Who do you think won the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?


  • Teresa - 7 years ago

    M. Winiarsmi, perfectly said!

  • M. Winiarski - 7 years ago

    Trump out punched her 3 to 1, outclassed her 10 to 1 and outshined her 100 to 1. She and her minions were the ones who leaked Trump's embarrassing display of distaste but when it was her turn to speak to what her HUSBAND had DONE to and with women including those present at the debate... It was like a mad dash to the exit. She didn't want to speak to that in any fashion. Was beyond flustered by his directness and vigor in addressing these issues then went on to destroy her with the issues that truly matter to HIM and the American people. Bravo Mr. Trump. It was an encouragement to see you fired up and ready to fight for the people of this nation rather than let her slither in and destroy us completely.

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