Did you go see Birth Of A Nation?

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  • Cappadona - 4 years ago

    Damn!! That shit's long! Sorry Rod - I know how you hate reading long shit!

  • Cappadonna - 4 years ago

    I'll probably see "Birth of a Nation" - alone. The Misses ain't gonna see no slave movies, she runs out of the room anytime I'm watching 12 Years. Its Queen of Katwe for this weekend!! (And my boo LOVED "South Side With You", by the way)

    I read that piece from that woman on the medium (what was up with her hate on Shea butter?) - and frankly, it was really, REALLY, stupid. This bitter broad made my head hurt.

    Why is that everyone who defend Nate Parker skip over logic and nuance and go straight to incoherent black woman bashing and conspiracy theory? Of all the 'defenses' I've read about the Parker Situation, I've only read one "defense" of Nate Parker that was reasonable and didn't try to yadda yadda the accusations.

    To me, "Special Cloth" sounds to me like she's bitter that she can't get that mainstream cred (maybe if she didn't show a side note every paragraph, but whatever) and using this man and this movie as a spring board for her hatred of every Negro with a Twitter Check Mark. And to boot, she's a terrible writer.

    Look nobody seeing this movie is pro rape anymore than my mother in law dancing to "Step in the Way of Love" while cleaning her house Saturday mornings is cosigning R. Kelly fetishes of urine and pedophilia. And if you don't want to see this movie because you think that Nate Parker is a sexual predator who has yet to see the error of his ways - that's completely understandable and its not a sign that you're brainwashed by White Feminist. Its a movie, go or don't go, there bigger things that define your "wokeness".

    But to your point, the moisture deficient among our community really could have ignored the haters and watched this movie. Hoteps talk a good game but don't want to put skin in the game, whether it's taking your kids to a movie, showing up to a rally or supporting our freedom fighters.

  • Sierra Y Johnson - 4 years ago

    Yes I am a women and as much as I hate rape. I Hate white supremacist ignorance even more. My black son needs to see this movie and when and if he asks me about the creator I will tell him the facts i know.

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