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  • doug simerly - 6 years ago

    I was wishing he would have a bit thicker skin, and that she was not such an accomplished liar! Definitely Trump!

  • Darryl. Felmley - 6 years ago

    To 00. 3% Ur right on it was 3 to 1. In mathimatucal terms that's at lease a 500% odd against Mr T.

  • Darryl. Felmley - 6 years ago

    Mr Trump won hands down no contest. Hillary showed to be a convict in waiting.

  • Kevin Bruce - 6 years ago

    Our Constitution won big Tonite.

  • 003percent - 6 years ago

    Hands down... he won big time. Glad to see he fired back instead of taking it. And it was clearly 3 vs. 1

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