Do you support the military buildup? (Poll Closed)

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  • Paul Zerzan ChaMORON - 3 years ago

    Paul Zerzan you must be a local Chamoron (Dumb and Dumber) since you claim to be a language teacher. You must be teaching in our local schools like GW or JFK since their test scores are so low. How would Chinese hackers know local knowledge like the military giving back Tiyan to be used for a road for the public only for our dumb ass politicians to give it away for free to relatives who were deemed as ancestor "locals". Paul I am going to have a poster made for you - Remove head from ass...stop watching the SciFi channel and please stop teaching ...I fear your stupidness will spread to the kids.

  • Who English You - 3 years ago

    Paul Zerzan, you mean ..."Their english is good but not good enough to fool the experts...". You must be one of 'me Chinese, too? Who English You?

  • Eric - 3 years ago

    I do and I dont.
    I do:
    With military buildup it will bring more towards our economy and local businesses.
    I dont:
    Land and Culture will be severely decreased and our population of ancestry will be gone.

  • Paul Zerzan - 3 years ago

    I have a lot of experience teaching language in foreign countries. I can tell by subtle differences in language usage and linguistic inconsistencies that all the anti-military comments on this page are all posted by trollers in China. There English is good but not good enough to fool the experts. Gene Canovas, jeff Flores, Stupid Local People etc. are all fake names used by posters in China

  • Gene Canovas - 3 years ago

    DECADENCE. The decay and degradation of society. Who are the US marines? Mostly poor people from the poor neighborhoods that are uneducated. The US marines is a big problem is Japan. Now we are accepting their problems. Noise, air, land, ocean pollution, population, traffic, crime, violence, drugs, sexual crimes, racial tensions and violence, environmental decay, all of these, will increase at the arrival of the marines. No, I do not support the marines relocation to Guam. Decadence is coming.

  • Stupid Local People - 3 years ago

    We are all dodo birds. The entire Okinawa people want the military out. We are a small island focused on tourism and private businesses. Us stupid people will realize we can't tell them when to fly and our nights will be filled with sounds of airplanes, tourist on the beach will see views of military aircraft fill the air, our roads will be filled with traffic, and all for what? Everything...they are building is only for their bases. Generators, solar power, schools, water pumps are all for their own base not a single benefit to the rest of us Dodo Birds. Wait till they have their occasional raping of a local girl or even murder...yup some of us Stupid Locals can read ... look it up in Okinawas news...why else do you think they want them out. Do you see all the contractors winning bids...all off-island white boys, have you heard of a chaMORoN company winning nope....except only if its a calvo...hehe...the island of Stupid Locals we are!

  • Amy Fleming - 3 years ago

    I have a daughter in AF Reserves MSGT and a Retired Marine who served our country for 27 years. Of course I support the Military move to Guam. Plus, I have nephews and nieces who are presently serving the military the military. Especially what is going on in the orient and Europe .

  • Jeff Flores - 3 years ago

    Too much land occupied on Guam by the military. About 20% of the island is occupied by the military. There is already more than enough military presence on Guam. Now the military will shut down ritidian point for their shooting range. Hell no to more military presence

  • Kermit - 3 years ago

    With the build up, it should open up opportunities for the People of Guam.... The Unemployment rate should go down...

  • Retired Soldier - 3 years ago

    I support the military buildup 100 percent.

    Quoting a Chamoru who survived the Japanese occupation of Guam who said, " You don't know the meaning of Freedom until you lose it !"

  • cris pangelinan - 3 years ago

    With the situation going on in Korea and China Guam need to build a strong military defense to defend Guam and the U.S.

  • Concerned citizen - 3 years ago

    Guam sorely needs the military build up to improve the economy and ailing infrastructure. GovGu corruption is rampant and funds are diverted to pay for political favors for the very few. GPA, GWA, GDOE, GHURA, GEPA and various other GovGu agencies are all failing in providing adequate services to the taxpayers. Entire GovGu budget only covers salaries--$0 for capital improvement. Now with the inevitable $100 million award to construct schools with unquestionable ties to the administration, what evidence are we waiting for that such corruption even exists?

  • Paul Zerzan - 3 years ago

    Watch this poll in a few hours. The hackers in China will start sending in votes with clockwork regularity. They won't push the "no" vote to a majority this time but they will push it up. This poll will be conducted again in the future and they will push it even higher. They want to give the impression that the "no" vote is higher than it actually is and that it is growing. When the comments start getting heated the trolls in China will send in comments supporting the "no" vote. They can usually be identified by their non-standard grammar.

  • Jame - 3 years ago

    Don't we all feel safe with our brave men and women are around? I do. My only regret is why the military only building in Yigo, Dededo, Hagatna and Santa Rita. Why not also in Mangilao, Yona, Merizo and Talofofo? Buildup should also be done in the South so the whole island will benefit from it and not just the few villages.

  • Manuel blas - 3 years ago

    I support the build up..

  • wake up - 3 years ago

    What is there to support, the Air Force and Navy was here in the 50's. What a stupid question to ask, do l support the people who work for the military, yes l do. Making a living....Wake Up

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