What do you think Tesla will unveil on Oct. 17?

  • Du - 5 years ago

    I agree with Mo... I think it will be an automated charging product (e.g. wireless, snake, etc.).

  • Scott - 5 years ago

    Tesla never wants to get left behind in the electric card technology arena. With Faraday Future recently claiming a near doubling in energy density for their battery packs, I see this unveiling as something to do with a breakthrough in Tesla battery technology.

  • frank - 5 years ago

    The compact SUV market is getting really big. They Y is the ticket for that.

  • Sean Strack - 5 years ago

    Why wasn't next-gen roadster in the poll? Didn't Musk promise that a long time ago? Maybe it'll be a part of Model 3 part 2, considering a sports car could fit on Model 3 platform.

  • Rui - 5 years ago

    Model 3 (base) 254 miles per charge.

    Go Tesla

  • Mo - 5 years ago

    Autopilot isn't really a product. And referring to a vechicle simply as a "product" seems like a bit of a stretch. I think it's gonna be a wireless charger.

  • Nate - 5 years ago

    Also a car battery for regular gas cars to replace the old heavy one that has to be replaced every few years with lithium so maybe it lasts longer or works more efficiently or is lighter for race cars.I am not knowledgeable about how batteries work really though so don't know of that makes sense.

  • Nate - 5 years ago

    Well they are ready to start pumping out massive amounts of batteries so possibly related to that. For example maybe they are supplying a motorcycle maker with battery packs, or maybe it's something to make them more a tech company like a tesla phone. I'd want a tesla phone. That just sounds awesome.

  • Dave Rand - 5 years ago

    It will be an Apple joint venture product to do with HUD and the iPad screen. Soon you'll be able to switch between plarltforms btween OS and Android.

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    Therefore, I rather assume a new stand-alone product, like Minibus or Pickup. Those are also based on an existing platform, and they are to follow M3 according to masterplan part 2.

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    not sure if EM would call autopilot a "new product" - in the end this is just an option, though an important one.

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