing for words,or times trying to be funny for tv,and using it against him,where the debates go haywire.We all know the Clintons,and we all know his Tv side.He must ignore that and drop allowing these debates being conducted in that direction.HE ALSO NEEDS TO TRY TO APPEAL TO EVERYONE.HE IS CORRECT,any other American risks C = Classified Top Secret intell,and when guilty,set in prison.Others are setting there for much less..Mr Trump has a backround unlike any other canidate in US HISTORY,BUT HILLARY CLINTON,she whips stones,and her glass house,has more chips.lol..The big bus talk of Trump,joking in relation to meaning it as he bets being a celeb,the females probably would allow him to grab.Reagan was not alive in Howard Stern era.Bill Clinton,how is he much different with use of cigars,and now he's up to become the first,male first lady?He gets impeached,now will be back in the WHITE HOUSE? NO MATTER WHAT,IM VOTING TRUMP.HE IS NOT A LIFER IN POLITIC'S,so wont look as good in debate's.

  • Darren - 5 years ago

    Hillary won again. No surprise here. Ms Clinton gave answers to questions while The Donald continued to throw toxic criticism towards Hillary
    instead of answer the questions. The Donald is his own worst enemy and his enormous self-love is ( in part ) why he will never be POTUS.

  • S. - 5 years ago

    I don't believe a word trump says. Yes Hillary has made some mistakes, but she has work d for women and children. I don't believe that was just "locker room" talk. I think that IS how true views women. I couldn't stand him even before he was running for president

  • Kay - 5 years ago

    Donald Trump dosen't have any plan and he did not answer any questions but he won the debate unfortunately

  • Ana - 5 years ago

    How can trump fun a country when he can't even run a Business. He has so many bankruptcies!!! And Clinton is a liar. It's like having to chose between what transmitted disease is easier to live with.

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    Trump won hands down, and everyone needs to get over the things he said 11 years ago. Newsflash ALL men say stupid stuff like that when we are having private conversations. Hillary publicly shamed Bills victims.

  • Susan Maclean - 5 years ago

    Hilary cannot be trusted. Vote trump make America great again

  • Ana - 5 years ago

    I don't care for any of the two but Donald did really answer any of the question he just repeated them or dances around them

  • Jenny - 5 years ago

    Team Hillary Clinton I Think Hillary Won Tonight! Donald Trump Sucks

  • Joann moser - 5 years ago

    Who in their right mind says that trumps apology was not genuine? That took balls ,especially for trump. He said he was embarrassed and he hated it as well as apologize. He humbled himself in front of America and took responsibility. Why is it that people can't get past these ploys of media and Hillary? NOTHING That trump has said will devastate America, unlike the devastation Hillaru has done.

  • Morning Glory - 5 years ago

    Wow...I can't believe that some people don't care if a man is honest or if he advocates violence against women. I hope that Donald Trump is never introduced to your daughters, sisters or mothers....

  • Royko - 5 years ago

    Lock her up!

  • Matt - 5 years ago

    I was wondering how he was going to handle that audio leak tape that happen 11 years ago. Just locker room talk folks...

  • Connor - 5 years ago

    Trump clearly won, and will win the presidential office as well. Hillary is a lier and will get nothing done just like Obama did. Trump will fix our financial problems and make America great again!

  • Donna Gray - 5 years ago

    Clinton is a lier,co not vote for her..all talk no action. Don't want another 4yrs of nothing getting done..Trump for President..Trump will get it done...

  • Alvin - 5 years ago

    I think that the American democracy can not be the measurement and standard by which other democracies can subject themselves. Tonight has shown how low the American democracy has been exemplified by the Republican presidential candidate, Trump, and am very disappointed over tonight's debate.

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    Donald Trump will be President.
    We need a change and he deserves to win. My only memory of her husband as President was having affairs in the White House on our tax dollar. My memory of Hillary is promising all these jobs- explains why unemployment is so high.These people need to go!

  • Byrd - 5 years ago

    Trump won. Hillary is scary. Can not trust her because of her track record.

  • Joseph - 5 years ago

    Trump won this!
    He did not hold back and even brought all the women to the audience Bill Clinton raped and then Hillary sued. Which is another reason she messed up tonight. Hillary was nervous seeing all those women.
    I hope Trump wins and really sends her to jail.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    My Vote is for Hillary Clinton

  • Tf - 5 years ago

    Someone has to tell Donald to stop the sniffling. It's not the mics. Nauseous listening to it.

  • Andy - 5 years ago

    Trump won and I'm glad he called out Anderson Cooper. 3 against 1. Every news station is liberal and loves the Clintons. I can only imagine the bribes. Open your eyes!
    She tried to say the Russians are trying to have her lose the vote? She is down right dumb, crook and a liar.

  • Christina Long - 5 years ago

    Just remember The Hildabeast Clinton has different "PUBLIC" positions than her "PRIVATE" positions. So basically everything she said in the debate was a lie. Of course we don't expect anything less from Crooked Hillary.

  • Kutcher - 5 years ago

    Donald Trump is a clawn, disrespectful, he did not give a true apology about what he said or done, he is not man enough to own his mistakes and he doesn't not have a plan for anything.

  • j r roberson - 5 years ago

    I truly believe Hillary does have a private policy and a public policy. She tells the public what they want to hear and then she does in private what she wants to do. I do belive America needs a change and only Donald Trump can make that happen. Hillary is just wanting to become The first female president., She is really not interested in making America great again.

  • Jamie Snyder - 5 years ago

    The biggest thing people need to think about is who is lesser of the two evils and who's is actually going to make changes. Unfortunately our country is more divided today then it's been in decades and I think we need to have a complete change of our government. All politicians have become corrupt and really they all need to be changed out especially the one that have been career politicians.

  • Nina Aiello - 5 years ago

    Trump won!
    What about those emails, Benghazi, healthcare mess, taking donations from Warren Buffet but what upsets me the most- She ruined NYS!

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    There was a crooked lady who walked a crooked mile oh ya she had a big crooked smile! Blown out of the water you old Sea Hag!

  • Jay - 5 years ago

    It will come down to whether the majority of US believes in unrealistic, broken promises of a dream world that could never exist; Or living in a country that pushes forward in progress with real, common sense ideas. The latter of the two is what I'll be voting for.

  • Nelson - 5 years ago

    I thought Clinton won. She also didn't interrupt him as much as he did ,couldn't keep his mouth shut.

  • Jenny - 5 years ago

    Hillary Clinton is too corrupted and a big LIER

    Please vote for Trump

  • JON OMAN - 5 years ago


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