Will releasing quarterback Joe Callahan come back to haunt the Packers?

  • FLgal - 5 years ago

    Callahan is the real deal. Maybe Aaron should have played a few preseason games, Hundly is unproven continuously injured...Aaron is in a slump, Fat Eddie will have the rest of his injured reserve season to pork on another 60 pounds, Pack shot themselves in the foot again(1st time was cutting Sitton) but hey, maybe Pack will let the 3rd string receivers play now and save what remains of another horrible season. Wish Callahan all the best at NO...they got a winner and Packers will continue to struggle.

  • Rusty Nail - 5 years ago

    Coach McMuffian always losses in the early rounds of play offs.Ted is a over rated rock head.

  • BRinMilwaukee - 5 years ago

    I like all of Rick's comments above. I was never that impressed with Joe Callahan, seemed like a quality 3rd string QB. I like MM more than I like TT, who I view as a one-trick pony, whose limitations will cost us many SB trips. Can you imagine the Packers going 3-1 without Rodgers, like the Patriots did without Brady? Neither can I....

  • Tom Giesen - 5 years ago

    I have to laugh that a 3rd string quarterback gets this much attention. I agree he had a good pre-season and for a Division 3 player is a nice story but what options did the Packers have? They have one banged up running back in Lacy and uncertainty with Starks and they are already thin on the defensive line and cornerbacks with injuries, they had to make a move. If they cut Trice, Evans or Abbrederis I believe they would also get picked up, in my opinion whoever they cut would get picked up.

  • Rick Speciale - 5 years ago

    Tough cut because he will develop into a " poor mans " Drew Brees . Quarterbacks are generally hard to find but with Hundley in the wings there was really no choice . The real burn in all this is that we really have great scouts and second to none research when it comes to finding hidden gems then we get screwed because we cannot keep all this talent. Other teams know this and watch us like Hawks. On a related matter Devon Cajuste ( TE ) needs to brought up from the practice squad because he is very talented and potentially could have more promise than troubled Colt Lyerla . Finally, Tom Clements isn't being used right and really should take the place of terribly over rated Edgar Bennett ( pathetic ) .Get rid of this weak link, He is killing us! Can you just imagine with Patriot offensive coordinator Josh Mc Daniels could do with the Packer players that we have on offense. But then Belichik is a phenomenal coach and McCarhy at best is above average . Think of this, the Patriots win a game with Brady having missed the first four games and compare this to my prediction that Dallas will give us a run for our money with a rookie QB and rookie HB because McCarthy refuses to make changes on offense that are obvious . If Green Bay loses this game which I pray we do not, being a loyal fan allows me to say the following: When you look at all the recent playoff games and how we manage to loose them ( think of the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs ) it's all about how we are coached during crunch time . McCarthy needs to redeem himself by not making Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Ellliott NFL hall of fame players. But, with his track record I don' t know . Hope I' m way off because Mc Carthy is a good man but reminds me off Les Miles who coached my alma mater, LS U , and as you can see my school has a low tolerance for coaches that have not been creative enough in their organizational creativity. In fact the SEC has had a track record of excellence of when making changes in their head coaches when the situation requires it . You simply cannot rest on your laurels . Bob McGinn of the Milwaikee Sentinel who without a doubt is perhaps the greatest sports writer I have ever seen in my 70 years on this planet ( I personally do not know him ) and a "man of letters " and a classic Pulitzer Prize level writer really speaks for so many of us when he points out flaws in the team in a non aggressive way. The Green Bay management needs to pay close attention to McGinn's reflections as a barometer of where we need to go. Wisconsin ought to be kissing the ground McGinn walks because of his great and unbiased writing .Finally, two other observations: which have nothing to do with this ,survey and what I have been bugged about for years( I think Cliff Crystal - another great writer would agree) which is that Gale Gillingham needs to be in the NFL hall of fame .HELLO MARK MURPHY- let's make this happen. Finally,the team needs to look World Wide and conduct tryouts for a new punter! The management has not been its usual great self in this particular area. At LSU when we recruit we leave no stone unturned and while the tigers have not really had success with recruiting QB's( which was one of the reasons Miles was let go in addition to his stubborness about opening up the offense ) we pretty much get what we want in players except that one exception. We have more players in the pros than any other school in the last few years . Green Bay should react with abandon and get a Packer worthy punter. They should start with Joe Kerridge FB # 40 on the practice squad who can actually punt and probably be better than what we currently have .This would also save a spot on the team by having a more versatile player that can do more things than Schum. What would be wrong with camp rookie Peter Mortell getting a second chance- his camp stats were better than what Schum has done - These are my reflections which have zero in common with the "ethos " of this su

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