PNJ Poll: Who won the Second Presidential Debate?

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Posted 3 years.


  • Mike - 3 years ago

    Why doesn't Hillary Clinton supporters just say that you know she is a money loving liar that will do whatever she needs to for power and authority,Because it doesn't matter what WikiLeaks or anyone else says and proves about her and rapist bill,They still want her in the White House anyway,And who is the main reason that Bernie sanders isn't in it now?Mrs. Clinton,Enough said

  • Kuan Hu - 3 years ago

    All establishment media would say Clinton won, but Trump won big, even the moderators were obviously in favor of Clinton. After the debate, all media and news were dominated with Trump's tape and twisted what he said to put Clinton in jail. Amused to watch.

    American people are fooled by Clinton and her network AGAIN. Clinton and her media threw Trump's tape out to deflect WikiLeaks October surprise, which is very damaging to Clinton campaign. I hope people will see through this conspiracy and denounce crooked corrupt Clinton. Don't let her get away AGAIN!

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