Grade the performance of the Legislature in budgeting for GovGuam services. (Poll Closed)

  • A
    28 votes

  • B
    15 votes

  • C
    18 votes

  • D
    13 votes

  • F
    127 votes


Poll posted 3 years ago.

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  • Islander 2 - 3 years ago

    Ah yes , I forgot about that young Frankenstein Morrison . Thanks for the reminder Freddie R . Thanks Gov Guam Lol !

  • Freddie R - 3 years ago

    Islander 2, just to clarify, Tommy Morrison made the amendment that killed the original intent of repealing the law which would have repealed the increments of elected officials. Can the people remember this, as we think about how the government now has to pick into child support payments just to pay payroll. Payroll which went up by millions, because Tommy Morrison, Dennis Rodriguez, Brant McCreadie, Tina Barnes, Tony Ada, and Frank Blas refused to give up their pay. At least Blas and Ada gave honest answers (we may not accept it, but honest nonetheless), but the rest continue to ignore this issue. Remember this on election day.

  • Islander 2 - 3 years ago

    Vote out all those who refused to Recind their inflated pay raise . Especially Tina Barnes , Dennis Rodriguez , Rory Respicio and Brant MCreadie.. also the ada and blas in the senate ! Time for new blood and for those who will work for the people and our children !
    We must stop electing these career politicians who do absolutely nothing to improve the livelihood of the majority public . Our Government is running out of cash "public tax funds" and yet their pockets are more important than the students in Simon Sanchez and every other public schools . Almost every agency is struggling to find funds to operate normally . But their pockets are not struggle no at all . Stop our Governments pocket stuff go campaign! Vote for new blood in our Senate ! Biba Guam ! It's time to act ! Time to vote ! My family and relatives are ready and waiting to vote these selfish greedy idiots out ! I pray everybody does the same .. Thanks Gov Guam . Lol ..

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