Who is the Best Band In The Land? Pennfield or St. Philip

  • Taylor England - 5 years ago

    It doesn't matter how large or small of a band is. I know coming from a marching band that a smaller size school has more of a problem with special effects than larger band. Yet at the same time a larger band has to be more precise on hitting the exact point and arrival all at once, which is harder for a large band than a smaller one. The same goes with music small bands has to make sure every instrument is heard for each part of the song that is covered where a large band has to do the same just make sure one section is overpowering another which is easily done. Despite the school I went to I know that high stepping is tougher to march, correctly play the songs, and have timing down. I grew up in A family that has marched with the glide/stride step that is seen in most high school marching bands. I do that kind of marching on a regular basis, to me that is just a normal walk.

  • Robert - 5 years ago

    St.phil rules they work hard and they are the smallest band in the area and they do a really good job

  • SaxMaster16 - 5 years ago

    Pennfield is the definite winner. I don't see St. Phillip high stepping.

  • Bob - 5 years ago

    St. Philip rules! They may be small but they have skill grater than a band with one million people.

  • Jason - 5 years ago

    Chuck pennfield is just better

  • Chuck adams - 5 years ago

    Were the smallest band the best note to note????????????????????????????????

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