Grade Martha Raddatz's job as debate moderator:


  • Darlene Prince - 6 years ago

    They were the WORST MODERATORS IN HISTORY! Especially MARTHA!! She should be FIRED for ATTACKING TRUMP and not doing her job professionally or properly. A disgrace to journalist everywhere .... VERY ONE-SIDED AND OBVIOUSLY BIAS !!!! Pitiful....

  • Kate - 6 years ago

    Martha is very liberal and biased for Hillary. She was even arguing with trump. She is always so plainly liberal and biased against trump people actually want to follow him out of embarrassment of her poor ability to report and or moderate. Anderson cooper wasn't as bad as she was but it definitely was 3 against 1. Your news is always covering up the mistakes of liberals and people are really getting tired of it.

  • Perry Markin - 6 years ago

    Very biased even debating herself, with Trump. Hillary received a pass.

  • Against biased moderators - 6 years ago

    Martha was such a perfect example of biased moderator.

  • Richard - 6 years ago

    By allowing Trump to filibuster on any rambling subject he would like, it really defeated the whole purpose of a debate. He was allowed to turn the debate into one of his meaningless name-calling rallies. He should have at least have had the respect of the audience members asking questions to ask least say something near what they asked instead of rambling elsewhere.

  • Tom - 6 years ago

    Raddatz lost all integrity as a moderator when she took a stance and tried to debate Trump herself. No matter which candidate you side with, you cannot deny that her behavior was entirely inappropriate for someone who was supposed to be an impartial moderator.

  • dean rogers - 6 years ago

    Martha you are terrible and ignorant.Shame on you. Don't forget to pick your check up from tbe Clinton team. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!!!!

  • Mike B. - 6 years ago

    Raddatz displayed her leftist bias by openly, and inapproprately, tried to debate with Trump about his comment that our military should not be publicly announcing their future strategic plans in the MidEast. A moderator shouldn't be taking an opposing position on the matter...that was Hillary Clinton's job.

  • john - 6 years ago

    very biased towards crooked Hillary. Trump had to debate moderators also.

  • Steven Coleman - 6 years ago

    I have never seen a more biased set of moderators than tonight. At one point, It seemed like a debate between Raddatz & Trump as she argued with him. The moderators would tell Trump not to interrupt, Clinton hasn't interrupted you....She didn't have to, Hillary had the moderators interrupting Trump for her! Unreal

  • Mike - 6 years ago

    Very biased in Hilary favor.

  • Mickey Jackson - 6 years ago

    Anderson Cooper definitely proved that he was a "bottom" tonight. He got wet everytime Trump spoke. Martha was afraid to say no to Trump. After he would filibuster for 8 minutes about absolutesly NOTHING, Martha will tell him, "It's time to move on to the next question". Then she would give him another 10 minutes to filibuster about some more BS. She was by far the worst debate moderator of all time.

  • Dawn Heath - 6 years ago

    She was rehearsed by hillary on what she was to do and say and also was cooper. She did horrible. Very biased. It was absolutely rediculous and everyone seen it. Whether they want to admit it or not.

  • Barbara Summers - 6 years ago

    Moderators did a great job and were very even with both canadates. There job was not an easy one.

  • East Coast Citizen - 6 years ago

    Unprofessional. Went on the attack. Should be fired

  • Harry - 6 years ago

    It's okay to bring up Trump's private locker room talk from 11 years ago recorded without his knowledge before he decided to run for president, but not ex-president Bill Clinton's oral sex with Monica Lewinski in the White House-- bull puckey!
    Billy Clinton even had the immoral fortitude to call oral sex "not sex".
    The Clinton's have little respect among born-again christians and many leaders of foreign countries.
    Where has American ethics, Godliness and honesty gone!
    I think America deserves a better candidate than Hillary or Trump.
    Of the two evils I pick Trump under protest.

  • Larry Lucas - 6 years ago

    Raddatz debated more than moderated.

  • Janet Ford - 6 years ago

    Biased and it showed...poor journalism.

  • Austin - 6 years ago

    How do you explain all this to kid's who are asking questions on fairness and media ethics?

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